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  1. I have a like new center console/jump seat for sale with storage under the armrest. Black, never sat on. $250.00. Message me if interested.
  2. Finally got my center console and got it installed. (I have been trying to buy one for 4 months). Had to do the wiring first because I have no connector under the passenger side seat on my 2021 Trail Boss Custom. I tried to purchase the body connector to plug into the console but could not so I spliced into the wire harness that came with the console. After checking continuity with an ohmmeter and reading the wiring schematics here is my solution. All circuits including USB/Cs are 12 volt. Large red wire w/ white tracer is the rear Accessory Power Receptacle or cig lighter. I also wired in a Boost Automotive fast charger into this circuit (plug and play). Heavy black wire for ground. Small thin wire Violet/yellow tracer is the power for the rear USB/Cs and I ran an additional ground for this circuit just to be safe. Could not get the console interior light or USB/Cs to work but ran out of time and got the console installed. After the install I found another wiring schematic that shows the interior light is white/ brown tracer. I went back under the pass seat and found the thin wh/bn wire in the harness. I will go back and wire this in with a ground after I return from a motorcycle trip to Montana. I ran additional wiring from R.H. fuse block area to under the pass side seat for future use. (4 power wires and 2 grounds). I hope this makes sense. Maybe this will help someone else out who has no connector under the seat in his Custom T1.
  3. I have a used set in excellent condition for sale Z71. $75.00. Message me if interested.
  4. My full floor console was delivered on Tuesday so I have been testing and ohming out the wiring harness to figure out how to make the rear USB/Cs work and get the rear Accessory Power Receptacle working for a Boost Auto Fast charger. My 2021 Trail Boss had no wiring under the pass. side seat for the jump seat so I will make my own wiring harness.
  5. I was surprised by your post. I had to go out and make sure but my 2021 Trail Boss Custom has the LED taillights and your higher trim truck doesn't? Maybe the chip shortage? The taillights should fit into a 2022 Limited but I would not know if these lights would be plug and play. Maybe check the dealers parts dept.
  6. Glad you were able to make that work Woody. I didn't know a T1 jump seat would fit into a 2016.
  7. Good to hear you got it! I will be installing the Boost Auto wireless charging into my full center console next week when i finally get it. ( I have been trying to get this console for 3 months).
  8. Well I had these 22’s on my 2022 LTD LTZ 2WD completely stock and fit just fine without rubbing https://imgur.com/a/5sAZQwC I can’t remember their offset so I don’t know if these 20’s would fit. Their offset is 0. If you could fit 305s on 22" wheels on a 2 wheel drive why wouldn't 275s on 20" wheels fit?
  9. I was looking around in the "For Sale" forum and I saw a few take off step boards for sale. One set was new take offs from an 2021 AT4. I think they were about $500.00. Maybe save you some coin? I know you cannot list "For Sale" items until you have 50 posts but I don't know the rules for purchasing. Maybe someone can fill us in?
  10. Mine have the 3 peak mountain snowflake symbol. I looked for the traction rating, it looks like B ? I don't know I could not see very well in my garage. But they definitely have the 3 peak symbol. I guess I just lucked out on that.
  11. Not sure what the "Sport steps" are but I got the Off Road High Clearance Steps and they are excellent. I went to three or four dealers and just drove around their lots to see what was on other trucks. (This was when the inventories were still pretty good). They are spendy but I think they are well worth it. $973.00 w/discount..
  12. I have 20" Duratracs on my 2021 Trail Boss and love them. They make a little humming noise at highway speeds. These tires stick like glue in all conditions that i have driven in. Everything in life is a compromise, if tire noise is a huge concern you can compromise and run something quieter.
  13. Stock wheels, 275/65/R20 Goodyear Dura Tracs. Factory 2" lift (Trail Boss).
  14. I bought the 85149040 Fog Lamp Package w/wiring harness and dash switch $250.00 with discount from the dealer. Then I bought the gen 5 DIY wiring kit 250500. The fogs come on with the low beams and stay on with the high beams (no switch needed). $154.99 - 15% they are now on sale. I installed them myself. I did not have to replace the headlight switch, tap into factory wiring, no dealer reflash on the BCM and i used OEM fog lamps. Aftermarket fog lamps are not the same quality as OEM and can leak and some have a very poor lighting pattern. I do have the OEM headlamp switch and wiring harness if anyone is interested.
  15. To Jacob. The air vent matches up and works fine with the full center console.
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