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    2019 Silverado LT 5.3 8-Speed
  1. autostop eliminator

    There is apparently no draw of power problem. i can click it on and off when i want to and it actually takes effect.
  2. I believe its $100 per visit. My 2005 GMC Canyon, i brought it in for 3 problems; Head replacement(3.5L with a lot of head problems), window switch, LR blown speaker. i had to pay $100 plus fluids, $288 out the door.
  3. Software Update 6/7/2019

    OK, sorry everyone, the update is v803.1.
  4. 2004 Silverado rear end noise

    Now im not an expert and have not seen the truck myself. But going off of you inquiry i would say that the RR bearing might/already be going out. You can lift the rear end off the ground and check for play on the wheels. To do this, Lift and put the axle on jack stands to take out any movement from the suspension (you might get false readings if you put jack stands on the frame) Push and pull. there is a little bit of play it might be a C-clip inside the diff. Up/down, left/right pushing might tell you that it is a bearing at the hub. I would start with this first. Did you check the carrier bearings for play while you were in there? I am assuming the noise was the same after you changed the fluid?
  5. What kind of oil

    I am using Amsoil Signature series on my new 2019 5.3L L84. I saw after using Mobil 1 and ACDelco that i m getting better gas milage, 19mpg average instead of 18.2 mpg. Im going to stick with amsoil and change it every 7500 miles or sooner with towing. ACDelco is good stuff and much cheaper than amsoil. Adding that i use Signature series 0W-20
  6. Can you go into detail why you are lemon lawing? I have 2 small issues that goes unnoticed, First, when on Bluetooth, the audio's highs come and go, sounds like the tweeters are not connected properly. When i plug in my iphone then i have no problem. I am running an apple watch so two bluetooths connected might be the culprit. Second, the dash "touching" the door is not properly seated/ warped. i only see it when getting in the truck.
  7. New To the forum!

    Welcome to your new family.
  8. Ideas for 5.3 power increase

    There's tuners out there now. If you have the 6-speed then you have the older 5.3L AFM which is the L82. the L82 was in the 2014-2018 model. You should call and verify if any new/other computer connection are in the trucks, and/or verify that it is for the new body style and not the legacy body. link below: https://www.cjponyparts.com/bully-dog-performance-programmer-bdx-chevrolet-silverado-gmc-sierra-1999-2019/p/BDXCHEVY/
  9. 2019 factory fog lights

    The bottom picture got me, for a quick second it thought you had the headlights on lol. @ItsjustmeThanks for posting, going to order soon.
  10. Software Update 6/7/2019

    Good point, Ill check when im off work, thanks
  11. Oil catch can

    I am working with RXP catch cans to make a system that hopefully is a "bolt on". Once i make the video of it i will share the link to the video. The owner James, we have been going back and forth trying to make it work. I have had it on the truck for 2 weeks 1800 miles, and pulled some stuff out already. http://teamrxp.com/
  12. Hello, Can anyone tell me what was updated with the new software?
  13. Reusable oil filter ?

    These filters have been out for awhile now, Personally i do not trust this style of filter. Just like @Mike GMC i can by 15+ of disposable filters and have peace of mind on my motor. @garagerog I believe that K&N states it on their website, and from what i remember it not great.
  14. Pedal Commander

    Please sight the location for where it states that it does that. I just looked all over their website and did not find anything about what it actually does except for this , " Will Pedal Commander cause any additional wear and tear on my car? No, Pedal Commander only gives you the performance reserved by the manufacturer (which is provided in their engine design). As Pedal Commander will only be switched on when you really need the power (e.g. when you accelerate, Pedal Commander will not function during idle), your car’s mechanical components (engine, clutch, transmission, brakes) are only stressed in line with the technically feasible scope. All protection functions and safety measures of the engine and the vehicle’s ECU are never overridden or switched off. It’s impossible for Pedal Commander to push your vehicle beyond its original safety measures. " Link: https://www.pedalcommander.com/faq/?v=7516fd43adaa They are not stating that it changes the resistance in the output of the pedal assembly. They say that it "Gives you the performance reserved by the manufacturer", If i go full throttle instantly, with or without the pedal commander on a dyno, i am going to put the same numbers and theoretically the same curves should come up.
  15. Pedal Commander

    You guys know that all it does is change the resistance output of the petal. If you press on the pedal 20% then (it matters on the setting) it send out that you pressed 25%. the vehicle will feel more responsive but in reality it just changes the output of the drive by wire resistance. My numbers are not exact in anyway. No one will listen but that ok, there are a couple of people online that has verified this is how it works. Here is one link: https://offroadwarehouse.com/n-10804-pedal-commander-review.html

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