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  1. Yup, i was thinking for some reason i read LT TrailBoss thanks,
  2. I not 100% sure but i though all 2020 trail bosses came with 5.3L 10 speeds not 6 speeds the WT truck was the only truck with the 6speed? This does not answer your question, from what i heard from multiple videos from transmission shops and online writeups, if you keep it under 230F you are fine, above that you might want to do a pan drop to "refresh" the fluid that might of burnt up. If you start running 215-230 for towing a "light" trailer, you should add a trans cooler.
  3. Would also like to know, but is there something under $400 range that still has a good reputation? I might be buying a 9000lb GVRW camper in the next couple of years (so might be too soon to be asking).
  4. This is what i am afraid of, I want to drop 1-2" but the few people that have vibration issues scare me enough not to do it.
  5. Did mine at 500,1000,2000,5000 miles i plan on keeping Blanco for 200k+ miles and its very cheap insurance. I prefilled the oil filter every time. Some people will say that i wasted money, and i might of but for $200 it might prolong the motor another 10k miles, it is worth it.
  6. 2005 GMC Canyon 3.5L I5 (inline 5). Had engine issues like clock work every 3 years(replaced the head twice under warranty) . transmission started to slip (probably my fault), a lot of electrical problems. once left me stranded but I knew I shouldn't of taken it.
  7. Check out the Sierra, you can get the 10 speed in the SLE (1 up from base, assuming crew cab, 4wd, short bed). 50k msrp, probably 42k out the door.
  8. Turn signal? Yes, the E-Brake, press the button and it will start to engage. I have tried it doing 15 mph and it acted like iI was slamming the E-Brake on. I do not know how it will act with speed.
  9. Same 29k miles. Only for the first or second stop and then it goes away. Probably just a side effect of the pad, more then likely will be there until you go aftermarket.
  10. The TSB was updated in July 2020, I do not know what the update included.
  11. Ok, makes sense to do a double drain /fill. Hopefully the new pan B&M PN:70396 fits well and will make the drain and fill much faster and with less of a mess. I was also thinking that he was selling a service but wasn't sure.
  12. From what i understand, the new fluid (blue label) didn't come out until late 2019. I believe, i had the older revision (black label) fluid installed from factory? I asked my buddy to do a little more research on the mixing and there is multiple service that can be done to the transmission (removing/ reinstalling valve assembly, replacing the servos,...ect) that allow to just replace the pan fluid with the newest fluid (right now blue label).
  13. I haven't had issue and only seen one person on the forum complain about the DFM having a problem but that topic has been removed (that guy and myself were getting a little heated, LOL). If there was some problems we would have seen them by now.
  14. Ok, This might be a long one, so strap in. I have a 2019 silverado with the MQE transmission (8L90e). I am close to 30k miles and want to at least do a pan drop and filter change. I contacted Holley/B&M and I will be their person to verify that the transmission pan will work on the new trucks. This is my issue, my truck was built in January 2019, there was an update to the transmission fluid in late 2019, I have contacted my local dealer, my buddy that works in the parts department said that the fluid is backwards compatible, i then talked to a service adviser (dont know this person) they said that the fluid is NOT backwards compatible and if I only do the 6-8 quarts it can void my warranty, I would have to do the flush. I never had any issues with a shutter on my truck and do not want to make the wrong call. I seem some people do the flush that doesnt fix a problem and they have to swap the transmission out but they were having problems going into the dealer anyways. Can (hopefully someone that works for GM) let me know if I would be fine with just doing a pan drop/filter?
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