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  1. Kragen's and AutoZone will lend you a fuel pressure gage to test the pressure at the rail. for background, 1) What made you put a new fuel pump in the truck. (might be a stupid question to you but its not to the people that are helping)? 2) is this truck new to you? 3) if its not new to you, what, if any, changes did you make?
  2. At min change the fluid, if you dont want to drop the exhaust, you can pick up a transfer pump from harbor freight (SKU: 63144, 66418, 3878, 61364, 63591, 62961, 63076) and pump out fluid from the fill port and then pump new fluid in. *As @diyer2 says, DIY or mechanic? always prefer to change the filter.
  3. 2019, 681 truck off the Silos plant. I have had some dumb small issues but nothing that would leave me stranded. about to hit 40k (miles)this weekend.
  4. I had an issue, NEVER SIGN UP FOR ONSTAR. NEVER GIVE THEM YOUR CARD. Takes mins to setup, takes hours to cancel and they still might charge you.
  5. That's weird. i would run it down to Americas tire(discount tire and see if they can do it. assuming the tire shop wasn't Americas tire/discount tire). Keep you old set of tire with sensors at home( away form the vehicle). They will do it for free and it will take a few mins.
  6. Ya, If they were programed to a different MHZ, you cannot program them to a different one after. What is the part number for the sensor. If they were programmed to 315MHZ then they cannot be changed to 433MHZ (and vice versa) and a new set of sensors will need to be ordered.
  7. The MHZ (sensor frequency) might be different from the old model to the new model? IF they are different then you cannot use them. You would have to get new sensors.
  8. For my Silverado I bought a metal OEM one from the dealer (I went to the lot, found a truck with a metal one, pulled the VIN and asked for a new skid plate "shield") PN: 23385004 I believe that it was $50. well worth it since my plastic one cracked in a few places. $46 at GMpartsdirect
  9. For my truck; RPO: DLF " MIRRORS, OUTSIDE HEATED POWER-ADJUSTABLE" Manual states that you have to turn on the rear defrost to have them turn on. Unless you do not have a rear defroster.
  10. It is adjustable through the menu, in the home menu, you have to click "check mark" on the right knob and it will take you to fade and balance menu.
  11. Possibly a degreaser that doesn't have petroleum in it to remove the PB blaster? with an hose to rinse off the degreaser and PB blaster and then dry with air and re-wax what is needed? At this point, the warranty is probably gone on the frame.
  12. Dealer does not use Mobil one for the DexosD (mini diesel). they only have ACDelco DexosD. I'm not sure but i am following
  13. I have never seen this happen before, I know that if i don't push the button far enough or for the .25seconds it will stay running, then I have to pushed it harder/longer to shut it down (thinking it was the truck that didn't see that input). If it all of sudden started doing this i would take it into the shop and have it check out.
  14. If I were to do this again, I would use 15 series or use a 2x1 for the runners. Simple, easy and cheaper. takes about 30 mins to install the rack and tent into truck. If anyone wants the DXFs/STEP/PDF model/drawings for the brackets i made to work, please DM myself and i will create them.
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