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  1. just got and installed the B and W 30k companion. i was planning to get the curt, but couldn't find any in stock close by. ill hook the trailer up tomorrow and see how it tows.
  2. only had the truck 4 days today was especially cold, about 25 degrees. i noticed that my engine only gets to about 180 degrees (about 10 oclock on the gauge) my previous 1500 denali always was showing dead center at 12 oclock which i believe was exactly 210 degrees. is this normal? i know the thermostat most likely is 180 degrees. maybe the diesel engines run cooler? just curious
  3. do you have the Bose system? if so how much do you think it added to the bass? did it extend the low range? or just make all of it louder?
  4. mine came with the 5th wheel prep package, trailer camera interface, trailer TPMS module, storage bin under back seat and console vault. it was a 79k sticker i think the only option i don't have is the rear dvd player.
  5. I live in Colorado springs, Colorado and have been looking to upgrade from my 2017 1500 Denali with 6.2L as i recently purchased a "half ton tow-able 5th wheel" while the weight is only about 7500 lbs towing it with the 1500 is ok but i plan to tandem tow my boat behind that which puts me right at the 9200 lb limit of the 1500. i found that living in Colorado and going up passes my truck engine temp would climb on semi steep hills trying to keep the speed up. so the answer was to upgrade to the duramax and 10 speed as i really don't think the Gasser with the old 6 speed and a 2,000 heavier truck was going to make much of a difference for up hill towing. also with the strike, i knew inventories would shrink soon and Medved GMC had exactly the truck i wanted. i actually drove this truck a month ago and it still had not sold yet. So, i worked my salesman over pretty hard, citing the fact Laura GMC is offering $6,800 off trucks on the lot all day long. (they have 8 almost identical to mine) i ended up getting the truck for $7,330 below sticker through the costco supplier pricing incentive in addition to that since i lease several GM vehicles i got another $500 off and i get a $400.00 gift card through costco that i will use for about 4 tanks of fuel at costco. my sticker price was $79,495 and i paid 72,890 after dealer handling and some small title fees. $76125 AFTER tax, title and everything included out the door! My sales tax is only 4.15% as i live out of the city. got 5.3% APR for 84 months! i only did this to get the minimum payment despite the fact ill be doubling up on my payments or dropping 5-10k a month (i am commissioned sales) as the opportunities so come up. (my pay varies a lot) all in all, i think this may be among the best deals anyone has got on a new 2020 duramax denali especially considering i am not located near a "volume dealer" i spoke to a couple other dealers who had a similar truck and got told, "if you can find a dealer who will take 7300 bucks off, i suggest you buy it! We won't prostitute our trucks like that when we have a short supply to begin with." and that i did! on top of that, i drove my CTS-V to the dealer this morning by myself and no way to get both home, so they were nice enough to drive it home for me with the sales person in his own vehicle so i could get my car and the truck home as i live nearly an hour away from the dealer. I had a 2:30 appointment at the office to get to and made it right on time! overall a great experience! i've bought (or leased) 25 new vehicles in the past 23 years so i have had plenty of experience mastering the art of negotiations! often, i help my insurance clients out when they need cars by doing the negotiations for them for free just so they get a great deal when they need a replacement car. Anyway, so far just learning about the new gadgets and finding things i didn't know about the new design that really addressed a few pet peeves of my old truck. next up. i need to get a 5th wheel hitch. i saw a thread here and got the info i think i need to get it ordered. last camping trip of the season in 2 weeks. can't wait to see how different it tow's. i would imagine i won't even know it's back there. I see several of you having check engine lights and a few quirks, I hope they get sorted. only 200 miles on the truck and best mpg it got on the way home was 20 average. we shall see.. happy trucking!
  6. Any chance you tinted your windows with metalized film? I did this once on my Cadillac and since the tpms antenna was in the back glass I had intermittent problems with my right front tire (farthest from the antenna) never thought tint could cause that! Otherwise you probably have a bad sensor Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Shawn Verizon cant help you, the cellular device in all GM vehicles runs on AT&T network. so unless you want to change service providers to ATT anyway the only way you can get data is through onstar. frankly IMO either company is hit or miss as to the coverage map in our state. i like ATT because i also have direct TV which is AT&T as well.makes for easy billing and easy to access account combine services. i believe they even provide home security of some type. so if you need a new tablet, might as well hit the AT&T store and see if there are any other benefits to switch from Verizon.
