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  1. 500,1000,2000,5000 then every 5k after that. want to remove any contaminates during break in
  2. This is from their ad online, you might want to check your facts. LINK: select UK https://www.crc.co.nz/GDI-Intake-Valve--Turbo-Cleaner/6895-84547a2b-5cf3-49b8-8806-5b83d967f8c7/
  3. What if you accidentally take a swim with the key, does it have a RFID or something like that?
  4. I believe that this is also true, i believe its in the owners manual.
  5. The heated seats will be on when its remote started, but once you turn on the truck you physically need to turn it manually(by pressing the button) on again. This keeps people from having to turn off the passenger side every time they remote start the truck.
  6. That shouldnt make a difference unless your in the truck. If 3 of the 4 same features worked. probably a wire/switch issue. One test is to stand by the passenger front door and lean over and try to unlock using the rear door button. then stand at the rear door and try using the front door button.(all on the passenger side). if it does work on the rear but on the front you need to take it in at that point.
  7. Same issue on my 5.3L (L84) try using 89/91 octane.It went away when i did.
  8. kinda of a loaded question, All Honda civics use the same lugs(year by year basis), some Ford use conical or flat(matters on steel vs aluminum rims) for the new silverado I am not sure at this point(too early). Now to the OP question. it matters on the new rim style. It wont matter what the truck came with if the new rims are different.
  9. Ok, so these sensors are 433mhz not the 315mhz. if you buy sensors that have a 433mhz then you can use them. Its really that simple. you will have to remove(throw away/sell) the old ones and keep them away from the truck while programming the new sensors. Go to a RV dealer or Americas/Discount tire and they can help you pick out the right sensors for the rim.
  10. Woh, slow down there. contact the factory(of the rims) and ask them what seat you have for them. They might say acorn(Ball), conical, or flat(most vehicle are not flat). once you know this you can order the proper lug nuts. ALL LUG NUTS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL.
  11. You technically don't need a special tool but it takes 5-20 mins to do a relearn manually. If you mess up then you have to start over. You can stop by any Americas/Discount tire and they will do if for free.might be waiting for a few mins until they can help you.
  12. Hello Daniel, Check the fuel pump fuse and all ignition fuses, then See if you have power at the pump connection, If so its the pump. If not then follow the wires back to the fuse box. Also you can check top see if you have power to the relay using a probe.
  13. Same issue until i used 89 & 91 octane. Cleared it right up, i switched back for a tank and it came back. So at this point my truck (L84) likes 89 octane or better. I only use Chevron, Shell, 76 fuel, unless i need fuel and cant find any of those brands, at that point i use 91 octane. Try using one tank of 91 and see if it clears up( use 91 for one tank because it will mix with the 87 that you have in the tank).
  14. I would first try the original weight first, see if that fixes the issue. if not you can try using thicker oil. Also, if you are going to switch out the lifters, while you have the heads off you might want to replace the oil pump(i know you have to pull the front cover to do so). I believe having lifter tick should not hurt the motor.
  15. If you have a legacy model and it looks like a 2014-2018(k2) then you want to be in that forum. all good. Not a problem being in the wrong part. post a pick of your new truck. We will all like to look at the new family members
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