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  1. Called and made an appointment for Wednesday. Hopefully they see it and immediately order a new one. Hope it does not take too long to get one in stock. i also might just stop by after work today to get it on order sooner. It still functions as a tailgate but want to be whole again.
  2. Hello Everyone, Always had a problem with my tailgate, most off the time it would take 2 clicks to allow the tailgate to come down, while at a outdoor class, i noticed this (picture). Haven't seen this yet on my truck. The crack is on the drivers side. I checked the passenger side and it looks normal. Going to call the dealer and see what will happen. They will at least replace the shell but hopefully the entire tailgate.
  3. FYI, 6 gauge is only good for 55-65 amps, you might want to use 2-3 gauge wire its rated 85-95 amps.
  4. Can anyone place the picture on the actual forum, i cannot open it.
  5. exactly what @steelcity said, it works great.
  6. Also you can put a shorter shackle on the rear instead of a block.
  7. I really like mine, just don't cut the area where they actually want you to cut. i just cut this area flush to make the under storage fit properly.
  8. I would take it back and have a quote from the dealer to replace the center console at the ready. You cannot use disinfectant on leather or plastics because it stripes the oil that protects it (dries it out).
  9. Im just rolling over 25k right now. It will be a could more months before i do the actual lowering. I did put bilstein rear shocks on. I know i shouldn't lower but i might just do 1" in the rear instead. because i cant really do anything. I might run to a pick and pull and pull and adapt a sway bar for the rear of my truck.
  10. Please for the love of actual performance, PLEASE do not put these on. They make it harder for the brake caliper to cool down(not much but still) and people that actually know something about cars can easily point these out.
  11. Going up hill/headwind (on average) for trip one, going down hill/tail wind (on average) for trip 2. I took a trip going south for 80 miles then immediate north after picking up a new bicycle(under tunnel cover). i was getting 24-25mpg on the way there and 16-18mpg on the way back. The wind was that aggressive and it was on average down hill on the way there. ** Take the trip again but reverse the type of fuel you were using and see what happens. **
  12. It matters on the actual trim/engine/trans/options.
  13. Just in case, are you talking remote start? Give a detailed summary of what happens? A lot of people thin that auto start/stop is remote start.
  14. I bought a CURT 0" drop/rise. worked very well for my truck on the 1800 mile drive i took with the 6'x12' trailer
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