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  1. Is there anyway to tune that yet. I know that the ECU is locked (for right now) but is there a way to do it yet, or is that also locked in the ECU?
  2. Goodyear blades sucked. Switch to Michelin at Walmart. For wiper fluid, i dont use it much probably a gallon every 2 years. doesn't matter for me.
  3. It seems that the motor is not cranking, the list that you created wouldn't matter until the motor is turning.
  4. Or check the old sensors for the mhz rating. Usually 433mhz or 315mhz (i havent seen any other). If possible you can see if americas tire can program them to the new truck?
  5. From working at America's tire for over 7 years, the short answer is yes the weights at the center of the barrel is fine. The long answer is NO, if you are having these problems and they are static balancing it wont help you. Have them take off smart weight and do a dynamic balance on all four. It will take longer(for sure longer if you have over sized tires/rims). but this will give you a way better balance. Also if they would do it for free have them do a dynamic road force balance, at least to my knowledge, this is the best balance you can get right now from any tire shop that has good equipment.
  6. Might be an endlink also, i know on my 2005 GMC Canyon, when i would go from lock to lock every once in a while, it would pop. replaced and the sound went away. check for any movement or looseness in them,
  7. Was anyone able to fix this problem? it seems that the fluid is too light for this trans. Has anyone with this problem put amsoil/ a different fluid in to see if it fixes this?
  8. Soooooo, lets get back to the main topic. OP did they have to replace your frame? do you have any pictures from underneath?
  9. How can you tell? is it you think or you hooked a tuner to it?
  10. Do you know where your truck was made? Sorry for changing topics, mine has 10486 miles(not even close to some people on here).
  11. Same, i started a thread about this. The third time that it happen was when the truck was 100% warmed up (40 mins of driving). Is it constant when the truck warms up?
  12. Make sure that it has blowers(fans to push the hot air). my grandfather got one and found out that it only creates heat but doesn't push it anywhere. From other experience they seem nice and work well.
  13. Use an OZone machine (amazon $100-150) with the HVAC on (turn off AC), supposedly it take the smell out.
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