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  1. I can't imagine you being disappointed with the AT4. No complaints here whatsoever. My last Raptor with the 6.2 was a ticking clunker: lifter noise when idling, drive line clunking when coming to a stop, all of which according to the dealer was normal. That kind of stuff drives me nuts!
  2. I've been reading about manufacturing being stopped due to the chip shortage, but did not think about the repair aspect. Terrible!
  3. For some reason, I find it rewarding to see it sit on full for a while.
  4. Any comments? Mine is, I need a drink to celebrate the end of 2020 for various reasons, and anxious for a new year to start. However, I will be doing it safe and sound at home. Not that I need a reason anyways. A new ranking shows the vehicles that have the highest percentage of drivers with DUI charges on their records. The list is actually a very interesting mix of two types of vehicles, but one form factor is clearly a favorite among drunk drivers. The data was gathered using information from over 2.7 million car insurance applications, according to the site Insurif
  5. If so, that would explain all of the bugs and hiccups.
  6. I could not be happier with my 2020, maybe go buy a ram, ford , toyota, or something or another and see how that works out.
  7. Yes. Had zero issues with my 19 Trail Boss, and zero with my AT4.
  8. I have both GM performance air intake system and cat-back performance exhaust. They were installed during vehicle prep by the dealer and included in the factory warranty. A worthwhile upgrade in my opinion.
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