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  1. How'd you go about prying the bottom of the lid of the console? Is it similar the '16?
  2. More info on the wireless charger install please! Did you need to tear apart the console? If so, how tough was it? Did you place the coils directly under the small rubber mat on the lid like we could on the '14-'18s? Bummed that the wireless charger only comes standard on the 2 highest trims.
  3. Didn't think about this! Wrapped my b pillars this weekend and didn't like it so I ripped it off. Might try these 2 back pieces though since I wouldn't see it every time I get in the truck like I would on the b pillar.
  4. I know the K2 guys have one of these threads so I figured we should too. Think it’d be useful for others. Post pics of your setup! Make sure to add specs of the wheels/tires, spacers, suspension, rubbing/trimming... I’ll get it started.. Fuel sledge 20x10 -19 (no spacers!) Toyo RTs 285/55/20 1.5in leveling kit Rubbing on the mud flap a lil before full turn
  5. Hey Phil how about looking into putting the wireless charger into consoles without it!
  6. Good to know man! I plan on ordering my setup this weekend. Did you try out 20x10s or just decided to go with 20x9s?
  7. How tough was it to take off the gloss black ones without breaking tabs? Thinking about doing this or just wrapping it
  8. Dealership I bought my RST from has this new fire red RST with the Fireball performance package. Supercharged 500+ hp...Also had a Fireball camaro with 700+hp
  9. Are you running spacers? If not, what brand wheels do you have? Had to give up my Hostiles with the same specs cause of the calipers.
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