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  1. looks like your in Colorado also. i am kinda waiting for the temps to go up the film is pretty hard to stretch when its cold. i've also been thinking about if its possible to actually pain the chrome parts. iv e seen some others online do this but i am sure they don't live in locations where your gar gets pelted with rocks from the road when they sand them. as you know it won't take long for the chrome underneath to show from rock chips. also waiting for the wheels i want to come into stock, i want to see how they look on it. i still think the side parts and horizontal parts of the grill and hood would look better matched black. its just a matter of paint or film. i half expect the film may not stay put but it really needs a little stretch before there's hope of getting it installed in 1 piece
  2. Yea those are available now the +13 are a few months out. Definitely post pics when you get them on Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. What offset and size did you get? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. OK makes sense on a 8.5" rim should come to a 6.25" backspace
  5. here's thew bottom line, since i've spent literally days looking at wheels. a few fact.. The factory wheel i think is a 20" with a +34 offset with 8.5 wide rims backspacing is the distance from the inner face of the hub to the inside rim. tires rub with wheels that have a high NEGATIVE offset because the front wheel essentially swings a wider circle and will hit the back of the bumper or the splash guard. the factory backspacing is 6.25" and when i shop wheels and because i am looking to keep them close to the truck like stock so they don't rub and don't stick out. i don't bother looking at offset rather i look at backspacing. i can save you a lot of time and tell you if your going for this look stick with FUEL wheels. they are the only brand that offers high positive offsets and high backspacing.I I want 22's because 20's are way to common and i am looking for an ON ROAD not off road look for my truck. I also want exposed lugs not crappy plastic wheel caps. and the bolt pattern is 8x180mm so that limits me to about 4 choices. currently for me i have settled on the newly announced FUEL rebel 8 because it has exposed lugs, comes in 22 and +13mm offset on a 10" wide wheel comes out to about 6.02" backspace it's 10 inches wide so it should only stick out just over 1.5" from stock. also if your looking for 22" tires i am getting NITTO terra grappler g2 in 285/55/22 as they are the exact same diameter as stock (maybe within 1/8th of an inch) which will keep the speedo accurate and least chance of rubbing on stock suspension. in this size and load range E (pay close attention to this if you TOW) there are only 3 tires on the market in this fitment. keep in mind there are about 22.5 mm in an inch so if you get a 0 offset wheel from the +13 i picked that's about half an inch FARTHER from the truck. you'll see from their website at this link they do not have 22x10x+13 listed yet as they are pre-ordered still for a few more months. But of the sizes listed pay special attention to the BACKSPACING several of these wheels list a 4.75" backspace. with the factory being 6.25" this means even if you had an 8.5" wide wheel it will stick out 1.5 inches farther than stock, if you go with a 10" wide wheel now your a full 3 inches poke out from the factory outer edge of the wheel than stock. you put a larger tire on that combo and you have a recipe for rubbing and you definitely need a lift and or heavy modification to clearance from rubbing. If your looking for a 20" there are a LOT more choices such as the BLITZ as pictured above from the other poster. looking at his fitment he has probably a + offset wheel in 20" and there are tons of tires in that size. i like the blitz wheel but dislike the chunky tires, poor MPG, reduced performance, inaccurate speedometer readings and unless you chose offset carefully potential rubbing issues. I have a daily driver, this truck sits in the garage unless i am towing my trailer to go camping, dirt-biking, 4 wheelering, boating or need a snow vehicle in which case the factory wheels go back on for winter duty. i also think i am going to get similar wheels for my trailer to match the truck! heres a pic
  6. Don’t know my Tapatalk double posted here
  7. I think over the years manufacturers have managed to squeeze most of the power out of these trucks leaving not much left for aftermarket to find. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. It also has to do with brake applications, if your in tow haul mode every time you hit the brake it will drop another gear (to a point) if you have the exhaust brake on you’ll do less brake applications. Derringer has nothing to do with this operation. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. nope but it looks like a pretty good idea. i wonder if any of the tie downs get obstructed with this box? would love to clear out everything from under my back seat and store in the bed.