  8. Remington, take it from someone who has had 3 1500's with the 6.2 while it is a great truck i recently bought a grand designs "half ton tow-able" 5th wheel. while the weight falls within the trucks max tow of 9200 lbs i am currently upgrading to a 3/4 2500 duramax. the reason is that in MY opinion anything over about 7k lbs is just too much for a 1500 if you don't tow a lot and not real far you can get away with it. but i plan to tandem tow my boat which weighs 3000 lbs. even if i got the max tow package at my elevation the 6.2 doesn't have quite enough nut to give me the ability to tow over passes they wan i need it to without risking overheating. so as much as i prefer the ride, and the price of the 1500 i think i am going to have to upgrade. fact is a 3/4 ton will tow it like its not even there. a half ton is just to the point of running out of steam with that load.
  9. OP if you had got the standard size bed, and turn the handle bars so the tire sits in the front corner of the bed, slide the rear wheels together in the center of the tail gate you can close the tailgate with 2 bikes in the bed. i am upgrading to the HD which has 4" longer bed length. i am fairly certain you can fit 3 bikes in and close the gate. if not they make a tail gate extender that holds the gate open a couple inches at the top. works great. i can fit a full sice 4 wheeler and my dirtbike in the bed with this device. your truck is already purchased, but may be worth looking into if you ever replace it in the future. sometimes i wish it was easy to remove the front wheel on a dirt bike and clamp the forks into a holder like a bicycle. that would make securing dirt bikes a snap.
  10. Shawn, i have at&t service for my u cellular. you can add your truck to your plan for like 15 dollars a month and share unlimited data from your truck through your plan. i have a 2017 sierra denali 1500, a 2017 Cadillac CTS-V and a 2018 Cadillac XT-5 all sharing data on my ATT plan. i bet if you enable the data on your wifi, you can connect your trucks pandora and all the other services through the in car wifi service. that's how i do it. BTW see your in Pueblo. i live in the Springs i plan to get a 2020 HD duramax in a few months.
  11. just curious, some of you are ordering Denali's why would you do that when there literally hundreds on dealer lots in every color and configuration? look at Laura GMC website. with their trucks marked 10k off sticker if your willing to make a drive or fly 1 way you can drive one home by this weekend! why wait for a truck to be built when you can just go buy it?
  12. i have had 3 6.2l 1500's and recently test drove the 2020 6.6l i did not tow with it, but it is definitely slower than the 6.2 i suspect it also has a lot to do with the weight of the truck itself. then i drove the new 6.6l duramax with 10 speed. the first thing i noticed is turbo lag, but once the power kicked in it felt very similar to the 6.2l as for acceleration. what i am really curious about is the towing. i can't help but think if the 6.6 is more sluggish than the 6.2 unloaded i can only imagine it is even less capable towing. but i could be wrong. i certainly wouldn't buy one unless they put the 10 speed in it.
