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  1. How do you know if you have dual cameras? I believe that one is a light and the other is a camera. Can you please take a picture of your tailgate?
  2. If its only been 3 days and you are in the right state you can return the truck. I believe in a few state that you have 7 days to return any new vehicle. You might want to look into that for the state that you are in. Maybe leveraging getting more options on another truck. Also ask for a loaner if you cant trade the truck.
  3. Atleast for right now you can only get the L84 w/10 speed on the LT TrailBoss and the High Country. This info came from the chevy build website. I wonder if anyone will upgrade to the LT TrialBoss to get the 10 speed and lower the truck/trade with a stock suspension from a LT?
  4. I installed one myself. Really not hard but you do have to remove a heat shield. Link:
  5. let it warm up before mashing it. This will make sure that the CATS are up to temperature to let anything burn off.
  6. I also commented on the video, Dude your doing it all wrong. you are not completing the circuit by only connecting one wire. Plus when you "ground the prob" you are not lighting up the test light which means you don't have a proper constant power. First thing is that you need to complete the circuit, take the motor and put one wire to ground then another wire straight to the battery. this will tell you if its the motor. if the motor moves then you need check the switch for continuity. if that is good then its deeper in the wiring, and you might want to take it in.
  7. Its funny how the 6.2L can tow only 600lbs than the 5.3L. But if you ever tow anything near those numbers then the 6.2L would probably feel better, with the extra weight of the motor and trans.
  8. Personally, i don't have it on when sitting at a light. I'll have it off until the light turns green then flip it on. I know at night it pisses me off when i'm at a light and someone has their blinker on for more than 10 seconds sitting at a light, it starts hurting my eyes. It's really bad when they have LEDs. Thank you for trying.
  9. The cool part about doing the 6.2L intake swap is that it moves your TQ and HP curve 400ish rpm lower. Better low end.
  10. I checked today. I think you mean the chime (ei: forget to put your seat belt,...) I don’t see anything for turn signal. I changed the chime to 100% and it did nothing for the turn signal.
  11. Another option is to put the original intake back on and see if it does the same. If its surging again then its not the intake.If its not surging then put the new CAI on and verify no leaks, do the 20 min drive to see if it relearns. if not, put the oem back on and wait for a tuner to offset the CAI. EDIT: keep the battery connected the whole time. this will keep the testing consistent. Also why did you pull the battery connection?
  12. To me, I had nothing but problems with my 2005 GMC Canyon 3.5L. it was not a proven motor. I wanted my first new truck to have a proven motor. The L84 is a newer motor but has a proven track record over a lot of other motors out there. I want the power when towing and wanted the reliability. I haven't had any real issues with my 8 speed but only time will tell.
  13. Pull the battery connection. Take a video of what it is doing so that if it happens again you can bring it to the dealer.
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