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  1. Hey Justin1983. Rims grooved on back side so no worry there. Did not pay too much attention to how much the studs stuck out past the spacers but weren't much. No other mod at all. Had to go get a bigger torque wrench though. I stayed with factory tires. I really like how the 1.5 gives me the look I was after. I think 2" would be just a little too much, but that is my opinion for what I like. I went with Cayote due to immediate availability and price plus good reviews. Nearly went with BORA though. Also good review, just had a lead time of about 3 weeks and quite a bit more in price. These are 2 places I found the spacers. I got my Coyote from American Trucks. BORA link https://www.motorsport-tech.com/special/truck/chevy_s Coyote link https://www.americantrucks.com/coyote-15-inch-billet-aluminum-hubcentric-6-lug-wheel-spacers-6550-6550h-c-silverado1500.html
  2. 1.5" Coyote spacers. No lug trimming due too grooves already machined into the 18" rims
  3. kableguy, yes, fit without trimming, wheels have grooves on the back...
  4. Graphics LBK hood vinyl, 1.5" wheel spacers, black lettering and Z71 badge on tailgate.
  5. NCD, That looks real good. I just put 1.5" spacers on my trail boss and with the tires sticking out I may get some of these flares. Will drive it a little while with offset before purchasing. But I like how the RC pocket flares are not overbearing and overwhelming like some I have seen. Just enough... Good choice.
  6. My dad has a heavy half: aka, half ton with 6.0. 2005 model.
  7. I have the 2020 Trail Boss LT with the 10 speed. I love the 10 speed. Very smooth.
  8. Yep. I know. I put the cart before the horse but your lame comment doesn't help me one bit. Reviews were good, just wanted some real world experience from this sight... Place I got them from had a discount coupon that expired soon. I can always send back. Useful info would be greatly appreciated...
  9. Ordered a set of Coyote 1.5" hubcentric wheel spacers for my 2020 Trail Boss. Any one else use these spacers? Any problems with long term use?
  10. I too just received a quote from them. He stated "We have been doing this for many years and I will at least match if not beat anyone’s price for this plan." But, the prices are a bit more than what I was expecting. Looking at 7 years 75000 miles. $1844, Platinum, 0 deduct. Guess I will keep looking...
  11. Picked up my Lt Tail Boss a little over 2 weeks ago. I haven't been this excited about a vehicle in a long time. I had a 09 LT, 14 SLT, and a 17 LTZ. One thing that bothers me just a little is the 18" rims had a little bigger tires on them. Like maybe 295/70-18. But I will live. Can get new tires but why...maybe later. Really enjoy driving it and the way it looks. Love the 10 speed trans. Nearly got the Custom but the head lights were a no go, then looking at what the Lt. had vs. the Custom decided to get the Lt.. Payments was about the same, just longer on the LT. Worth it now that I have it. I was driving a 17 LTZ so is a step down but only miss the folding mirrors with blinkers and the vented seats. Don't miss the leather at all. Overall a nice pickup that finally offers things that Chevy has not offered in the past...
  12. Glad I am not the only one who thinks the light on the Sierra suck. I have a 14 and hate the lights. Had the pickup 3 weeks and hit a deer. I have never hit a deer in my years of driving. She came out of no where. My thoughts: I have to run fog lamps so I can see the sides of the road and when I make a turn. I also have to turn my dash lighting down to minimum. I run 10-15 miles per hr on the hi-way with a 75 mph speed limit. (so I run 60-65mph) But thing that chaps my hide is you can't see whats to the side of you. Why I hit a deer that came across 2 lanes and still didn't see her until she was right in front of me. Piss poor headlights... Would trade off for something else if I wouldn't get screwed so bad. Never saw a need in test driving a vehicle after dark. Guess that will have to change next time I get the itch.
  13. I feel your pain jgedde. I have a 14 SLT with just about every bell and whistle and my first and main gripe is the head lights. To the poinht I wont drive the thing at night for any long distance. They suck next to the Silverdao. Wish I could have driven one at night before ordering but who would have thought. During the summer my dealership closes before it gets dark. So I have some of the same gripes as you. I have over 17,000 miles on mine now. Numbers, 1,5,6,7,8,and 11. Went in to talk a friend at the dealership and while there just asked them to see what they would give me for my pickup on trade. Wow, never thought it would drop that much in depreciation, offered me 28,500 trade in on a 2015 Silverdato Z71 CC. Would get the Silvy at a good price but would lose way too much on my pickup. Stac
  14. Hey all. Will keep u posted. Going to call dealer in morning and c if my daughter or wife can bring it in the afternoon. Working days and will be driving the daughters car tomorrow but they will have to pony up a loner for me... BTW, still not working. I am not a AC guy so can't help much except to say when u do engage the AC it seems to blow hotter than just on vent. Looks like I am getting some moisture on the ground like u should during hot days but it is under warranty and I know it will get taken care of. Just how long and if it stays that way. Just crazy that I had it serviced then no more than 80 miles later it craps out...
  15. Hello spurshot, thought about maybe checking the Freon. Have the gauges here at the house but no Freon. But since it did not give me any problems till it just stopped figured it might be a bit more serious. But may go get some today just to see if that is what it is. I had a 85 that belonged to my grand dad and that thing still blew plenty cold when I sold it a few years ago. It was his work pickup so not in the best of shape but he made sure it had cold air. Have had many chevy products as well as ford and first problem with AC out of all of them. Guess it was my time... lol Just wondering if any else has had any AC problems with 2014...
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