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  1. I'm kinda shocked that USB sticks are still used to play music?
  2. The step make a great place to sit down and listen to the built in Kicker stereo while you enjoy a cold one!
  3. Well sort of, had the trail boss in-between (Raptor>Trail Boss>Sierra). In my opinion, both GM vehicles were a big improvement. The raptor had lifter ticking, clunking when coming to a stop, which drove me to distraction. Other than that, the raptor was a good ride, however I prefer the Sierra to all of them.
  4. My AT4 is exactly the same, 1 in front of the tire, and 1 in the back.
  5. When I had my 2019 Silverado, I had the same thing happen, and in the settings app I reset the system. That wiped out all of my presets but seemed to solve the problem for me...
  6. Lookin good in white! How many miles do you have on your truck? I am curious to find out how the performance upgrade package sounds when you get on it? I have the same package but only have 300 miles on the truck, and I'm getting anxious to unleash the beast to find out!
  7. Excellent, and congrats! Post some pics when you can.
  8. I am running the door sticker pressures, and all is good!
  9. That is one of the 1st things I disable when I get a new vehicle if it is set to “on”. The only thing more annoying to me is that stupid beep, beep Toyota’s make.
  10. My AT4 came with the Kicker stereo package in the tailgate step. While it is a pretty cool concept, I'm a little disappointed in the sound. Has anyone upgraded the speakers? If so, what did you opt for? I was thinking about possibly marine (boat) type speakers? 1C9ADB77-9759-45E0-9A6B-B8C62F3C35BA.heic
  11. I believe the Z71 badge on the doors is a telltale sign of the midnight edition. https://www.topspeed.com/cars/chevrolet/2016-chevrolet-silverado-1500-z71-midnight-special-edition-ar172455.html
  12. I purchased a carbon black metallic AT4, and I have yet to wash it (still waiting out the 2-3 week cure time for the ceramic pro treatment to cure). It is still fairly clean looking despite a couple hundred miles of rainy weather driving. It is cleaner looking then my black Silverado I traded in would have been after that. To be fair, the Silverado also had paint protection.
  13. Mine hasn't reached the "broken in" miles either. Mostly driven around town I've been getting around 15mpg. I manually track each fill up with the fuelly app. About what I expected with it. I did not purchase the truck with good mpg in mind...
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