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  1. UPDATE After months of back and forth with the dealer, I have finally got GM to recognize there is an issue. The Offical Statement from GM Tier 3 - Customer Service Lead | Regional GM Engineer | Dealership Service "Your vehicle currently has a condition that can not be corrected by General Motors at this time". "There is no time frame on a potential remedy to your issue" "General Motors recommends that you do not use Profiles for Trailers on your 2020 3500 HD Truck" "Recommended that you setup each trailer..each time you pull the trailer". The Dealer is working to trade out the LTZ with a High Country. I hope I dont end up in the same situation with a different truck.
  2. 2020 - 3500HD Duramax @4000 miles 2018 - Jayco Northpoint 5th Wheel 2016 - Ranger Z518 Bass Boat (Surge Brakes) Sometimes when I hook to the 5th wheel I get the error "Brake Gain Not Recalled". When this error occurs it also feels like the brakes are not being fully applied when manually overridding (for a brake check). Dealer has had the truck twice now , this time for 2 weeks. GM is telling the dealer that both my trailers have bad wiring. I did not have this issue with a 2018F450 pulling for 2 years. Has anyone else seen this issue? Thanks Scott Baltimore, Ohio
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