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  1. So I received a notice on the app today that there was a recall for the possibility of incorrect front shocks. What an odd thing. Wonder what type of shocks were installed in error??
  2. Thank you for reporting back about the issue. Glad they found the culprit and that will be the end of that nuisance!
  3. All of the camera stuff included on different packages with this truck are all very good resolution, not sure if any are HD or not, but looks like it.
  4. My truck does the high idle for the first few minutes or so. There is a green head light icon that lights up, although if it is daylight out, I've noticed the lights do not turn on immediately with the wipers on. There is a delay of some sort.
  5. No looseness here, to the contrary, very sensitive to even minor movement of the steering wheel.
  6. My first tow with a 5er of similar weight last month was over a mountain pass in WA. Got 12 MPG on the trip (hand calculated). Speed limit was 70 a lot of the way, but kept the cruise at 5 over the posted truck speed of 60. Got passed left and right, but did not care. With the price of diesel what it is, no big hurry! I get what you do without towing, got 4k on the clock.
  7. Oh, yes. I have similar system in my Chevy Bolt EUV. Good for low volume background noise, and that is about it! Was looking at crutchfield.com to see what would replace that, but never got serious about it yet. Have you poked around that site?
  8. I am satisfied with the Bose system in my truck, sounds fantastic to me, and does all I need it to do. I am by no means an audiophile though.
  9. Agree 100%. The factory controller works perfectly.
  10. Thank you for the tip, I will do that after washing!
  11. While I have not lifted the hood to check inside, those decorative pieces that say Duramax/Allison leak out water that runs down the hood after washing and drying the truck for a day or so. Annoying more than anything due to water spot streaks.
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