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  1. I have an old change coming in a few weeks, ROMs is my number one opportunity. Back on the TIS2WEB, there is not cost or proof of a certified repair shop ( needed to sent to GM) to have access?
  2. Has anyone tried OBDGenie, it seems like a better solution then pulling out and sending in your IOS for programing. Chevrolet Non-Navigation to Factory OEM Navigation GPS with HD Radio U – OBDGenie.com
  3. Correct me if I am wrong here but the navigation cards( with activation Code) are now showing up as available to buy again. Am I wrong here?
  4. Just wanted to say great write up. The rest of my kit is arriving this week. I like the idea of using a hole punch vs using a dermal. I think I will reach out to my local auto parts stored to see if I can rent one. Again Well done!!!!
  5. I believe so, I am looking for them as well. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  6. I am going to do it, not sure if I will call it a ginnie pig but I am still waiting on parts. What I Don't know is, On the harness I ordered, where does it plug in to. I saw an option harness for the roof console that reference the roof litghts. If I have to order that and just plug in their that would be great. On the install, there are plenty of videos showing the cutting part that is the scariest part. We just need to confirm the harness.
  7. I am still trying to find out if it is truly plug-Play.
  8. Just curious , did you complete the install, I have all the parts on order but will take my time to do the install. thank you
  9. Can you provide more detail, did you upgrade just the bulbs or the whole lens assembly?
  10. See the below Wiring Harnesses, Mine has finally shipped, seemed have been detail for about 3 weeks.
  11. Just as a follow up, the 1500s as the same as the 2500s, I upscaled my LTs non LED Tail light to FULL LED units advertised as from a 1500 2019-20+ module.
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