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  1. Possibly an exhaust leak a the collectors. Had the same issue and replaced the gaskets and it stopped.
  2. You need to list the engine, the 3.0L 2.7L and 5.3L/6.2L all use different oil filters.
  3. Hello Everyone, My father just got a 2k sqft shop that doesn't have power( were running an set off extension cords but barely getting 8 amps at the shop) yet but we have a few batteries, i plan on putting an inverter in my truck in the next couple of years, 2k watt inverter with a pure sin wave so that i can run some actual power tools. Put a trickle charger on the batteries in the shop and then hook the inverter to it on a on/off switch. He plans on putting power out there in the next 1-2 years after permits have been completed. right now we are barrowing a dewalt power station with 4, 6Ah batteries and its working but i want to return it to the owner ASAP does any one have any recommendations on a inverter that is a pure sin wave that would fit behind the rear seat on my 2019(new body) silverado crew cab?
  4. 400watts at 110v is 3.6amps, its not much to run any actual power tools.
  5. I would think the intake manifold seals to the head but try the easier way first. When it get hot and the issue comes, spray a little brake cleaner at the intake to head transition to see if the RPMs change.
  6. For EBC, stay way from the green stuff 2K model, it does not hold well. I have tried red stuff on my nissan 240sx and they worked really well for SCCA. i did have yellow stuff on my Canyon and it was good but the cold bite was not there and there was alot of dust. I would stick with stock pads and maybe upgrade the rotors to USR sport rotors. my buddies have had great luck with those rotors.
  7. Does this engine have the tiny filter before/at the oil pressure sensor? that tiny filter might be causing an issue with what the sensor can see. If it doesnt i would trust @newdude for this(without seeing the truck).
  8. On my moms 5.3L, it was the oil pressure sensor on the back top of the motor (back side of the valley) and the oil pan, if you pop off the cover at the bottom of the transmission bell housing you can see if it is the rear main that is leaking.
  9. Have you tried only tow/haul mode without a trailer?
  10. Yea, love hate relationship. I will try not to get one ever again, had one on my 2005 Canyon and had it leak multiple times until i put a lot of silicon on the seal, closed it and pulled the fuse. I did like to use it during the summer to get the heat out of the truck faster.
  11. Did you reuse your crush washers or install new ones?
  12. 89 Octane $6.29 no-name brand in Sunol, Ca. a Shell near it is $7.19 for 89 Octane. FYI for the people that don't know, California does a minimum octane and a lot of other states do average octane.
  13. I actually got a " replace FOB battery soon" 39 months on the battery, probably got another few months before it goes out. Will need to replace it prior to our summer activities. Does anyone know if the key pad only uses energy when in use or does it constantly use energy like our FOBs?
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