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  1. This is a very complex upgrade/undertaking. I have never heard of anyone who has been able to complete this swap without numerous problems. Your IOR equipped truck was designed for an IOR radio-not an IOU radio, no wireless carplay, no wireless android auto etc. I would love to upgrade my IOR radio but everything I have read or heard says that the software in an IOR truck is not compatible with an IOU radio. I will not say that this is impossible but extremally difficult and very expensive. I would contact Infotainment.com not Wams and make this their problem or get your money back. If you can complete this upgrade please post about it on this forum. A lot of us would like to hear how it was done and what is involved.
  2. Sounds like antifreeze, Check the level in the overflow tank. I would get the cooling system pressure checked.
  3. I have had many plastic bedliners in the past, they were better than nothing. When I had to remove them they had worn off the paint. I agree with newdude and others about the spray in being the best way to go. If you run your truck through an Automatic Car Wash make sure to get the underbody wash/flush. If you use a pressure washer type car wash make sure to clean out your wheel wells and under the wheel arch lips. I also bought and installed the rear wheel well liners.
  4. I think the sounds you are hearing a couple of minutes after shutting off the truck is the Anti lock brake "aliveness test". I read a post on here months ago from an engineer who worked on this system at GM. This is a self test of all the electronics, sensors, actuators, switches etc. in the ABS system. I will be watching for that Ford that lost its steering wheel so I don't get cut off!
  5. Reply when you find out the problem. A lot of us own these trucks and would like to know what the failure was.
  6. I have not had this issue but you need to bring this into the dealer right away. This is definitely a safety issue. When these warning lights come on there will be data saved in the ECM or other modules to help the technician to diagnose the problem. Save your receipts or paper work to document that you brought the vehicle in for diagnosis in case anything fails in the steering system and tell the Service Advisor you almost had an accident when your steering failed.
  7. Not sure about the T1s. I had a 2018 Silverado and they made an extended range remote fob for that truck. The standard key fob is all black, the extended range fob had a chrome trim ring around the black key fob. I think it was kinda spendy but much cheaper than $35 a month for OnStar. Call your local Chevy Parts Dept.
  8. Wow so many opinions here. So here is my two cents. The Rancho shocks on my Trail Boss work well, the ride is good for me. Are there better shocks available? Of course there are. Are they more expensive? Of course they are. I would recommend the Trail Boss lift kit. If you don't like the Ranchos you can always upgrade. Just my two cents.
  9. Looks much better than the wood. These came on my Trail Boss.
  10. That truck is going to cost you a lot of money, especially in Canada. Make your dealer find you a truck that has the exhaust and bumper you want, go to a different dealer or come down to the US to buy one. My dealer near Minneapolis has trucks. P.M. me if you cant find what you want in Canada.
  11. As Dirk said you really need to search the forum about this topic. There's a lot more to it than a harness or a module. You will need to run your own wiring to the power seat motors and heat/cool whatever you may choose. There is a heat/cool switch that you will need to install in the dash also. Someone has done this mod and covers it in this forum but you will need to look for it.
  12. Did you really do that? Did you notice any difference? Did it set any codes?
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