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  1. Check the grounding strap from the motor to the firewall. these are prone to fail over the years.
  2. Im trying to work with belltech to review the new struts they have to offer (PN: 25019)
  3. it only happens on long drives. It wouldn't of came up on my test drive.
  4. wrong part of the forum, plus, please state exactly what you need to know
  5. Yup, the floor center console not the jump seat. Ya, idk if this will entirely fix your issue. Can someone chime in that has a floor center console, can it dig into your leg?
  6. It should fit in the spot. its the diameter that matters if it will fit or not. it will be lower/more visible. But i would through mine in the bed so the tire guys don't have to deal with taking it down. Leave a couple of zip ties in the truck to hold the cable up. We really like when people do this at our shop. pisses us off when they put the tire back up in the spare location (Americas/Discount tire rep).
  7. Have you thought about doing the conversion to the center console? There is a thread on this forum about it and the proper part numbers you need (forgot the cost).
  8. kinda the same issue, on my longer drives i apparently spread my legs;). I don't know what to do about this except maybe get some dense foam and glue it to the plastic. Something like HydroTurf for boats?
  9. I would say just see if they fit. Swap a rim over. Do the spin test before trying to drive on them. But from what i been reading (because i want to swap rims) the 2014-2019(old body) do not fit the new 2019-2020 body because of the front brake caliper.
  10. 8L90 never came with DexronVI. Theres been 3 different iteration of fluid for the 8L90. All HP, First was ACDelco HP ATF fluid, then grey label Mobil one HP ATF, then blue label Mobil one HP ATF. 2different fluids for the 2019 model. I totally understand where you are comming from. this poll is not that good. it needs more info like you provided.
  11. you should add all the trans but without issues as some 8 speed people havent had issues.
  12. I would say do what @FishHuntRepeat said, pull the belt off and see if it still makes the noise. at least you can narrow it down.
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