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  1. Everyone has sure made this thread an interesting read. Keep it up, I'm going to pop me up some popcorn.
  2. I prefer the tubular version. I have had the flat version on vehicles in the past, and they always seemed to catch a bunch of road debris.
  3. Love the quality, and everything else about the truck. Completely happy after 4,000 miles.
  4. 2019 Trail Boss

    Nice truck you have there!
  5. Interesting, thank you for sharing.
  6. Power tailgate won't open

    Thank you for the hopeful suggestions, I will tinker with it this weekend!
  7. Power tailgate won't open

    The dealer installed the hard tri-fold Fold-a-cover on my truck. The weather seal that rests on top of the tailgate does interfere with the operation and have the same issue. If you raise the latch so it does not interfere, the cover does not sit flush and sits up at a goofy angle and defeats the purpose of the weatherstrip. Perhaps there is a happy medium in the adjustment.
  8. Window tinting

    In Washington, I'm only allowed 24%. If the factory tint is as dark as stated here, perhaps I will just skip it. Although with the sunroof shade open, it seems barely tinted at all, and I feel like I'm sitting in a fish bowl! I may end up changing my mind as I have always had the front match the back as close as possible. https://www.garagechief.com/car-window-tinting-law-by-state/#ftoc-state-law-summary-chart
  9. noise from roof - pop

    No noise here, although I do have the sunroof.
  10. Trail Boss MPG Competition

    I've been using the fuelly app to record fill ups since I purchased the truck, interesting to look at the graphs it provides. Lifetime is sitting at around 20. Interestingly, the guess-o-meter in the truck is about the same.
  11. Brake Pad Life

    97% front, 99% rear, after 3100 on the clock for me. The downshifting of the truck when coming to a stop, or after tapping the brakes when going down a hill, I would think save some wear.
  12. Tow Mirrors

    I've seen mirrors that may a temporary solution on camping world, although I have not tried any of them. May try the ratchet lock one if the need arises. https://www.campingworld.com/hitch-tow/tow-mirrors

    I have ordered direct from Chevy in the past, usually have the item sent to a dealer for pickup or install... https://accessories.chevrolet.com/?evar25=ch_global nav_owners

    Sorry to hear of the issues with your new TB. - Some dealers are more competent than others. Experienced this first hand with my Colorado I traded in. The dealer closest to home found nothing, and the one a bit further away fixed it right off the bat.
  15. Loose Gearshift

    I had the dealer look at it, and they said it was "normal" as all of the other 19's on the lot had the same free play when in the drive position. I am now trying to ignore the thing bouncing when going down the road. That is the only issue I have had with the truck, so I am lucky I guess!

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