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  1. Nice truck! Those black wheels would look great on the RST!
  2. That is a nice looking AT4! I was looking at my local dealer at the same thing in white, and they wanted a $10k market adjustment on top of sticker, so I passed, and moved on to a Chevy High Country. Too bad, I really like the AT4 trucks!
  3. Wow, just placed a hold/sold deposit on an inbound 2500HD Silverado High Country with the diesel. Supposed to arrive by the end of the month. Not sure what I'll get for my AT4 till I get up there for an estimate. Hopefully I won't take too much of a beating. Sadly, there is not a 5th wheel hitch available for the carbon pro bed, so an upgrade was needed since I'm going to be looking for one. Have not owned a diesel before, so will be checking the forum for tips. If anyone can recommend any threads from break-in/towing, etc that would be great! Thanks!
  4. Hi All with Carbon Pro bed - - I have been thinking of getting a light weight 5th wheel for my truck, but GM dealer said there is not a suitable hitch available for the bed. Am I outta luck, or has anyone found a good after market hitch? Thanks!
  5. I love my 6.2L of kick @ss American muscle!
  6. I purchased PN 84791287 and had it installed at the dealer. It is a high quality flush mount tonneau.
  7. Just ticked past the 7,500 mark the other day, and the truck is being a very good boy with no issues since day 1.
  8. Thanks guys. I will be waiting for them to do it, and wondered what amount of time I had to plan on.
  9. So I got the Onstar monthly vehicle status check email, and it listed a recall for air intake calibration. Has anyone had this done, and if so, how long did it take the dealer to do it, just curious. Thanks
  10. I can't imagine you being disappointed with the AT4. No complaints here whatsoever. My last Raptor with the 6.2 was a ticking clunker: lifter noise when idling, drive line clunking when coming to a stop, all of which according to the dealer was normal. That kind of stuff drives me nuts!
  11. I've been reading about manufacturing being stopped due to the chip shortage, but did not think about the repair aspect. Terrible!
  12. For some reason, I find it rewarding to see it sit on full for a while.
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