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  1. I put about 40k miles/ year on my vehicles. At4 seats are great. I’m a really big guy (6’4, 300lbs), and have had no issues with the seats- in fact, have thought on several occasions that these seem to be more comfortable than my 15 Silverado. Come to think of it, this could also be why I haven’t experienced the back end chatter of the wheels
  2. Very nice. Are you pleased with the Pedal Commander?
  3. Anyone else not able to get into “driver preferences” on the website? It’s greyed out, and I’ve now spoken to two different customer service reps that say I can only adjust vehicle preferences from inside the vehicle. 2019 AT4
  4. I noticed when the a/c is set to “auto”, and you take a hands free call, the a/c temporarily slows the fan down so it isn’t so loud. As soon as you hang up, it resumes cooling at the rate prior to phone call. Doesn’t shut it completely off, just turns the power down so you can hear. I thought it was cool.
  5. If y’all gave the HUD, it’s retracting, or the electronic parking brake is setting, most likely.
  6. Had this same issue with mine, but I didn’t find out about it until I was trying to clean my daughter’s puke off the liner. Still don’t know how to get them out
  7. What area? Might be interested in the 18’s
  8. I believe those are only showing double cab availability. Do they have crew cab available?
  9. “Brake pad life shows minimal wear. But I’ll contact you in a week and a half so that we can try to give you a loaner to investigate the problem. We will need your truck for a few days”.
  10. Here’s mine. 70% highway driving. At dealership now for oil change, etc. will update when finished.
  11. Wait.... so you’re telling me that it does exactly what it says it does?
  12. Are these devices essentially souped-up versions of the driver-mode control that the truck already has (touring, sport, off-road, towing)?
  13. Any more updates on this for the 2019’s? Those that have purchased, are you still glad you did?
  14. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between ceramic coating and the coating that the dealership tries to sell you with the truck?
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