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  1. 19.NA.257.pdf Check this out also. Cab/bed alignment By josephearljones, May 14, 2019 in 2019 / 2020 Silverado & Sierra
  2. So today i was at the locale dealership picking up some special order parts. I asked for the parts breakdown on the bed shims/bolts,the gal asked why ? I was in the service department yesterday for the bed alignment problem on my truck. Basically the service department manager told me your shit out of luck you drive it off the lot like that its on you. The parts gal said did you try the other dealer in town,i said ya that will be my next try.Then she started to look for any bulletins on it and guess what [#19-NA-257 ] Pickup Box Out of Alinment Poped up. So i went back to the service writer a
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