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  1. Then you would be wrong... Go back to the first page of this thread and read the 5th post...
  2. OP, if you are like me and hate chrome, but max trailering and the 6.2L engine are a must, wait 6 to 8 months for a 2020 RST. While the 2019 RST only offers the 5.3L engine and 8speed auto as its top engine, the GM Authority website said that the 6.2L and 10speed are coming to the RST in 2020. So, if you can wait 6 to 8 months, you can get an RST with the 6.2 and Max trailering...
  3. Not quite perfect, but almost. Check out the Camaro ZL1 forum. A few of the early 2017 ones had incorrectly filled transmissions from the factory and it caused issues. Wasn't a design flaw, just poor craftsmanship at the assembly facility. FYI...
  4. This is because they no longer care about their customers. Though, I am not sure they ever did. All that matters to them is profit. Nothing else.
  5. You have to love how this thread has digressed into a "I would never have an I4 in a truck" thread. Almost no one has ACTUALLY answered the OP's question about whether or not anyone else has seen a problem with the I4. Well, except for the guy with the buyback. Sorry Dude, Chevy screwed you. But, they really don't seem to care. Amazing how people have somehow lost the ability to stay on topic and choose once again to express their opinion of what engine "should be in a real truck". <shaking my head>
  6. You know what, I don't mind paying an extra $500 or $750 for the color of my choice. But that choice is NOT Cajun Red. I want my truck to match my Camaro's color.
  7. I have yet to figure out the GM mentality. I mean, my 2018 ZL1 had the onstar shit on the mirror and garage door opener in the roof to the right of the mirror stalk. Then, for 2019, they replaced the garage door buttons with the onstar and there is no integrated garage door buttons anymore. WTF? there is a blank panel on the left of the mirror stalk in my 2018, so why not leave the garage door buttons on the right and put the onstar on the left? Who makes this idiotic decisions? Most ZL1 owners keep their car in a garage. So, I cannot fathom why they removed the garage door buttons when they moved onstar from the mirror. And don't even get me started on the lack of Red Hot as a color option on the 2019 Silverado 1500 LTZ trim...
  8. Well, they have the 2020 Silverado on the Chevrolet build and price tool now. But, they don't list the 6.2L engine and 10spd auto as an option for the RST. So, still waiting...
  9. As someone who has owned a 2000 Silverado, a 2014 Silverado and now a 2019 RAM, I can tell you that the Ram will have the best ride quality. Similar to what you get from your Mercedes. The GM engines tend to be bullet proof. Not so their 8speed Auto. But the 10speed auto is a much better transmission. Don't put as much stock in the forum complaints as some of these fanboys will say. Most people ONLY join a forum to complain. With Ford, GM and RAM truck owners, most that have trouble free trucks almost never post anything on forums. So, for ever 2 horror stories you read, there are at least 25 worry free trucks out there. As another poster here mentioned, test drive them all, buy the one you like best. In the end, that is really all that matters.
  10. If you have a home computer or laptop, you could just rip all of your CD's to your computer and put them on a usb stick as album folders. Then you don't ever have to swap CD's anymore, you can fit them all on one stick. There are multiple USB slots on these trucks that can read a usb stick. Just takes a bit of time to rip the CDs. And no, you don't have to buy some custom software for this. Windows media player can rip CDs for you.
  11. I don't know if any other current 2019 Ram 1500 owners have responded yet, but here goes. I have had Silverados since 1992. 4 of them to be exact. My last one being a 2014 LTZ. When the lease was up on my 2014 in September of 2018, I first wanted to get a new 2019 Silverado or Sierra. Dealers were wanting top dollar. Would not come off their prices by even $1000. So, I drove my 2014 silverado over to the Dodge dealer to look at a 2019 (redesign) Ram 1500 Laramie. It is the Delmonico red with sport package, e-Torque Hemi, 4x4 black interior. No 12 inch screen, no panoramic sunroof. I had read about sunroof leaks and big screen issues. We were able to get this truck for $48k out the door and they gave me another 5k off for the silverado even though it was a lease buyout. No way I was going to pay nearly $10k more just to stay with GM. I have to tell you, after 13,000 miles and 10 months, this truck has been trouble free. Yes, I know there was a seat belt recall. Big deal. No problems with the U-connect system or the e-Torque system. I see where some are warning you about the AC system. I have not had any problems with mine. My wife drives it 90% of the time as I prefer to drive my ZL1. But she loves this truck. It is comfortable, roomy makes good power and can tow my Camaro to the track. So, let the haters hate, this has been a fine truck. If I had one thing to nit-pick about, it is the "promise" of e-Torque. It was supposed to save about 2mpg. That is bull. I see really no difference between the gas mileage of the e-Torque and non-e-Torque engines. I think it was a sales gimmick to make more money. So, get whichever truck is the best deal. That is really the best advice anyone can give you.
  12. OP, 10mm of brake pad depth is great. No way that is 39%. So, either the sensor is bad or the computer is messed up. But, your brakes are fine, don't sweat that. The climate control issue is something else all together. Stay on them, make them get it right.
  13. Here you go: https://5thgenrams.com/community/threads/how’s-your-2019-ram-running-take-our-poll.1017/ Not as bad as you might think. I noticed no one hear mentioned the 28 page rear window leak issue.
  14. It appears to be Henna Chevrolet in Austin, TX. I found it on their website. That is how I knew it was RWD... https://www.hennachevyaustin.com/
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