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  1. This I get... But leaving the fob in the truck in the garage over night? Don't get that at all. I guess no one breaks into garages where the OP lives. Around here, that would result in a stolen truck. And when you report it, the cops would laugh at you for being silly enough to leave the key in it overnight.
  2. Supercharger?

    Well, to some it may not be worth the hassle. But, I want the color I want. Why 'settle' when you are spending in excess of $40k for a new truck? And as far as getting a sports car, I have one: a 2018 ZL1 Camaro with 6 speed manual. I just like the idea of having my truck match my car, color wise, when I am towing it to a track day. So, if I cannot get a Red Hot colored Silverado in LTZ or High Country trim, my next best bet is to get an RST with the biggest motor available, then supercharge it.
  3. I looked at one of those elevation editions today. No leather, no crew cab, $50k... No thanks. I can drive 2 miles to the Chevy dealer and get an RST Silverado with crew cab and leather for around $43k...
  4. What is GMC thinking?

    I hear you... But $50k for a dbl cab with no leather? That is nuts...
  5. So, one of my best friends works at the local GMC dealership. Whenever I am considering a new truck purchase, I always start with him. Today, I stopped by his dealership to take a look at the new GMC Sierra Evolution. Nice looking truck, but $50k for a double cab (NO crew cab option), 5.3L and NO leather option.... cloth only? No thanks. At a local Chevy dealer, I saw a Silverado RST with the same 5.3L engine, leather and it was a crew cab. The sticker was $48k and it was marked down to $42k. That is much more reasonable. I don't buy cloth seats anymore. Too hard to keep clean. Even if they come with some coating on them. It only lasts a year and then the seats will stain. I'd rather pay the extra $800 for leather. And here I thought GMC was supposed to be an up-brand to Chevrolet. Yet no leather option on the Evolution. I even used their build and price tool to see if it was something that can be added/ordered. Nope.
  6. Midlevel to Premium Cluster Swap?

    Ah, IF it has the technology package. Here is the LTZ that I looked at over the weekend: https://www.hendrickgmsouthpoint.com/VehicleDetails/new-2019-Chevrolet-Silverado_1500-LTZ-Durham-NC/3370695253 It has the same cluster as the red hot RST I looked at. Good to know that it is package dependent.
  7. Supercharger?

    You have no idea how quick they (GM) are to void your warranty for something as benign as a catch can. So, it boggles my mind why they get so uptight about tuning. Also, that callaway truck, no way it will be $40k like the Roush truck. Probably at least $60k. No thanks. I just want a supercharger kit for around $3k that I can install with full length headers and a tune. Then I'll be happy. :-)
  8. Supercharger?

    As cool as this is... I just cannot buy a Ford... Can't do it...
  9. Supercharger?

    Since people always ask for evidence of a claim. Here is a link to a video about one of the new Roush Ford F-150s. This video shows a 725hp one. But, when I looked around at Ford dealer websites that have Roush trucks, I didn't see a 725hp one for sale, only the 600hp ones.
  10. Supercharger?

    Since I am disappointed that Chevy isn't offering the red hot color in the LTZ this year and the RST cannot be ordered with the 6.2L engine... I am very close to ordering an RST in Red Hot with the 5.3L and the Max Tow package. Does anyone know of a shop working on a supercharger kit for the 2019 5.3L yet? Roush has a supercharger for the 2019 Ford V8 that takes it to 600hp. I'd be happy with 500 out of a supercharged 5.3 if I can get it. Anyone hear any rumors?
  11. Midlevel to Premium Cluster Swap?

    I was actually looking at both an RST and LTZ silverado today. The gauge cluster is the same on the RST and LTZ. However, the High Country does indeed have an upgraded cluster. Looks more like the cluster in my ZL1 Camaro. But, from what I observed today, the cluster in the RST and LTZ are the same.
  12. 2019 Ram

    I see quite a few people citing reliability issues in Dodge. Like Chevy doesn't have reliability issues? Take a look at all of the people having A/C issues in a 1 or 2 year old truck? My own 2014 had the A/C compressor go in August of this year. I have had it 3 and a half years and the compressor went at 37k miles. Someone else mentioned front suspension issues for FCA. My 2014 Silverado 1500 LTZ 4x4 has 40k miles on in now and needs front ball joints and upper A-arms. It warped its front rotors at 30k. While I love my truck, my previous 2005 Dodge never lost A/C in the 8 years I owned it. Never warped a rotor and didn't need ball joints until 60k miles. So, this "longest lasting" claim is tough to prove nowadays...
  13. I just watched the youtube video about the new Silverados. I was surprised by the number of commenters who stated that they would not buy it because it still had a column shifter instead of a shifter in the console. I don't get that. Think of how much space you loose in the console by putting a shifter there. It is a truck, I kind of like still having the shifter on the column. Maybe those idiots would prefer a rotary knob like Range Rover uses...
  14. Any Supercharged K2XX Owners?

    I would guess that is because of the fuel available where you live. I typically run 89 octane in mine and have yet to hear it spark knock.
  15. If this is a repeat post, I oppologize in advance. A few months ago, I had a little run in with a golf cart on a trailer I was pulling. This resulted in a sizeable dent in the tailgate of my new truck. A friend who works in a body shop said he could take care of it for me if I could leave it with him for a week or two and he'll squeeze it in between jobs. But, I don't want to be without my truck for a week or two, so I am thinking about just removing the tailgate and leaving that with him for a few weeks. In the old days, that was no issue. But, with this new one having a backup camera, I have to wonder: will this cause a constant warning or complaint from the computer? Has anyone with a backup camera removed their tailgate? Will this pose any sort of problem?

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