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  1. Any chance anyone happen to know what the make and model of the wheels are in this picture by chance?
  2. Thanks for the reassurance. I pulled the trigger in a set of black leather seat covers from an ebay seller named touchups. https://www.ebay.com/itm/302823175783
  3. I'm looking to buy Kat Skinz leather covers for my 2016 Silverado. I've seen several listed on eBay, but not sure if those are legit or not. Where is the best place to buy these leather covers to install myself?
  4. Which ones were the matched pads? The Semi-metallic? Curious about the above but really its a moot point at the moment as the parts just got delivered today so we'll see how loud they are soon enough. I'll be putting them on this weekend or next.
  5. Thanks. I think I'll go with the ceramic pads instead.
  6. I also just found AC Delco 17D1367ASDH ceramic severe duty pads. I think I might go with those for a bit cleaner wheels.
  7. Seems you are right. They have a semi-metallic police pad. Do they offer good braking? Are these pretty clean or do they produce a lot of dust?
  8. My 2016 Silverado has 57k miles on it and in need for new brakes. I'm thinking about buying the AC Delco Police front and rear rotors. What brake pads would you guys suggest to go along with these? I have a 14' trailer that I use to haul mulch from time to time (not often), but mostly this is a highway driver. What do you guys suggest?
  9. I'd probably cry. Dang man, if having kids and getting married is your worst day I feel for ya. I've been married for 8 years and have two kids. Best three days of my life. That's fantastic news, glad to hear it!
  10. Holy moly look at the angle of that CV joint.
  11. It does have full coverage insurance... I did try to talk the wife into buying a newer truck yesterday but I don't think she's having it. Then again she did let me test drive a 2018 so maybe we're on the right path. I've seen videos on the YouTube using sand paper to remove the scratches and it looks like a possibility. My concern is not knowing if these wheels have clear coat on them. I'm assuming they do and if so then while sanding will remove the scratch, it will also remove the clear coat making the wheels much worse than it is now. That's a good idea and will have to call around on Monday. I did text the guy who I bought the wheels from early last year, he gets them from new truck pull off when the dealers replace the stock wheels with aftermarket wheels. He doesn't have the 2018 styles like I have anymore but does have the 2019 styles... ;) What can I say life is good. ;)
  12. Parked next to a curb in a parking lot and when I was backing out, I managed to grab a hold of the curb with my GM snowflake wheel. From top to bottom on the picture it's only about the width of my thumb, but damn it it bugs the heck out of me. Any chance this can be fixed without replacing the wheel? It's a factory GM 20" snowflake wheel. I'm not sure if they have a clear coat on them or not. Any suggestions?
  13. In my old work truck I re-wired the radio so that I could power it on without the key having to be in the on or alt position, which was nice when I was in the shop. I now have a 2010 Sierra for a shop truck and would like to do the same but not sure if that's even possible with the new anti-theft built into these radios. Has anyone here re-wired their radio to be able to turn on without having the key in the on position?
  14. Sorry, I wasn't referring to the bigger 6" lifts when I said adding stress but more of the leveling kits. In nearly every case I've read leveling kits just push things causing sharper angles, stress and so on - or at the very least makes the truck drive a bit stiffer.
  15. I won't speak for @jimmyboy8301, but for me I just want something with a little higher stance than my stock truck has now. I'd probably be happy with a leveling kit, but would much rather got a tab bit higher with a 4" and get a nice suspension lift knowing that the drivetrain and suspension is as it should be without causing a lot of stress.
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