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  1. Other than what was already stated, the camera views alone on the 19 really help parking in tighter spaces. The seats are not as comfortable on the 19 and the side mirrors don’t blend in as well...that is about it other than the 10-speed is way less problems.
  2. Thank you. Good helpful comment which is what these forums are for. I wish more would do the same instead of just ignorantly talk $h!t.
  3. Is yours an AT4? It may be due to RPO code VXW or PDG? That RPO code also comes with the high clearance runningboards.
  4. I’m still waiting on a mild off-road bumper that has an integrated winch mount but no luck... They have a few out there that look good on lifted trucks but they’re huge in person so if you don’t do anything out to your truck it just looks like it has a fat lip.
  5. Found part # for the new AT4 high clearance step for RPO code VXW or PDG....GM 84630474. Kind of expensive so I’ll have to wait for a used set.
  6. Totally agree...they’re making vehicles now so only the dealerships can work on them!!!
  7. For ride, pay attention to the specs. Most aggressive tires are E rated where a P or SL or XL rated will ride better...but because they are not as strong. I am happy with the Generals ATX but does have some wine around 35-60 mph which does not bother me. A less aggressive all-terrain tire like the Firestone AT2 with a solid(ish) tread strip and less side tread design will be quieter. Many have a trial period so you can go that route if needed.
  8. Washing truck today I noticed the same thing and in the same spot. I pushed it back flush so I will see if it stays put.
  9. Just finishing up a set of lifters in an 07 NNBS RC SWB G80. The 90 then 70 degree was almost impossible for me since I did not have the tool (and did not Mark lines on bolt heads) so after the 22 in sequence I went to torque further but it did not “feel” right... like it was supposed to torque but it would not and instead the boat was doing its thing and stretching. So needless to say I removed all of the head bolts bought new ones and then bought the tool. In all honesty the tool was a waste of money because that cheap dial tool didn’t work worth a crap because it kept slipping and not indi
  10. Have my (bought new) 2007 NBS SWB RC still. This is after selling a RC step side 1990 Sierra GT. Wish GMC would make one again...with AWD and Forced induction 6.2.... Call it the Hurricane (larger than Syclone). Would buy one in a heartbeat. Until then I enjoy watching these amazing builds. Here is one that was also cool.
  11. Well...found a solution if I absolutely needed. But I doubt I will be getting them. That’s a shame I had to look into this kind of tire chain for my truck.
  12. Totally agree with GM going more and more “mall queen”. But about every 5-10 years all 4 tires with chains are useful where I live due to ice storms (yea not a young guy anymore). No chains on the front and you can’t steer. Mostly I use them as a way to safely get back home and then stay put. Guess I will have to just use the rear chains now... also, that Ford had way more clearance around the rear wheel opening. If I had larger tires I may not of had room for chains.
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