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  1. Any comments? Mine is, I need a drink to celebrate the end of 2020 for various reasons, and anxious for a new year to start. However, I will be doing it safe and sound at home. Not that I need a reason anyways. A new ranking shows the vehicles that have the highest percentage of drivers with DUI charges on their records. The list is actually a very interesting mix of two types of vehicles, but one form factor is clearly a favorite among drunk drivers. The data was gathered using information from over 2.7 million car insurance applications, according to the site Insurify. Insurify took a look at the average rate of DUI charges for each vehicle model. The national average is 17.9 per 1,000 vehicles, meaning that for every 1,000 of a specific make and model of vehicle, roughly 18 people driving that model has a DUI charge on their record. The vehicles that appear on the top 10 list have significantly more than that. Here’s the list. See if you can spot a trend: 1. Ram 2500 (45.3) 2. Chevrolet S-10 (35.9) 3. BMW 4 Series (31.7) 4. Audi A4 (31.1) 5. Dodge Dakota (30.5) 6. Subaru WRX (30.0) 7. BMW 7 Series (29.0) 8. Ford Ranger (28.9) 9. Chevrolet Silverado (28.3) 10. GMC Sierra (28.0)
  2. If so, that would explain all of the bugs and hiccups.
  3. I could not be happier with my 2020, maybe go buy a ram, ford , toyota, or something or another and see how that works out.
  4. Yes. Had zero issues with my 19 Trail Boss, and zero with my AT4.
  5. I have both GM performance air intake system and cat-back performance exhaust. They were installed during vehicle prep by the dealer and included in the factory warranty. A worthwhile upgrade in my opinion.
  6. I agree with you. The ACC is the reason I traded in my 19 Trail Boss for the AT4. Once you have it (previous Volt), you want it in every vehicle.
  7. I have not had this issue with my 11 pro max/truck. Just did a 200 mile road trip today and no issues. Phone was 25% when I started, and 100% when I got home. Hope it stays that way!
  8. I'm kinda shocked that USB sticks are still used to play music?
  9. The step make a great place to sit down and listen to the built in Kicker stereo while you enjoy a cold one!
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