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  1. 2020 Blazer RS to drive when I'm not driving the truck. Happy xmas everyone!
  2. Thank you for posting this. What an odd little problem with a part I never knew existed.
  3. I have had multiple black trucks. This time around the dealer talked me into the paint protection package. It was worth it. Have yet to notice any swirls or other blemishes. With all it's pitfalls, I love black!
  4. I traded in my 2016, for a Silverado LT Trail Boss, and happy I did. Positives: Interior is much more comfortable, the additional bed space, ride, power, sunroof, built in garage opener, nicer informant system (I'm sure there is more, but all that comes to mind at the moment). Negatives: The larger size of the vehicle is not big city friendly (Bellevue, WA). The vast majority of parking is for compact vehicles, which I could squeeze the Colorado in to. Not a big deal, as I now take the Volt on those trips.
  5. Good idea re the rear wheel liners, perfect use for some of mine. They do not amount to much, but something is better than nothing...
  6. Everyone has sure made this thread an interesting read. Keep it up, I'm going to pop me up some popcorn.
  7. I prefer the tubular version. I have had the flat version on vehicles in the past, and they always seemed to catch a bunch of road debris.
  8. Love the quality, and everything else about the truck. Completely happy after 4,000 miles.
  9. Thank you for the hopeful suggestions, I will tinker with it this weekend!
  10. The dealer installed the hard tri-fold Fold-a-cover on my truck. The weather seal that rests on top of the tailgate does interfere with the operation and have the same issue. If you raise the latch so it does not interfere, the cover does not sit flush and sits up at a goofy angle and defeats the purpose of the weatherstrip. Perhaps there is a happy medium in the adjustment.
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