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  1. Have the same issue with my 2019 RST Crew Cab. After a rear bumper fender bender, one of the sensors was damaged, mostly cosmetic it appeared. It was still operational. After the recent heavy storms in SoCal, it was non operational, just as described by the Op. I recently had the rear bumper and sensor replaced by a collision center, still non-operational. I tried removing the battery power for 30 min., hoping to reset the control unit, unfortunately, no change. The collision shop is telling me there is nothing they can do to correct the issue, which I find hard to believe considering they were an authorized center from the insurance company. I checked the underside of the bumper to make sure the connectors to the sensors were secure, they appear to be. If someone has any tips or fixes we can make ourselves, short of having the dealer service it, it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Plastic dip the wheels? I've got the same setup, been thinking of doing that.
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