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  1. Right on, glad in worked out! I'm the same as you, even though I know 99% that paper is going to disintegrate and do nothing, It'd kill me to knowingly put contaminates into my vehicle. Good job.
  2. Could you possibly cut open the pouch and just drain the entire contents into a small clear container? Then you'd see 100% of the oil, and any paper leftover. Of course, you'd have to manually pump it into the diff, but just a possibility.
  3. Sorry, forgot the whole reason I came to this thread. When I did the above installation, I noticed on the cord, hidden away, is a tag attached to it. Says something like "-17 or below" for operation. I agree with you, I wish it would activate when I choose to plug it in, not when GM decides.
  4. More pix. I've driven in a lot of snow, slush, mud, etc. Both the splash guard and the yellow 3-way under the bumper stay 95% clean and dry, no issues. The NOCO plug has a nice soft rubber plug seal that helps keep any moisture and debris out when driving. It's clean and hidden. When I change my oil, after I remove the bolts to lower the splash guard, I just reach up and disconnect the 2 NOCO plugs then the whole thing is removed as normal for each oil change. After a few hours plugged in, I find it raises the temperature on my transmission by approx 10 degrees Celsius. I can only assume the oil pan heater is similar. It definitely starts easier when it's -15 out.
  5. Two months ago, I cut a 2" hole in my splash guard under the truck and installed a "NOCO Splitter GCP2 15 Amp 125V AC Port Plug" The NOCO splitter has two 18" extension cords. I then bought a quality 3 way outlet (yellow) and secured it up under the bumper, inserted it into one of the NOCO cords. I installed an 125w Temro heat pad to the oil pan (with build in thermostat), as well as a 100w Besco/Alaska heat pad transmission pan. Also installed a 75w Kats battery blanket. Plugged the 3 of those into the yellow triple outlet. The oil pan heater was a pain because of the grooves in the oil pan, I had to get a narrow 1.5" x 3" pad that just barely fit the confines of the flat section of the oil pan without grooves. Applied a liberal amount of silicone to both pads after installation. Plugged the factory block heater into the other NOCO extension cord. So now when I plug my cord from the house into the splash guard, it powers all 4 heaters. The combined wattage does not exceed or trip the 15amp breaker. Slight nuisance to have to get down on 1 knee to plug it in, but everything seems to work great after 2 months.
  6. I sent an email to my dealership with pictures of the build sheet, window sticker, door sticker, RPO QR code readout.......they all say "All Terrain" Will see what they reply back with.......
  7. Wow, interesting. I checked my build sheet, it says "All Terrain" tires but I clearly left the lot (20 months ago) with Goodyear Fortitude HT.....probably too late now
  8. Oh ok, sorry didn't realize 8-speeds don't have a dipstick. I have a 6-speed. Cheers
  9. Fire it up, put in neutral, and check the fluid level, is it normal?
  10. Sorry for possibly offending you, but have you checked the trans fluid level?
  11. I just had my final free oil change at the dealership for my 2018 Sierra 5.3....every filter up to now was PF63E, but I see this last one they've used a PF63F.
  12. It's been snowing on and off the past week in Calgary, and I've been out a few times. I always run winter tires, but haven't got them on yet, as this snow is pretty early in the season. I can tell the factory tires suck......compared to the Michelin X-ice. They slide easier in corners, spin a bit more when accelerating from a stop, and take a bit longer to stop. For sure they're manageable when you know what to expect, but if you're expecting long winter conditions, you'll benefit immensely from putting true winter tires on. I "almost" drive at normal summer speed and aggressiveness in snow & ice when I have the winter tires on, they're that good.
  13. That's a nice looking truck you've got there. Personally I wouldn't change a thing! Question -- do the window deflectors help cut down wind noise on the highway?
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