  13. been doing insurance for 17 years, the OP has a valid concern. i hear DV is different in each state as each state is regulated by a different department of insurance. year ago i had a 2008 corvette Z06 some ass hat backed over the hood of my car while waiting to make a right turn out of a sonic. his insurance assumed full liability and pretended to not know what DV was. after a detailed explanation we finally agreed to 4500 dollars. the fact is the older the vehicle gets, the less someone cares about a clean carfax. but if you really want to know what the value is your local dealer may be your best resource. just take it in and ask to buy a new truck giving yours up as a trade in. have the dealer notate the dirty car fax, and how much they are willing to offer you, verses an NADA trade in value. there is your diminished value. some additional advice, NEVER hire an attorney for a property damage claim. the department of insurance in your state id there to make sure insurance companies dont take advantage of consumers. all you have to do is call them and file a complaint. to a degree if they determine there was a bad faith claim they will fine the ins company tens of thousands of dollars for each occurrence. usually the insurance company will pay up once you get DORA involved. as for injury claims i still recommend you contact DORA firs to settle your disputes. attorneys collect usually about 33% of your settlement. this means you get less! attorneys always accuse insurance companies of not paying your claim. they all use the fact that NO insurance company will settle with you until all your injuries are known and costs computed. this could take years in some cases before a settlement can be offered. meanwhile your attorney will have you under contract that you cannot talk to insurance or anyone else about your case while they sit on their hands and wait for the settlement!/ you read that correctly, they do absolutely nothing on your case but sit and wait for the payout. yes they will try to negotiate more money on your behalf because its to their benefit. but they aren't going to get you the 33% more they charge back in your pocket! this is why they call them "ambulance chasers"
  14. So i've had 3 sierra 1500's since they came out in 2014 I have leased all 3 because 1. it's a tax write off for me 2. I drive the truck about 7500 miles a year 3. a lease payment is far less than a purchase and I can't justify the cost of a vehicle I rarely drive. more on this later.. i am really looking forward to the upgrade, excited to get rid of the steering wheel that points 3 degrees to the left, lack of all the safety features, head up display (all my other vehicles have it) rear cross traffic alert, camera system, the works! If you can't tell i am laser focused on another Denali Ultimate If i ordered one today it would be black on black with the red brembo upgraded brake package. standard bed with the 6.2L (this go round i plan to cover up the majority of the nasty chrome that just corrodes during the winter months when they put the mag chloride on the roads.) less chrome, the better, but if i downgrade to the SLT I for the MAX tow can't have the features i want I was told by the dealer it would be possible to get the tow mirrors from the 2500 Which brings me to the next dilemma.. I currently have a 35 foot travel trailer that weighs about 8,000 lbs, we don't carry much in it so weight is no issue, or camp more than about 6 times a year and my Denali tows it perfectly! however i am thinking about getting a shorter unit that weighs about 1,000 lbs less in a 5th wheel design. 6900 lbs I just don't need or use all the trailer i have now. We also have a small boat that we pull with the cadillac Xt-5 so when we go to the lake to camp we have to take 2 vehicles. The new trailer i am looking at has a hitch on the back and the ability to tow up to 3,000 lbs and 300 lbs tongue weight. (perfect to pull the boat with) the idea for the future is i would really like to be able to tandem tow the trailer and the boat so we don't have to take 2 vehicles. it really frustrates me that you can't get the max tow package on the 1500 in a denali trim, this would get me from 9600 i think to almost 13k tow capacity. not ideal ill be right at max tow and possibly a little over but the boat has brakes and so does the camper. plus i don't need to travel very far with the rig. to also give an example of how i tow, when i tow my camper i still manage 13 mpg because i drive in the slow lane at 65 mph or less I plan to tandem tow the entire lot maybe 4 times a year just 40 miles away to the lake. I am having a really hard time justifying the 2500 for these reasons. 1. I can't get the brakes and black gloss wheels i want, and i am hesitant to buy aftermarket unless i know they are rated for the loads ill be towing. (limited selection i am sure as well) 2. if i go with the 6.6 gas engine i get the crappy 6 speed trans, i want the 10 speed. and to spend another 10k for a duramax seems silly especially my limited use. 3. GM won't lease 2500 trucks 4. I don't like the fact the 2500 is higher off the ground, it's already hard enough loading my dirtbike or quad in the bed of a 1500 5. no matter which 2500 i get everything is slower and less mpg than the 1500 when unloaded. On the plus side, if i went all out on a 2500 duramax it would be nice knowing i can tow just about anything i can imagine. admittedly as good as my 1500 tows this setup i know a 2500 would be more stable. so in the end, i feel i have to spend more money for a truck that i won't like as much and costs more. if i used it more often i could totally justify it. i think i can find a solution for the wheels and brakes in the aftermarket. I pay $618 a month on my lease now for my 2017 Denali Ultimate with 6.2 while i can afford any payment, I don't like the idea of making larger payments for a truck that sits in my garage 80% of the year. so what to do? thoughts?
  15. Because I get 25% back on all my cars, home motorcycles and 2 teenage drivers. On average we are about 10-20% lower than our competition and rather than spend 1.3 billion a year telling people how to save 15% or more on car insurance (which is an outright lie) we choose to give money back to the clients that remain claim free. I would be happy to show you a copy of the checks we hand out daily that average 500-700 per year for most people but the more you insure the more you pay and the bigger your refund. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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