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  1. Are you talking about SouthMainAuto on youtube. Love that guy.
  2. I put one on and the service department person that helps me said that all these new trucks should have one. They have to do valve cleaning services on a few vehicles every month.
  3. May i ask what data base you are using? i had all recalls done in January when GM updated one of the brake recalls. Sorry the recall that my truck needs is the N192264451 "Premature Brake Wear Notification Exp 3/31/22"
  4. Do you know what type of radio unit you have , EX: IOS, IOR (i forgot the third one). Do you know the version that you are on. i will check mine later.
  5. I know for the 1500s, options like trailboss/AT4, snow plow prep, max trailering,.... will play into if you will have shutters. It is probably an option that you have on your truck that does not allow you to have them. ill go back to my side now. lol
  6. Hello All, This morning i remote started my truck and came out to find a CEL(Check Engine Light) on. Ran back inside and grabbed the code reader to find; C0100 C0101 C0146 I called my local dealer and asked them to check what this might mean on the truck and they stated that its part of an updated recall for the brake system. Can anyone verify this? thanks,
  7. And No, you cannot just plug in the piece and have it work, you are missing the inverter and the switch.
  8. Do you have the new body style? if so you are posting in the wrong part of the forum
  9. Yup just a hair too much but it will be fine. Good job. I should of took pictures when installing.
  10. Sorry @2020SilveradoCC, i couldn't get to it last night. But i was able to find this picture online, this area is where you want to flat cut it so that the box will lay evenly. this area the mat comes up roughly 1" .
  11. Ill see what i can do tonight, i have to do a bunch of QA stuff tonight after work (staying late). I have to remove the stuff from the box
  12. I have these in my truck now. you do not need to cut like GM wants you too. Where the back side of the jack meets the liner you do need to cut it flush with the floor.
  13. I am not sure if you have a screen at the pressure sensor but if you do i would take it apart and see if its gummed up.
  14. IDK for the diesel but for gas for sure run a catch can. RPX Catch cans are the best IMHO.
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