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  1. Yep. Mine will randomly engage after parking. Hasn’t done it in awhile. Brought it up to the dealer and they weren’t any help.
  2. I have noticed this when I have been n the carpool line. The really odd thing is that it (the time) updates periodically, but it’s been difficult to tell when it happens. Even though it updates, it’s certainly not real time, and even after it updates, its behind until I start the truck.
  3. I dont think they tune unless you get the CAI, so my guess to that question is no.
  4. Performance Upgrade Package

    Yeah, a lot of my decision was based on your posts, lol. So, if anyone else is curious, I have found OnTheReal’s info to be quite accurate and reliable. 👍🏻
  5. Performance Upgrade Package

    I just had the performance exhaust placed on my 6.2 AT4 yesterday. Love it. Did not do CAI. I just couldn’t find anything that definitively said it was worth the money. I’m not opposed to doing it (or maybe one of the other aftermarkets) in the future if it will improve performance/ mpg’s. The exhaust itself did everything I wanted it to for the sound.
  6. https://www.calipercovers.com/vehiclesearch/result/index/make/24/model/341/year/55/submodel/291 they are supposedly working on getting licensing rights to allow them to create the AT4 logo, but I just went with the GMC logo cause I was impatient. Lots of color options, also.
  7. I’ve seen it asked in a couple of threads, but haven’t seen any answers. For those who have changed to the performance exhaust after purchase, what are you doing with your old exhaust? Only answer I have seen is “save it until I sell it”, but I have no interest in that. Just take it in for the scrap metal? Let dealership dispose of it? Has to be worth something at a scrap yard, doesn’t it?
  8. Sorry for multiple posts, couldn’t load both photos.
  9. Added red caliper covers to match the tow hooks.
  10. Added red caliper covers to match the tow hooks. But I can’t seem to get a pic that will either fit as an attachment or doesn’t look like crap because of the resolution.
  11. Unsettling Experience

    Were you more sober when you were driving than you were when you posted this?
  12. Nothing at all. It was a big concern of mine. But clean as a whistle.
  13. I ran ko2’s 285/55 (maybe 60- can’t remember for sure)/20’s on 2015. Just ran them at 35 psi, but rotated 5k religiously. Sold with 92 k miles (tires had 89k) and they still had a ton of life left. But they did have a terrible Chevy shake 70-80 mph that I couldn’t get rid of. Now running 275/70/ 18 on a 19 at4.. My question is this; Ive got 48 psi front, 38 in rear. Unbelievably smooth. Why is the manufacturer recommendation having the same psi in the front and rear, when, per their own specs, the curb weights are significantly different in the front and rear? Doesn’t it make since to increase psi on the heavier part of the truck (assuming I’m not hauling anything)?
  14. As am I. BlackAT4 what price have you found on the 12909?

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