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  1. Pulled an amateur move today. Had to get into my bed to grab something before backing up my trailer and got sidetracked. Backed my trailer up and completely forgot it was down. The mid tailgate now has a decent dent in the top part of the mid tailgate (see photo). It still functions just fine, but can’t stand the look of it now. Any one have the part number for this portion or know what it costs to replace just that?
  2. I’ve had this happen to me twice now the past two days. My truck barely fits in my garage, so when I go to park it in I push the button to fold in the mirrors for a little more clearance. I do this as I’m slowly creeping forward and the past two days the infotainment screen completely rebooted itself in the middle of me driving forward. It goes black and then the GMC emblem shows up and goes through the whole starting process again. I haven’t tried parking without folding in my mirrors lately, but the past two times the folding of the mirrors seems to have been the trigger for it to happen. Any thoughts on what the connection could be?
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies so far. I'm feeling a little better about not having a bunch of towing miles on my truck before my trip. I plan to put it on my lift prior to leaving and checking the rear diff fluid and throwing some lucas gear oil in there if it has the room for it. On a side note, out of curiosity how many members on here actually adhered to the recommendations in the manual for standard truck break in and towing break in?
  4. I just picked up a new 2021 gas 2500 Sierra from Laura Buick gmc. I already screwed the pooch with the recommended break in on my drive home as I live about 400 miles away. Did a lot of 70mph driving. Did have some slower speeds mixed in, but 70 was the majority of it. Anyways, reading the manual now I see it mentions not exceeding 50mph for the first 500 miles of towing. What’s the reasoning for this? I’m asking as I have trip coming up where I plan to tow a pontoon for about 375 miles one way. Normal driving it would take around 6 hours, so at 50 mph it will take most of a day to get there. I know break in is a hot topic with a variety of advice, so would just like to hear everyone’s thoughts. Thanks!
  5. Thanks everyone for the replies. As luck would have it, one of my friends just got a Chevy 1 ton crew cab standard box and came over with it. I was able to get it in the garage and close the door. There wasn’t much room from front to back, maybe an inch or 2 both directions. Good news is that it wouldn’t have to sit outside, but not sure I want to deal with that tight of tolerances.
  6. I currently have a 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4, but am thinking about upgrading to a 2500 crew cab standard box. My current truck is crew cab short box and fits in my garage ok with a little room to spare on length and height, but not much. My garage is 22ft long and I have 7ft door. Measuring it out I should have about an inch or 2 on height and about the same on length. Was wondering if anyone on here had the same set up for a garage and has made it work or not? Unfortunately due to the truck shortages, I don’t have any close local dealers that have one in stock for me to bring home and test the fit before purchasing and I don’t want to buy bigger and have it sit outside because it doesn’t fit. I appreciate any feedback from everyone.
  7. I just received an email from Onstar for advanced diagnostics. It said: ”An issue with the Engine and Transmission System in your 2019 GMC Sierra has been detected. Please service your vehicle within 7 days.” Has anyone else gotten this email before? I didn’t notice anything while driving it today and it seems to be driving like it always has. Also, there were no messages in the DIC and no lights were lit up on the dash. Was just curious how serious I should take this email? Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. Thanks for the link. How far did you insert the cord into the gap when doing this? Will it only go in so far?
  9. I’ve noticed mine has a small leak and feel using the trim cord will solve the problem. I really don’t trust the dealership to solve this based on the 200+ page topic on this site. With that said, what trim tools are you using exactly to get the cord in? I’d like to tackle this when the weather warms up, but not sure what tools would handle the job.
  10. What worked for me was logging into the myGMC/mychevy website first as I needed to change my password there. After doing that, my truck took the newly changed password and I haven’t had this screen pop up since.
  11. Thanks for the replies everyone. I logged into mygmc website and I was promoted that my password was no longer valid, so had to reset password. Did a reset and the new password worked in the truck. All good now.
  12. Been getting this error when starting my truck now: “please confirm password to continue using connected services”. What password would that be? Doesn’t seem to take my WiFi or profile password.
  13. With the potential of losing brakes while driving, is there any sort of emergency braking option? All I see/have is the parking break button. Would that act as an emergency brake if you press and hold that in these situations where braking is only a small percentage of normal?
  14. 1st world problem here. In my 16 Sierra you could jump 10 channels at a time on XM by holding down on the up or down buttons on the steering wheel. My 19 has the scroll wheel. I haven’t figured out a way to jump multiple stations at a time yet with the scroll wheel. Has anyone else figured out a way yet?
  15. If you’re talking about the tick that sounds kind of like a clock, then my 19 has that too. I haven’t figured out where it is coming from yet either and am curious what others have to say.
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