  10. ok so i've put about 200 miles on the truck, and tonight took the family out to dinner, my wife and daughter both said the stock setting seemed faster than the level 6, and I went back and forth a couple times to get another opinion. They agreed the tuned setting 6 is faster but we all agree it's only faster in some of the taller gears. I think it's because the engine needs time to build boost and the 10 speed clicks off gears so fast and between each needs time to get the boost going. That said, i saw 34 PSI briefly this evening between a gear change. I played with a ford f-250 with the 6.7 from a light and don't know if he was trying or not but left him in the dust. also played with a ram 1500 with a hemi, smoked him pretty easily to 100 but the governor kicked in and he eventually passed me. all in all the truck is faster but because of the short gear changes you can't really tell and this is where i think towing a heavy load will become apparent. i think sustained pulling up a hill for example holding a gear and letting the turbo spool up to 34-35 psi while the exhaust temp goes up is where the power will really shine. I also noticed the stock the rpm's linger right around 2700 between shifts, where as on level 6 the engine hangs around closer to 3k when your giving it the full beans. I am curious to see what if anything the exhaust adds, and I would also like to know if a better flowing muffler will help make a little rumble and free up some back pressure so it will spool a little faster. everything about a diesel engine depends on boost, and it takes a while to build it to get the most potential out of the engine. i did a power brake launch with about 5-6 psi and it came out of the hole like a scalded cat and left some rubber on the ground as well. but again it's all about how long it takes to make boost verses how long till you run out of gear and it has to close the throttle for a smooth shift. i can tell the truck seems more peppy with regular driving, it doesn't take as much pedal to get the same results so you might be able to say it has a "more sporty feel" not exactly a "kick in the butt OMG hang on!" kind of feeling. i am sure it will tow way better with the kit and probably hang in a higher gear than without. would love to hear more feedback from folks here and see if our opinions align. thanks!
  11. My light flashed orange as well, while I was looking through the manual looking for orange with no luck I checked it again and was flashing green also, so it sounds like it’s probably normal behavior. As for monitoring I don’t find the Derringer setting to be all that great. I like to know what gear I’m in and I want to know the DPF level, EGT, regen status, boost so I’m using the 5 square boost on top, then EGT upper left, DPF RE, lower left is gear then DPF level bottom right. I played with a 6 position adding derringer power meter but it displays numeric rather than a bar graph. I may throw together a different gauge setup and store it for easy access later. Sounds like your feelings on the power are similar to mine. When I think about it, adding 144 ft lbs if torque and 81 hp is just over 10% of what is stock and I guess that is about what it feels like it added. Got to remember the damn truck weighs 8,000 lbs! So where that much power added to a 300hp car would seem a huge improvement verses a truck that weighs a lot more with a lot of power from the factory I guess it’s about right. Bummer though I was really expecting a wake up to the performance that was more obvious. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. OK installed the derringer so i know everyone wants an update.. first off the only way to install it is to run the starter wire in the fender and through the grommet as indicated but the cable could use about 3 more inches (who couldn't lol) when you run this thing, you need to route it the shortest possible way to the inside of the metal bracing of the dash to the top and out by the a pillar, you'll have just enough cable! JUST ENOUGH and the other end under the hood secured to the hose of the over flow tank. honestly this is the hardest part. now for my impressions.. honestly I am a bit disappointed in the performance. maybe it's because it's a diesel but when i put a tune on my previous daily driver a Cadillac CTS V-Sport with the twin turbo V6 the difference was CLEAR adding 100 hp to that car was easily noticeable. with the derringer, i was getting about 24 lbs of boost stock (i live at 6500 feet ASL) with the derringer at level 6 i was getting 27 psi at best. EGT never went above 800 either. Granted i was at 90% DPF regen and i wonder if the soot load in the exhaust makes any difference or not. by the time i had gone to the gas station for fuel i was in regen status after several WOT pulls on the highway testing it out. does it add power? yes I could tell but the videos posted online and the expressions people are making about how it "really puts you in your seat" are all bullshit! marketing hype and frankly I feel like I've been lied to. I would imagine towing it may make an improvement. and I will probably buy the exhaust mainly because I don't want to melt my camper if I have to regen while towing with the factory exhaust pointed right at the front of it. I went back and forth between stock and level 6 as I see no point in level 3 or any of the levels in between given the disappointment of level 6 the rest of them don't interest me much. I was hoping for some tire smoking fun! but I still don't think it has enough to break them loose at least at my elevation. fortunately my daily is a 2017 CTS-V that makes more HP nearly as much TQ as this truck is supposed to make if i feel the need to lay waste to some rubber. I don't know guys, I wish I had more to say about it, I feel kinda BLAH about the entire thing at this point. maybe i am just used to the performance or GAS engines and this diesel just is a whole different torque monster blasting through short gear changes that masks the power. The speedo seems to spin clockwise at a decent click under WOT but i guess i was expecting something more. Maybe after some miles and doing some towing i will come in here with a different attitude about it. But as for now i would say it might be worth the money for bragging rights if nothing else, but i am not sure if i lined up next to a ford with the 6.7 power stroke if it is enough of an advantage to not get embarrassed at any traffic lights. I will say that if you up sized your tires, this mod may be just enough to get you back to "stock performance" but not much else. I'll see after the regen finishes next time i drive it and on a road with a little less slow traffic in my way if i feel any better about it i will come in here and post my findings with an update. in the mean time i am curious to see what others have to say about it.
  13. Same here arrives Saturday only problem is it’s being delivered to my office which is closed Saturday Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I also had to get some termination plug they said I needed.
  15. that was published in 2017, so its not relevant to our engines. if the 2017 engines knocked so would ours. has to be something that changed on the new L5P
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