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  1. Regular trucks do not have a lift block but it does have a shim.
  2. OH sh!t, I would say that they need to replace the truck. I could not trust that truck again.
  3. People are still reporting problems with the A8. If i were to repurchase a truck i would grab a SLE Sierra with 5.3 and 10 speed. People have boasted about the A10.
  4. Michelin Defenders LTX M/S2. I will be purchasing for next set. another good one is Michelin AT2. they offer better offroad traction then LTXs but will take roughly .25mpg away. The Cooper HTX will be better and quieter then the Nitto tire you have now.
  5. I believe with less than 2889km(1800miles) OP probably bought new. Now did OP buy in Canada and drive it to USA? IDK.
  6. Did you get a carbon pro 2020? if so i do not believe there is a cover that will fit it for now.
  7. I know with my 5.3 8 speed. the difference from 65 to 70mph is from 24mpg to 20mpg. From 70 to 75 its 20mpg to 17/18 mpg. (im also running a tonne cover) 14mpg seems low. Try running 70mph and post the difference.
  8. Did they replace the whole drop in system or just the pump?
  9. Did you receive this yet? How does it look? Did it come with all the parts needed(camera, wiring to camera...)
  10. I believe the silverado 2020 10 speed 5.3 only comes in the LT TB. I have a 5.3 8 speed and recently drove a 6.2 10 speed and it felt great. the Sierra you can purchase that configuration in a SLE.
  11. Didnt even notice that untill you pointed it out. OP do you have a part number or $?
  12. FYI, the Dealer will mark up the warranty prices. you can ask for their cost. roughly 30% cheaper.
  13. Also sounds like a dry bushing in a control arm,leaf spring......ect.
  14. @Texasdeere Ok so everything is installed from the bottom. you will need to remove the heat shield from the trans on the passenger side and remove a little bit of material to have the dipstick tube clear. you will have to remove one of the bellhousing bolts.
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