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  1. See if this guy has them... U may need to DM him. Instagram- 0fx2gv
  2. OE replicas (+28) wrapped with 305/45/22 Hankook DynaPro. Stock suspension, no modifications needed.
  3. Can anyone confirm if 305/45/22 fit on stock suspension? Looking to fit them on 22x9 oe replicas with +28 offset. I have a 21 sierra elevation. Thanks!
  4. Can anyone confirm if in fact they do fit? I've got a 21 sierra elevation stoCk and have no desire for level or trimming.
  5. Would a 305/45/22 tire fit on a 21 stock suspension elevation without any trimmimg? Id like to avoid any cutting.
  6. Hello- I have a 21 sierra elevation, stock suspension. I'm looking to install 22 inch OE replicas and don't want any modifications. No lift, no level, no trimming, no spacers. I'd like to keep the smooth ride and not lose mpg if possible. Not really planning on going off road but I would like AT tires. I was thinking about 285/50/22 tires. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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