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  1. I purchased a carbon black metallic AT4, and I have yet to wash it (still waiting out the 2-3 week cure time for the ceramic pro treatment to cure). It is still fairly clean looking despite a couple hundred miles of rainy weather driving. It is cleaner looking then my black Silverado I traded in would have been after that. To be fair, the Silverado also had paint protection.
  2. Mine hasn't reached the "broken in" miles either. Mostly driven around town I've been getting around 15mpg. I manually track each fill up with the fuelly app. About what I expected with it. I did not purchase the truck with good mpg in mind...
  3. I was in the hole about $9k, but the dealer discount on the AT4 and $6500 bonus cash from GM made it happen without anything out of pocket. Michael
  4. Just traded in my 2019 TB for a fully loaded AT4. One of the main reasons was to get the adaptive cruise and other features not available on the TB. Only just turned 200 miles, but love it so far!
  5. Buying the AT4, trading in the Trail Boss. The hit on the TB was around 7k, so the discounts and sale price on the AT4 made it possible.
  6. I just signed documents to trade in my 2019 Trail Boss. The truck listed at $68k and change, after discounts from GM and dealer, got it for $57k. Take delivery this week after ceramic coating is finished. Happy I was able to get out of the TB being a bit upside down, the discounts made it happen. Could I have done a little better? Probably, but I'm happy.
  7. I am traveling and can’t offer a pic at the moment, but the front mats are not what came with mine, and the under seat storage is not the same either. Pics of the mat package are on Chevy accessory website.
  8. 2020 Blazer RS to drive when I'm not driving the truck. Happy xmas everyone!
  9. Thank you for posting this. What an odd little problem with a part I never knew existed.
  10. I have had multiple black trucks. This time around the dealer talked me into the paint protection package. It was worth it. Have yet to notice any swirls or other blemishes. With all it's pitfalls, I love black!
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