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  1. I'd like to be under $500 for new headlight assemblies to replace these old foggy lenses. Well the headlight assembly is really foggy and needs to be replaced. So I'll be looking at more than just LED bulbs.
  2. The headlights in our 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 are pretty worn out and foggy. So we're looking to replace the headlights with something new and not sure if I should go with stock GMC headlights or if there is a quality aftermarket option? Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. It's been a minute since I've lasted posted about this, but thought I'd share. Before doing the thermostat delete on my transmission my normal temps was always 190 or more. Now, this is the average temp. No matter if I'm driving around town or on the highway. It may be up or down 3-4 degrees but mid 130's is where it sits now.
  4. The dealer was able to get the transmission programmed yesterday afternoon! Last night I went out and took out the thermostat out and replaced it with a Sure-Cool flow system. Big thanks to @CamGTP for this suggestion... when I first read your comment on page 1 I really thought you was being sarcastic but man this thing has made a huge difference in temp. In the two test drives I've done so far I'm seeing 40-50 dergree temp reductions!! Still working on trying to find a local guy to program the transmission to help reduce the wear on the TCC. Also stopped by Harbor Freight yesterday and picked up a new fluid extractor and I'm planning on replacing the Red Line D6 fluid after 20,000 miles and replace the oil and filter at every 40,000 miles. My trust in this transmission is certainly shot at this point.
  5. Of course the saga continues... towed the truck back to the GM dealer to have the new transmission re-programmed. They just called and said they couldn't get it to program and thought they were having issues communicating back with GM and will try again tomorrow. I'm ready for this ride to come to an end.
  6. Frankfort is just around the corner from me. I'll be calling them tomorrow! Thank you so much!
  7. Hey @CamGTP would something like the FlashPaq allow me to better tune the shifting? So that I'm not putting in a new transmission again, anytime soon?
  8. Looks like a pretty neat device, but to be honest I wouldn't have a clue how to use it or how to even program my transmission. I'd love to find a local or semi-local guy that has done this and know what they are doing. Haha. Otherwise I'm making the 12+ hour drive up to see @CamGTP
  9. Lets see how well this Red Line D6 stuff works first and then I'll send him some Woodford... it's not to far out my backdoor. Their double oaked bottle is amazing stuff.
  10. Thanks guys! @Grumpy Bear this should make you happy... I called around locally for Amsoil and Red Line, no one had Amsoil but a local guy did have Red Line D6. So I have 14qts of Red Line D6 ready to go into the new transmission once it gets delivered on Friday!
  11. I'd like to get my new Jasper 6speed transmission in my 2016 Silverado tuned. Anyone have any recommendations for someone in the Kentucky or Ohio area?
  12. So I've received recommendations on transmission fluid, what about filters? ACDelco or go with a different brand?
  13. Yup and that's exactly my point. Should I worry about upgrading the converter cover to Jaspers billet option or would I be better off buying an entirely different torque converter. I'm certainly not opposed to buying whatever I need to now to prevent this from happening in another 4-5 years because this is ridiculous in my opinion.
  14. I'll see if I can find either Red Line D6 or Amsoil option around here in town. I noticed Jasper offers a billet converter cover for their 6l80e torque converters, is it worth doing that upgrade?
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