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  1. Silverado LTZ in Red Hot

    Spoke to a friend of mine that works for Hendrick in Cary, NC. He didn't know about any changes in color next year, but he did say the multi-position tailgate on the Sierra was coming to the Silverado in the next year. That was interesting...
  2. I really want to get a new Silverado. But I want the 6.2L/A10 with max trailering in the Red Hot color. They offered the previous model LTZ (14 - 18) in Red Hot, but not the 19. That sucks. Hoping that they add that color back for 2020. Anyone know a dealer who knows how to custom order a color? I mean, they offer it in the RST, why not offer a extra charge to paint an LTZ or High Country in that color? And yes, I know I could get it wrapped or painted aftermarket, but seems silly on a brand new truck. To do it right, they would have to remove the bed and get the whole cab and bed, I would want the door jams done, remove the glass, etc. Would just make more sense to get it that color from the factory... Any insiders here with some insight?
  3. Rear window leak

    I bought my wife a 2019 RAM 1500 Laramie back in October for $48k after discounts. This was after visiting a Chevrolet and GMC dealership about a new 2019 to replace my 2014 Silverado LTZ. None of the GM dealers in the Raleigh, NC area would budge on their pricing back in October. After reading about all of the issues with early build GMs, I am glad I could not get a deal. We have had our Ram for 7 months and 11k miles now. Have had zero problems. But, in fairness, I didn't get the leak prone panoramic sunroof or the 12 inch Uconnect screen which were known issues at the time. Guess I just got lucky. I really want to trade our 2017 Buick Regal on either a new GMC or Chevy... Because I miss my Silverado, even though it had the dreaded rear end shake. Glad I have waited. Hopefully, by the time I am ready to pull the trigger, they will have the bugs worked out of these new GMs.
  4. I keep seeing lots of people ding RAM on quality. While reading a 24 page thread about leaking windows in the new Silverado, and a few other threads about blown engines because of a cooler line blow off. Sure, the 2019 Chevy quality is sooo much better... Let's face it, all manufacturers have quality issues these days.
  5. By the way, this all happened back in the end of September. Neither the Chevy dealer nor the GMC dealer was willing to budge $100 on the price of their trucks. I got the RAM for $48k. A savings of $12k over the GM products.
  6. I honestly felt like a traitor for the first few weeks with the RAM. I have owned nothing but GM products for 35 years. But after driving all 3 trucks, we went with the RAM. Neither of the GM trucks really felt like a $60k truck. They felt like an over priced $50k truck. I really want another GM. And am patiently waiting for them to improve and be worthy of their lofty asking prices.
  7. What makes you say that? I traded a 2015 Silverado LTZ for my 2019 Ram Laramie. The Ram drove better, was smoother and shifted so much better than my old Chevy. And, no rear end shimmy like the old Chevy had. I looked at a new 2019 LTZ silverado and a 2019 GMC Denali before buying the Ram. The GM interiors felt cheap and hard compared to the Ram. About the only thing in the GMs that was better was the engine. I stay on this site because I am waiting for the 2020s, hoping that the ride quality and interior improve to match the exterior improvements before I buy one. And no, it won't replace the RAM, it will replace a 2017 Buick that my wife no longer wants to drive since we got the RAM. She loves the RAM and drives it every day now. So, I have permission to trade the Buick on a new GM truck once they improve the interiors. And, I just cannot bring myself to tow my 2018 ZL1 Camaro with a Ram. I really want a new GM, but they need to step up their game first.
  8. How much will prices drop?

    Curious where you read that about options returning. Like what? Adjustable pedals?
  9. Whipple Supercharger 2019 Truck

    So, I am not a GM engineer, but this has me thinking. From what I understand about a GM engine computer, it is looking at things like air temp and pressure under the hood, listening for spark knock, reading the oxygen level in the exhaust via the 2 or more oxygen sensors, etc. All for 2 primary purposes: (1) to maintain a set air/fuel ratio and (2) to prevent spark knock in the engine. If this assumption is basically correct, then it should still be possible to mount a supercharger and larger fuel injectors and see a significant hp/torque gain. Why do I think this? Well, logically, if you add more air to the engine, the computer will adjust the fuel and ignition curves to maintain that desired air/fuel ratio and prevent spark knock. So, you should still see a 100 or more hp gain even without computer tuning. Granted, being able to tune the computer would give you greater gains... But just bolting on a supercharger and installing larger injectors and possibly a larger throttle-body should still yield a gain. Am I missing something here?
  10. This I get... But leaving the fob in the truck in the garage over night? Don't get that at all. I guess no one breaks into garages where the OP lives. Around here, that would result in a stolen truck. And when you report it, the cops would laugh at you for being silly enough to leave the key in it overnight.
  11. Supercharger?

    Well, to some it may not be worth the hassle. But, I want the color I want. Why 'settle' when you are spending in excess of $40k for a new truck? And as far as getting a sports car, I have one: a 2018 ZL1 Camaro with 6 speed manual. I just like the idea of having my truck match my car, color wise, when I am towing it to a track day. So, if I cannot get a Red Hot colored Silverado in LTZ or High Country trim, my next best bet is to get an RST with the biggest motor available, then supercharge it.
  12. I looked at one of those elevation editions today. No leather, no crew cab, $50k... No thanks. I can drive 2 miles to the Chevy dealer and get an RST Silverado with crew cab and leather for around $43k...
  13. What is GMC thinking?

    I hear you... But $50k for a dbl cab with no leather? That is nuts...
  14. So, one of my best friends works at the local GMC dealership. Whenever I am considering a new truck purchase, I always start with him. Today, I stopped by his dealership to take a look at the new GMC Sierra Evolution. Nice looking truck, but $50k for a double cab (NO crew cab option), 5.3L and NO leather option.... cloth only? No thanks. At a local Chevy dealer, I saw a Silverado RST with the same 5.3L engine, leather and it was a crew cab. The sticker was $48k and it was marked down to $42k. That is much more reasonable. I don't buy cloth seats anymore. Too hard to keep clean. Even if they come with some coating on them. It only lasts a year and then the seats will stain. I'd rather pay the extra $800 for leather. And here I thought GMC was supposed to be an up-brand to Chevrolet. Yet no leather option on the Evolution. I even used their build and price tool to see if it was something that can be added/ordered. Nope.
  15. Midlevel to Premium Cluster Swap?

    Ah, IF it has the technology package. Here is the LTZ that I looked at over the weekend: https://www.hendrickgmsouthpoint.com/VehicleDetails/new-2019-Chevrolet-Silverado_1500-LTZ-Durham-NC/3370695253 It has the same cluster as the red hot RST I looked at. Good to know that it is package dependent.

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