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  1. Yea, love hate relationship. I will try not to get one ever again, had one on my 2005 Canyon and had it leak multiple times until i put a lot of silicon on the seal, closed it and pulled the fuse. I did like to use it during the summer to get the heat out of the truck faster.
  2. 89 Octane $6.29 no-name brand in Sunol, Ca. a Shell near it is $7.19 for 89 Octane. FYI for the people that don't know, California does a minimum octane and a lot of other states do average octane.
  3. I actually got a " replace FOB battery soon" 39 months on the battery, probably got another few months before it goes out. Will need to replace it prior to our summer activities. Does anyone know if the key pad only uses energy when in use or does it constantly use energy like our FOBs?
  4. I trust CamGTP enough, My mothers suburban with 175kmiles that has the oil change 4-5kmile interval had some sludge(tiny amount). I would try a few oil flushes/ extremely fast change interval for a few oil changes, 500 miles, posssibly use a half of a quart of trans fluid to help.
  5. You can email GM: [email protected] . Just email your VIN, they should just email you a PDF of your build sheet.
  6. Probably need open ended lugs but i do not believe that you can use our OEM lugs for these rims, probably a different seat type.
  7. What are your plans for installing a roof rack/ why do you need to install a rack? I know for the 1500s there are roof racks and i am not sure if they would fit.
  8. Have the rim/tires checked for balance, if possible have them road force balance. most of the time its a simple balancing issue.
  9. If your truck is rated for 2696lbs on the tongue and the trailer is 2155lbs on the tongue (assuming at max GVRW). you will be fine. Huge difference from my 1500, only 950lbs on tongue.
  10. Would something like this be better(because of the scratching)? https://www.carid.com/trunk-tailgate-seals.html?offermpnid=4636636217&view=123456&gclid=Cj0KCQjw3v6SBhCsARIsACyrRAlmUDW1LXk78UGyV-h68fu1OYko3vAuT7WBJepyrIn9t8L9En93JIUaAmNkEALw_wcB
  11. RPX catch can, pulling 1/3-1/2 cup out of can every oil change. would highly recommend.
  12. Sounds like your on the right track. Does this happen when the engine is cold/cool or when its fully hot? Compression and leak down test, then if that comes out good, i would then run a cleaner (like seafoam) though the intake to possibly remove carbon build up. Since these motors are DI that could (might not) be an issue, also usually carbon build up problems show up on a cold engine.
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