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  1. I started getting a warning on my dash every time I drive my truck "Service Safety Restraint System" and the AirBag light is ON. I haven't taken it to the dealer yet, I did some searching, but never seen a conclusive fix. I saw an old thread that looked like a witch hunt of replacing sensors and modules but the light kept coming on. Curious if anyone else is seeing this, and what the fix was?
  2. What does this part include? Is it just the top piece of the jump seat?
  3. So if there is an adaptive transmission, why did my 2019 Silverado drive perfect from day one? Why can I drive my father's f150 with no issues? My wife's 2018 cruise with no issues? It doesn't even make sense, so if you drive mostly conservative the transmission won't let you pass a car? Or if you drive all highway the second you go into town the transmission doesn't know what to do? When they say adaptive, they just mean it adjusts to the current way your driving, meaning if you're in town it will shift more and if you're in the country on a highway it will shift less. Basically s
  4. I had a 16 5.3 8 speed, it was the worst driving transmission I ever owned. It hard shifted randomly when slowing down, it hesitated all the time, I never felt like I had power. It was so bad passengers even commented. There were times I would press the gas and it was like ti had to think about what to do. I came from a 2010 GMC Sierra 5.3 6 speed that ran like a dream. After a few service sessions with no issues found, I decided to trade up for a 2019 5.3 6 speed. I can tell you after a month, going right from the 5.3 8 speed to the 5.3 6 speed it is night and day. Driving and towing it feel
  5. I am not holding out hope for an aftermarket, they haven’t made those for years. But I would love an aftermarket console if they did make one. This is is honestly the dumbest way of trying to save a penny, that just ruins the entire experience for customers.
  6. I went from a 2010 Sierra z71 SLE -> 2016 Silverado Z71 LT -> Trail Boss Custom. I got the Custom Trail Boss, 13k cheaper than the LT, same look and mechanics, but cuts out all the subpar upgrades. If I was going to spend 57k, the 2019 Ram Rebel is a huge upgrade in every way. But for me I walked out the door with mine just under 40k for the custom, and it is a simple but nice truck, reminds me a my old TJ Wrangler, more function over form. But on my way home I tried to open the center console and then spent almost an hour trying to figure out why it wouldn't open. I found this thread,
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