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  1. I don't know if any other current 2019 Ram 1500 owners have responded yet, but here goes. I have had Silverados since 1992. 4 of them to be exact. My last one being a 2014 LTZ. When the lease was up on my 2014 in September of 2018, I first wanted to get a new 2019 Silverado or Sierra. Dealers were wanting top dollar. Would not come off their prices by even $1000. So, I drove my 2014 silverado over to the Dodge dealer to look at a 2019 (redesign) Ram 1500 Laramie. It is the Delmonico red with sport package, e-Torque Hemi, 4x4 black interior. No 12 inch screen, no panoramic sunroof. I had read about sunroof leaks and big screen issues. We were able to get this truck for $48k out the door and they gave me another 5k off for the silverado even though it was a lease buyout. No way I was going to pay nearly $10k more just to stay with GM. I have to tell you, after 13,000 miles and 10 months, this truck has been trouble free. Yes, I know there was a seat belt recall. Big deal. No problems with the U-connect system or the e-Torque system. I see where some are warning you about the AC system. I have not had any problems with mine. My wife drives it 90% of the time as I prefer to drive my ZL1. But she loves this truck. It is comfortable, roomy makes good power and can tow my Camaro to the track. So, let the haters hate, this has been a fine truck. If I had one thing to nit-pick about, it is the "promise" of e-Torque. It was supposed to save about 2mpg. That is bull. I see really no difference between the gas mileage of the e-Torque and non-e-Torque engines. I think it was a sales gimmick to make more money. So, get whichever truck is the best deal. That is really the best advice anyone can give you.
  2. OP, 10mm of brake pad depth is great. No way that is 39%. So, either the sensor is bad or the computer is messed up. But, your brakes are fine, don't sweat that. The climate control issue is something else all together. Stay on them, make them get it right.
  3. Here you go: https://5thgenrams.com/community/threads/how’s-your-2019-ram-running-take-our-poll.1017/ Not as bad as you might think. I noticed no one hear mentioned the 28 page rear window leak issue.
  4. Supercharger?

    It appears to be Henna Chevrolet in Austin, TX. I found it on their website. That is how I knew it was RWD... https://www.hennachevyaustin.com/
  5. Supercharger?

    That red supercharged RST is interesting, but it is RWD, not 4WD. I read online that Chevrolet is going to start offering the 6.2L as an option for the RST trim level in the 2020 model year. So, instead of trying to supercharge a 5.3L, I will just wait until August/September and then order a 2020 the way I want it.
  6. Brake upgrade

    There really are not a whole lot of options out there yet for the 2019. But, I am sure more will come. The GM 6-piston caliper and rotor kit for the 2019 is probably the most reasonable 6-piston kit currently available. But, if you are patient, I am sure Baer or EBC will have something available within the next year.
  7. Brake upgrade

    Found it:
  8. Brake upgrade

    There is a dude on youtube that installed this kit on a 17 or 18. I'll find the video and link it here. Really made a difference for him. I'd bet a lot of money that the rotors and calipers are the exact same for the 2019 kit.
  9. Nah, they (GM) don't care if you leave. They recently said they don't care if Ram is selling more trucks than them as long as profit stays up. So, get what YOU want. It is all that really matters anyway. ;-)
  10. A crew cab, std bed, 4x4, red hot RST with the 6.2L and max trailering is EXACTLY what I have been waiting for. Well, now I know what I will trading that damned Buick Regal the wife wasted money on... Just have to wait until August. No sweat.
  11. Spoke to a friend of mine that works for Hendrick in Cary, NC. He didn't know about any changes in color next year, but he did say the multi-position tailgate on the Sierra was coming to the Silverado in the next year. That was interesting...
  12. I really want to get a new Silverado. But I want the 6.2L/A10 with max trailering in the Red Hot color. They offered the previous model LTZ (14 - 18) in Red Hot, but not the 19. That sucks. Hoping that they add that color back for 2020. Anyone know a dealer who knows how to custom order a color? I mean, they offer it in the RST, why not offer a extra charge to paint an LTZ or High Country in that color? And yes, I know I could get it wrapped or painted aftermarket, but seems silly on a brand new truck. To do it right, they would have to remove the bed and get the whole cab and bed, I would want the door jams done, remove the glass, etc. Would just make more sense to get it that color from the factory... Any insiders here with some insight?
  13. Rear window leak

    I bought my wife a 2019 RAM 1500 Laramie back in October for $48k after discounts. This was after visiting a Chevrolet and GMC dealership about a new 2019 to replace my 2014 Silverado LTZ. None of the GM dealers in the Raleigh, NC area would budge on their pricing back in October. After reading about all of the issues with early build GMs, I am glad I could not get a deal. We have had our Ram for 7 months and 11k miles now. Have had zero problems. But, in fairness, I didn't get the leak prone panoramic sunroof or the 12 inch Uconnect screen which were known issues at the time. Guess I just got lucky. I really want to trade our 2017 Buick Regal on either a new GMC or Chevy... Because I miss my Silverado, even though it had the dreaded rear end shake. Glad I have waited. Hopefully, by the time I am ready to pull the trigger, they will have the bugs worked out of these new GMs.
  14. I keep seeing lots of people ding RAM on quality. While reading a 24 page thread about leaking windows in the new Silverado, and a few other threads about blown engines because of a cooler line blow off. Sure, the 2019 Chevy quality is sooo much better... Let's face it, all manufacturers have quality issues these days.
  15. By the way, this all happened back in the end of September. Neither the Chevy dealer nor the GMC dealer was willing to budge $100 on the price of their trucks. I got the RAM for $48k. A savings of $12k over the GM products.

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