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  1. they sent me through their refund process which has several steps that you must follow exactly. i got my money back, but really wish i could have used it for exactly what you use yours for. i want to install the sub woofer under the seat, but that's going to create a storage issue again. i did speak with the manufacturer and told them exactly what i thought of the whole experience. they said they would look into the issue, but i doubt they will do anything about it.
  2. truck with these wheels and tires will be exactly the same ride height, when you go up in wheel size you down down in aspect ratio, less tire, and more wheel same tire diameter, same height.
  3. the problem is that rim doesn't show any specs offset, back spacing or sizes no prices either. if you saw one with anything probably was last years model
  4. no need to unbox and go through all that, how much would you want for them? send me a pm
  5. the boards, or if you know what they look like i've never seen the ones off the AT-4
  6. yes i have a 60" by 60" roll of tail light tinted vinyl, the really dark stuff. its like a clear bra product. ill be doing the upper and lower grill with that along with the running boards. i am a fan of "black chrome" and ideally the light smoke overlaid on chrome makes it look pretty sweet, but unless you could cover the entire grille that way i don't know how it would look. so i am going to try the dark stuff (the roll was only $36.00 from amazon) so ill see how black it looks on the grille, and it should resist abrasion better than the vinyl wrap. i think the rubber treads on the running boards will pop off to make the install cleaner, ill have to see otherwise i think i can trim around them. also have some light smoke ill do the side markers in as well as an outline of the headlights. basically the sides and the C shaped running lights leaving the headlights clear. probably do the tails in light smoke as well. ill be getting the Banks Exhaust in black. the wheels are going to be 22x10 wrapped in Nitto terra grappler G2 exact same height as stock the tire size will be 285/55/22 E rated 10 ply tires. so basically about 2 inches wider than stock, i am still searching for the right wheel, i want to be positive offset, about 5 inches backspacing or more to keep them tucked under the truck. should look pretty sick. having a hard time deciding between these wheels
  7. take it from me, i went this route bought a "half ton tow able" 5th wheel trailer. i had a Denali with 6.2 rated to tow 9,200 lbs trailer weighs 8k and while it was able to tow it, i have to tell you having just replaced it with a 2500 the difference is simply amazing. bottom line my 6.2 would struggle to tow up hill, the engine temp would begin to climb and i can tell you if you plan to tow on any regular basis i would not recommend towing more then 7,000 lbs with a half ton truck i don't care if you have the max tow package or not. ALSO even though my truck could tow it, i right away noticed i had to air up my rear tires to the max 44 psi to keep them from looking seriously overloaded with a pin weight of only 1200 lbs. the thing that you end up exceeding quicker than anything is the payload capacity. i forget what the factory tires are rated for, but i think they were rated for around 2200 lbs, when you put the weight of the rear of the truck, and the trailer added each tire was at the max rated weight capacity. your asking for a blowout!
  8. did you try stepping on the brake and turning off the parking brake? it wont release unless your foot is on the foot brake
  9. Hey Guys, i am sure you may have already posted pics of your trucks someplace on this site, but I've spent literally days looking over wheel options. the good news is i know exactly what i want. the bad news is there are only about 1-2 options i have found that fit my interest. but i am curious to see what you guys have come up with. my plan is to get 22x10 wheels in black with a +10 offset as i want to keep them tucked under the truck. also i want the lugs exposed, not covered up by a cap. going to use 285/55/22 because they are pretty much exactly the same height as the stock tires. the only tire i've found in this size is the NITTO terra grappler G2 but it may be helpful to see some examples on other 2020 HD trucks. can each of you post a few pictures of your trucks, preferably side views and a shot showing how far they stick out. can you tell us what size wheel and offset you got, and tire sizes. also let us know if you have any rubbing and what you've done to address it. thanks
  10. A couple reasons, not sure on the 2500 but the 1500 has a lift kit which is not friendly for loading dirt bikes and towing a 5th wheel. 2 I like a little chrome on the grille, not too much. 3 I like the Denali name sounds a little more upper class. The chrome is not that hard to hide /dial back but a lot harder to add if you want some but not too much. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. ok so i finally got both sides done. what do you guys think? next wheels and need to do something with the chrome step, i don't know if i want to black it out or put some other kind of step on it.
  12. you can also get supplier pricing if you or someone in your HH is an educator
  13. hmm, i just ordered some clear bra, im going to apply it on the front doors and rear quarters where i saw the splash getting on the paint.
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