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  1. I have an almost identical setup on my 2018 sierra. 2" level in the front, readylift UCA, 285/65/18....it rubs just slightly at full lock. Considering I only ever use full lock at low speed for a matter of seconds (parking lot turns) it doesn't bother me. The inside of the tires are just fine after 5000 miles so far.
  2. I'm looking for a used canopy / topper for my 2018 Sierra with the 5.8 ft bed. Something with a window on the sides, not an industrial work canopy. Truck is in the Omaha NE area but I'd be willing to travel a few hundred miles for the right deal. PM me or text 406nine2498one9
  3. Today we were wandering around an old town on the island of Krk in Croatia, and I stumbled upon this beauty of a Defender 110. I hung around the area for 30 minutes hoping the owner would appear, only to have my hopes and dreams shattered when he confirmed it wasn't for sale.
  4. I'm furloughed as an airline pilot, so we sold our house, put the truck in a storage unit for a year, and we took off travelling abroad with 2 kids. We rented a car from Hertz Germany thru a special lease program, 469 EUR a month with no contract, planning to keep it for 3 months on an Eastern European road trip. First stop was Poland in June for 3 weeks. Slovakia in July for a week, continuing into Hungary for 2 weeks (went to the Hungarian F1 race), now in Croatia for 2 weeks. So far there have been no entry restrictions based on our fully vaccinated status, no COVID tests required, and no quarantine. I did do 1 PCR test as a requirement to go to the F1 race, but for travel into Hungary it wasn't required through the land border (schengen border = no stops or checks, drive right in) Hopefully we can keep going till summer of 2022 when the kids would start formal school again. Hope to travel through the middle east, south-east asia, south america, just to name a few. If you care to follow, we're @ inclined2travel on instagram. Happy to answer any questions about traveling to/from any of the countries we're going through. For the most part, tourism is alive and well here, and it's been a busy summer so far. Alex
  5. That's the thing, we sold off most of our household furniture and bigger items, because we were moving countries and eventually we'd like to build new, so we're planning on purchasing a bunch of new household furniture and goods. Many of the items we had were used, or hand-me-down from family when we were first married 12+ years ago. Had we not sold off the stuff, we would never have gotten everything in the 7x16. Our trailer was absolutely maxed out in volume, and we packed it in a very organized way, haha. I'm pretty sure you'd need at least a 20 foot trailer by the sounds of it. Another subject --- we planned to travel abroad for 1 year or more, so our decision to buy the trailer instead of doing UHaul was influenced by the fact we could park the trailer on some family property and use it as a free storage unit for the next year. If we just did a one-way simple move, I probably wouldn't have used our own trailer.
  6. A few months ago, we moved from Calgary AB to Lincoln NE. We sold most of our bigger stuff, except for 1 bedroom set. I bought a 7x16 cargo trailer with a gross of 7000 lbs. My truck has the 5.3L V8 gas with 3.42 axle, so it's good to 9100 lbs towing. I took the trailer on a CAT Scale when fully loaded (it was FULL), it was around 6500 lbs. We drove over a variety of terrain thru Alberta, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska. MPGs were between 8-11 most of the time, sometimes could get up to 13 on the flat sections with favorable conditions. But I wouldn't count on anything above 10 for the average. Engine coolant and transmission temps were always good, even across Colorado on I-70, albeit she was a slow long pull up over Eisenhower Pass, i could not go above 50mph under full throttle. Only upgrades were E rated tires, Timbren Bump Stops, and a 14000 lb Equalizer Hitch. Moral of the story, we made it, the gas V8s do the job, but you'll REALLY wish you had a diesel for this kind of job. My truck is in storage at the moment, but when we get back from our year of travelling, I'm probably going to look at trading for a Duramax. Alex @inclined2travel
  7. I just did the installation this past month, and tires last week, so minimal driving so far. Stock wheels. Doing a 2000 mile trip in a few weeks towing a trailer, hopefully everything works out.
  8. I installed the Eibach stage 1 kit to level my truck, went with the ReadyLift UCA. I changed my tires from stock 265/65/18 to 275/70/18. At stock tire size, there was no rub. At full lock, they rub ever so slightly on the front of the UCA. Considering i would only ever travel about 5 feet at full lock, like in a parking lot at slow speed, it doesn't bother me. You can see in the picture the rub mark on the front.
  9. Thanks. Is that pressure for specifically towing, or full-time?
  10. Anyone care to comment on the relationship between tire pressures and truck performance? (specifically for towing) In my case, the door sticker says 35 front / 35 rear based on the factory 265/65/18 HT tires I have. My plan is to upgrade to LT275/70/18 E-Rated tires (just did a level kit) such as the BFG KO2 or Cooper AT3, as I plan to tow a 5000 lb trailer across the country soon. What PSI would you recommend (and why?) in the E rated tires for a 2000 mile roadtrip, pulling a 5000 lb trailer?
  11. I'm moving next week, so trying to liquidate these. $80 CDN and it's yours. MSG me on gmtrucks
  12. Same thing happened to me. You're good to use it.
  13. HoosierZ, THANK YOU so much, that is exactly what i was looking for....my new strut is delivered on Tuesday and it's in the shop first thing Wednesday morning
  14. Absolutely. I bought the full Eibach front end, 2 new springs and 2 new struts. I had a buddy install it in his garage with cheap spring compressors. Somehow during installation, something was messed up. While at the alignment shop, the top nut on the passenger side sheared off and stripped the threads. The driver side is still on, but there are no threads above the nut. Something wasn't done correctly. So after I take delivery of the 1 replacement Eibach strut next week, I'm having the shop disassemble and reassemble everything properly. Everything is 100% new, the existing components having less than 10 miles during the drive to alignment shop. Moral of the story, pay the money and do it right the first time! Doh
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