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  1. Newb... to this forum anyway.

  2. Did they say why they voided the warranty.
  3. The 2014 1500 had an issue with them going out (mine did at 60k) but gm fixes it later on but can’t retrofit the fix...may have been 2016 when it design was fixed by factory? I would look on the 1500 forum for a/c issues as it is very common. I was pissed as it went out in the summer and supposedly the compressors were on backorder.
  4. Mountains2Metal, and an amber LED light on the lower grill as a backlight.
  5. Exhaust brake operation

    Deceleration is not as smooth with it turned on and you may not need it for every trailer.
  6. I noticed this the last time I did an oil change and I believe that’s what it’s from...whoever did the oil change before may have spilled some. But that’s just a guess.
  7. Almost same here. My new vehicles keep the OEM exhaust (Duramax HD and E550 AMG) as we use them more often and for longer drives. My older one (2007 Sierra) has a stainless round Magnaflow that was put on in November of 06 and still sounds decent with over 300k miles...my 1967GT 289 sounds much better but...just long tube headers and flow masters with h-pipe. I have hear the J-pipe works for drone though
  8. I just switched from full T6 to semi T5. I don’t think it’s hurting anything just me being picky. Thanks for the video to
  9. I have mine in for the cooler line but a rhythmic tick has also appeared so I hope it is not a lifter. Truck has 31k miles so is the L5P warrantied to 100k...and particularly this issue?
  10. It’s about time to repaint my 2007 GMT900. Has anyone tried to Bolt on a 88 to 98 stepside bed? I think that style is more boxy and matches the 07-13 truck better. I like the below colors. Also here are some pictures of front and conversions but not bed swaps.
  11. z71 Shock replacement.

    I am going with Bilstein 5100 for a smoother ride as many have stated. Just Waiting for warmer temperatures before changing.
  12. About to buy 2018 2500 dmax

    L5P acceleration is great. Trans cooler line rubbing and satilitte antenna leaking has been only issues I had but dealer fixed.
  13. OEM 16-17 LED Headlights Added

    They do look good.
  14. OEM 16-17 LED Headlights Added

    Nice...a set of morimoto fogs would complete the look. Are the LEDs brighter than the HIDs?

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