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  1. Looks awesome. Is that a standard bed?
  2. I've kept my wheels, even though I have tried selling(almost giving them away) but since they are the butt ugliest wheels out there I imagine I will wind up keeping them. May separate them out one at a time to be used as spares for folks that have that wheel. Pic below is what I have kept. These came off my 20 while the ones off my 21 had gray paint vs. black. But ya'll get the gist.
  3. I'll second that. Looks real good on the GMC HD...Yes they are big. My wife can't see in the back of mine. What color is the interior?
  4. That would work. It has a plastic screw out on each end and thought they would tighten up but didn't do a good job. The 4 screws in the middle are metal and affix to pre-existing holes and tightens up well.
  5. Thanks. Make sure you have someone to help you unless your 7 ft tall. It is a little loose on the edges though. I may have to drill a couple of holes for more metal screws. Other than that looks pretty good. Ride looks good. Congrats. My first diesel as well. Love it.
  6. I put a bug deflector on so can't see it any more...
  7. 2021 Carhartt edition LTZ. Just about everything except the Technology package. Upgraded wheels Fuel Blitz 20" and Yokohama LT295/65/20 Geolandar M/T G003 tires.
  8. Aw yea, black is beautiful baby. Nice... Congrats...
  9. Mr. Chips. Tires are Yokohama Geolander M/T G003 295/65/20 on Fuel Blitz. Don't remember the offset. They do rub on the drivers side on front. Havn't gotten around to taking care of that yet. Dunn: They gave me around 47000 for my trade. I paid around 49000 for it. I kept my wheels and tires, as u can see they are on my black truck, as well as my tool box and nerf bars. Will be selling the nerf bars and maybe the tool box so I included that in the savings.
  10. Hello Rob Eagle. I like it ALOT. Not sure why. But I am enjoying this pickup leaps and bounds more than the gasser. Could be because of the power the Duramax gives out or the MUCH better headlights, or maybe all the extra cool stuff that is on it even though my gasser had some real nice options including leather. I think it was a very good choice to upgrade. Now I know I will have what ever power I need in the future to upgrade to what ever size travel trailer I want, which is in our future once I retire in about 4 years. Thanks all.
  11. Broke down and traded my 2020 2500 LT gasser for this beast, LTZ Carhartt with diesel. Lost about $1500 on the trade. Went from red to black. Long story short. Crappy lights on the LT. Even changing out the halogens to LED bulbs didn't help much. I can't see very good at night so need good lights. I like the red one but love this Carhartt edition. Should have just got the diesel when I bought the red one.
  12. My 20 Chevy LT gasser had one on all 4 door handles. The new 2021 LTZ I just picked up has them only on the front door handles. I will miss them on the back...
  13. Just picked it up a few hrs. ago. Should have bought the High Country I test drove when I got the gasser. But this LTZ is great too. Oh well. Dealership worked me a pretty fair deal on trade back to them. Not the best but definately not the worst either. Very pleased with the pickup on the drive home. Do ya'll keep bottles of the DEF around or go and get when u get down to a certain amount in the tank? Thanks kylant for the warning on the Platinum. Semper Fi!
  14. About to bite the bullet and trade my 2020 2500LT gasser for a 2021 Carhart edition 2500 with diesel. This will be my first diesel vehicle and does it matter what DEF is used. I see some for 6 bucks on up for the 2.5. Long story short. Will go test drive it tomorrow. My existing pickup pulls to the right and I have had it re-aligned. Have had a few problems with it since buying new 4 months ago. And the headlights suck as I do not see very well at night. Previous pickup had LED's and then Chevy throws halogen bulbs in a LT. Even tried the LED bulbs and still not near as good as my previous pickup lights. Would like to know about the DEF before I go look at the pickup tomorrow morning. Thanks
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