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  1. Is anyone running 35/12.5/20 on stock rim. I am going to do a 3inch front and a 2inch back lift with cognito arms but I was concerned about front rubbing, shock or control arm etc. Thank you in advance.
  2. Can you provide a link, this is something I would like to investigate.
  3. Go to the dealer, they will look up your vin and provide you with the matching rear door inserts. they are $40-$60 each side. Las time I checked anyway
  4. Did you check the part number of seats online? that should tell you.
  5. Here is the link to the thread for the install. I was able to find a punch, an older version but new on Ebay that worked fine. yo will have to do a little filing, especial on the center light holes. Before installed the lights myself I had the dealer quote about $500, that ended the conversation. good luck
  6. I have the same one, over a year now, no known issue, I have not taken it off since installed. Only thing the logo plastic emblem did not stay on for long. Gone with the wind. LOL
  7. Does any know if Chevy makes a wheel well cover that add the running lights to the HD truck like the GMC? I would swore I have seen a Chevy HD LTZ with the same lights. He stated he had the dealer add them.
  8. Yes, that is my current setup but if I had the option/ known before hand I would have paid the extra $400, more comes with it. HD radio, Extra screen controls, upgrade to navigation now or in the future, better clean UI.
  9. I have yet to see an option to upgrade. from an IOR to IOS or higher.
  10. I do have the center consoler, and I have purchased the same components but have been reluctant to take everything a part to see if it work or not. The real factor might be the bus subsystem it self. I suspect it will not work due to the the radio setup. Most of the lower trims ( My LT as well ) has a IOR radio installed. these systems have a limited capability. I am not saying it will not work. I just don't want tare every thing apart to get to the cable connecting only to find out My Radio infotainment system does not support it. That is the real question do you need a IOS system to make this work in the first place?
  11. Interesting, is that a 2022 issue due to the part shortage thing. My 2021 came with Cargo lights( no extra charge), the puddle lights I added after, $100 , plug in play. Are your mirrors powered?
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