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  1. Only in grey, or do they come in black also?
  2. Extended warranties

    Mind if I ask how much you paid/ how much you are supposed to get back?
  3. I really like those steps! Wonder if there is a Sierra version?
  4. What’s everyone’s thoughts on extended warranty? Has anyone bought one and cxd it, and been successful in getting a refund?
  5. HUD display color

    My guess is the number of people that are seeing a HUD display for the first time is far higher than the number of people that are accustomed to seeing it in green from flying an aircraft (or driving a corvette with HUD, for that matter) Therefore, does the general public really know the difference? I suspect the argument is easier to make that the HUD itself was distracting rather than the color. That being said, my HUD on AT4 has some components that are green (directional arrows during navigation), and if it could be changed, I wouldn’t be opposed to it. But I don’t ever remember thinking “man, that white just blends in too much”.
  6. Am I the only one scratching my head at who approved a “TRD” model? Maybe it’s cause I’ve got 11 and 12 year old boys, and the poop jokes are endless... but, really? You gonna name your truck a TuRD???
  7. Adaptive cruise control would have been nice to have, but nothing else on the list gives me remorse. I love my truck. Adaptive cruise control isn’t enough to make me wish I had waited. In fact- quite the contrary. Seeing the list of potential changes makes me happy that I pulled the trigger. Would’ve had to wait and pay a higher price, just for the ACC. No thanks.
  8. How’d you get your unreal deal? That’s about the only way I’m willing to move forward with it...
  9. Yes, I went with the standard red color and black GMC logo. I did not compare them side by side, but I cant tell a difference while on the truck.
  10. Yes, I went with the standard red color and black GMC logo. I did not compare them side by side, but I cant tell a difference while on the truck.
  11. Do you have HUD? I was taking a conf call in my truck with the truck turned off (so I was in it longer than normal), and noticed the HUD raises and lowers itself, which sounds a lot like the parking brake sound and (presumably) the fuel pump sound that has been described.
  12. Red Stitching Anyone?

    I really like the way this looks. Bravo to you for having the courage to try this. One of my very first thoughts when I was looking at the AT4’s was “I wish they had red stitching and accents instead of the brown, to match the red tow hooks”. Well done.
  13. Trail Boss MPG Competition

    I know you said 50 miles, but I couldn’t help but post this. Between 60-65 mph from Galveston to Houston. At4 6.2 now with 50 mile range also. Gm perf exhaust
  14. left leg space for driver

    I’m 6’4, and haven’t noticed any issues, except my foot will slip off of the gas pedal on occasion. Almost as if the gas pedal is too short. With a size 12 shoe, I’m surprised people with smaller feet haven’t mentioned this being an issue. Perhaps it’s just the angle my foot happens to rest.
  15. I’ve been considering this... but “revs noticeably quicker” is different than “night and day difference”. I guess I was hoping for the latter... are you happy you did it?

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