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  1. I noticed something today that i never picked up on before. I typically set my cruise control going to work every day, usually at 70 or 75mph depending on traffic. Today i noticed that when trying to go up from 70 to 75, it skipped 73. it went 71, 72, 74, 75. I thought that was weird, so i tried to go down from 75, and sure enough, no 73. Then i changed my display from fuel economy to speed, took off cruise control, went 73, then tried to set cruise. It set cruise at 72, but mainly stayed at 73 on the speedometer display. And again, from there, going up or down it skipped 73. Although it's not a huge issue, i thought it was weird and wondering if everyone else has the same thing. As for my setup, I do have larger tires (275/70/18) and a speedometer calibrator (rough country), but can't imagine either would change the cruise control to not pick up that number. I think my car is updated on all firmware / tech as it had issues with codes before.
  2. I know it's probably too early from someone to try, but would anyone have a rough idea if the new 23' lights would work on the previous models? I know the older ones have 3 lighted areas compared to the 2 on the new ones, and the bottom turn signal is now integrated into the DTRL. I just hate how my LED lights would need a full headlight replacement if they went out compared to replacing a bulb. I'd be fine with some gaps, which also makes me wonder if the grill and or hood would work.
  3. good innovation there. I'm surprised that the after market hasn't caught up yet in these types of attachments. I wanted something for my stake bed pockets, but the rears were an odd shape and i couldn't find anything at the time. Made my own with uni-strut parts.
  4. after another week of "trouble shooting", nothing was found or able to be replicated. I think the dealer cleared the code or did something else, and no longer had a code to look at to continue troubleshooting. they gave it back and let me know that if it comes on again, to not turn off my vehicle and let them know asap. really annoyed being out of a vehicle for 2 weeks for nothing to have happened. even more annoying was the entire interaction. scheduled an appointment at 7am on a friday. they didn't even look at it till 5pm (close at 6pm). always mentioned they would call for status update and never did, i had to pursue everything. a few days later their tech called to ask what gas i use, said obviously its diesel no.2, then nothing else for another week. all i kept getting told was that they would drive it around to see if the light would come back on, which tells me they probably cleared things by accident and didn't know what to research.
  5. i had an RST that i put the 2.5" rough country lift on (2.5" block on back, 3" block on front) and put 33's. My work structure is 6'6" clearance and i was about 1" or less from clearing the lowest part. I know the structure well and drove slow on off hours to confirm. My antenna hit 3 hanging signs, but not the fire sprinklers or low ceiling area (the ceiling area was the closest with previously mentioned height).
  6. after week of sitting at the dealer, received a call. Apparently they had an engineer come out to look at it, but stopped instantly because i had an aftermarket speedometer calibrator on it. They refuse to work on anything that has been modded, so no more work was done. I had to get a ride to the dealer, drive my truck "off property", remove 2 plus, and drive back. You're not allowed to do any type of work on the premises and they would have charged an hour or 2 labor to unplug the speedometer calibrator. All of this for a possible emissions or software related issue. This calibrator was only installed about 2k miles ago when i got my 33" tires. i had the same codes twice before, so i know it's not the speedometer calibrator that caused it.
  7. Brief history of my truck. Purchased brand new in April 2020. had about 20k miles on it when i first received these codes on a 4k mile vacation/road trip U0100, P25A2, U0146, U0101, P1488. No issues with driving or any other concerns, only thing was remote start did not work during that time, which was a little annoying, but nothing big. A day or two later and codes cleared on their own. Then at 48k miles, threw code P1488 again and stuck on for at least a week. Took to dealer, few days to replace exhaust clamp, drove for a few days and code came back. This time they replaced the O2 sensor (both of which the bulletin mentioned to do the first time), and code went away. Now at 60k miles, U0100, P25A2, U0146, U0101, P1488 came back again. Truck has been at the dealer for 4 days and they can't find the problem. A GM engineer was now called out to look at it, and don't know of an ETA of their arrival. I really enjoy this truck as i commute 120miles daily to work, have 33's with a 2.5" lift and still get 30mpg. I only owe $20k on it and would love to pay it off, but i really like the refreshed interiors. Don't know if i want to have more payments and take a while to wait for another similarly equipped diesel, just to have the same potential issues with it again. i had a flyer from the dealership sent saying they would offer $40k for it, but i never trust those numbers. As of now i'm not pushing for GM to buy it back either, but depending on the issue and how long it will be out, i may have to start weighing my options.
  8. looks like the HD version where they would have an amber light in that place
  9. After being de-badged for 2 years, but loving the baby-max, I decided to show to the world what I'm rockin'
  10. this was in another thread..... after market lights that use stock wiring harness and mounting location, but you may be able to fab something more easily having them out of the vehicle 2019-2021 Chevy Silverado SS3 Fog Light Pod Kit (diodedynamics.com)
  11. have you thought about adding a catch can to the setup? The more i read the more it appeals to me. I already have 56,000 on my 3.0, so i'm curious about how much oil i'm dealing with. I also want the S&B and resenator delete like you, but since i'm in california and have to get smogged every 2 years, it's not worth sneaking in unless it gets CARB approved (at least for the intake, the delete is hidden and no one would really know). also liking your name... my last is Jones and i was born in 84
  12. I'm a 2020 Chevy 3.0. I commute 60 miles to work, 60 back in southern California. It takes me 1.25 hours to work and 2.5 on the way back. It loves the 60-69 mph range. notice a decrease once i hot over 70. Never dropped below 28mpg. I have 56,000 miles on it, never reset the 2nd trip odometer, and showing 29.5mpg for the life of the vehicle. I've been "leveled" for most of the owner ship, stock tires. Just recently put a 2.5" lift and 33's on it. Mileage so far has dropped about 1mpg, still getting 29ish, sometimes 30+. Ill take a pic of my DIC when i get off work.
  13. 2020 Silverado RST, 2WD 3.0L Duramax, Summit White bought brand new and currently have 56,000 miles on it averaging 29.6mpg Mods: debadged, black painted center grill, black painted stock rims, black vinyl on center hood RC 3.5" lift/level (3" strut spacer with new UCA, 2.5" rear block w/V2 shocks) 275/70/18 Bridgestone Revo AT3 (33's) full floor liners front/rear with custom wood center console and custom added pocket RC tri-fold tonneau cover RC AL2 drop steps Weathertech Window Deflectors raised & reflective "CHEVROLET" letters in black/white american flag on tailgate Punisher hitch cover custom made bed rails with roof rack
  14. Correct.... New upper control arms and mine being a diesel, they recommend the strut spacer instead of the coil overs because of the heavier engine. Plus the 2.5" block with new V2 shocks. Rides just the same as factory. Was surprised the tires didn't ride more stiff or make any road noise. I was looking at 34's, but since I commute 120 miles a day, i wanted something lighter weight to try and keep mileage. These Bridgestone's were one of the lightest 33's while still having a little all-terrain patterned tread/look. They are each 15lbs heavier then my stock 265/65/18 Michelin LTX's, adding 60lbs more or rotating mass. I also got the RC speedometer calibrator to keep DIC correct
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