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  1. Just wanted to say thank you for the great write. I just finished the install of the Mirror camera. The detail of this thread made the install very clear. I was able to complete the procurement for around $500 in parts.
  2. Was going to go with the GM but I received Last Fit mats and they seem not to bad. They fit pretty good, full coverage in the back, I have a console so you will only get so much coverage in the front. I have to say not too bad but only time will tell.
  3. they are interchangeable but you need the conversion cables I mentioned above.. As a note the 1500 upscale tail lights (LED) fit the 2500 SWD truck as well. I have an LT and added both front and back upscale OEM LED lights to my vehicle. The tail change out is pretty easy.
  4. Interesting is that new to 2022, when you select the Sport Edition Package you get LED Headlights? I just tested it on the site and it is so. Wow, I am done for the day, I learned something new. I guess all you have to do is add in the rear Upscale lights. The harness is mentioned above. I would recommend getting the lights off Ebay. From GM they as like $700 each.
  5. If your Vehicle is an LTZ, it should already have the Upscale tail lights. Rear:
  6. Is the truck you are ordering an LT or LTZ, LTZs have both Upscale LEDs in the front and back. The LTs do not on either side. You can replace both the front and back with LEDs Upscale. If you go thru the read (Link) it will walk you thru it. all you really need is the Upscale lights them selves and the conversion cables. The rest is plug and play. Headlight Cable: 19-21 Silverado LED Headlight Harness – Gen5DIY Tail Light Cable: 2019-2021 GM Truck LED Taillight Harness – Gen5DIY The cables are the same for the 1500 and 2500 and the upscale tail lights are the same for the 1500 and 2500 as well. You can get the cables from ebay or other venders, just trying to get you in the right direction. good luck
  7. that was my one concern with 12s and Falkens, looks good thank you
  8. Here is the detailed thread: I went with replacing whole fixtures out to LED in both the front and tail lights. Changing from halogen to LED headlights on LT, Custom, or WT trims - Page 6 - 2020+ Silverado HD & Sierra HD Mods - GM-Trucks.com have fun,
  9. You have to change the fixture itself. the left(1 light), right(1 light) and center( 3 light). you will have to drop the front head liner, unscrew from bottom, unplug and pup out the old units. Reverse to install the new ones. Sorry for the bad news.
  10. The base InteliHaul system 2.0 is $1200 Add on Front Camera add on is $150 Add on Wireless Trailer is $408 I wonder if it will work with an IOR system, that does add up to a pretty penny.
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