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  1. Before letting them open up a new engine, I would have another dealer look at it. The noises with these new engines from the DI and DFM do sound like lifters. With that low of miles I would wait to see if it gets worse.
  2. 2019 but after some research we are going to just do the Forscan. I wish GM has something like that where we can change BCM functions for cheap.
  3. Trying to help a buddy out by doing this to an F150. If anyone can help please let me know.
  4. Understood and many of us just enjoy having a little extra when we want it. I’m not saying drive like a fool because like you said that’s where dragstrip comes in, but a little extra power every now and again isn’t gonna hurt anything. If that’s the case, many can just get the four-cylinder
  5. Courtesy to other drivers. And my point exactly if they don’t put out a lot of light then why put them on if it’s going to just make a glare for other drivers especially those in lower vehicles like cars. I use to drive with my fog lights on all the time but that’s before LEDs were a thing. Just like the people who put The wrong type of LEDs in a halogen housing yeah it’s right but it also blinds everybody else by scattering the light.
  6. Showing my age... I have owned a range of years of GMC trucks/SUVs (This list does not include cars or other brands I have owned) - 1988 4.3 - 1990 5.7 (Then 383) - 1995 5.7 - 2000 4.8 - 2005 4.2 - 2007 5.3 - 2014 5.3 - 2014 6.2 - 2016 6.2 - 2018 6.6 L5P - 2019 6.2 (AT4) - 2020 6.2 (Yukon) I used to tow a trailer with air shocks, a v6, and 4l60. Was it fun...no, but it did the job. The v4 now make as much power as the old v8 and that is not even including the extra advantages of the extra gears in the trans. They are all good choices. We love the 6.2 with 10-speed and yes it is not needed but it is more fun and sounds great. Race vehicle....no. Yea you can add power to the 5.3...but you can also add it to the 6.2 for similar costs. These trucks require a lot of money to compete with a light car so don’t expect either to set the world on fire (only a few have modded to that extreme). My wife has a bi-turbo V8 AMG....you want speed...that will do it. Get what you want but get it for you not others. Enjoy what you get and don’t mind the haters.
  7. No. The spacer is less than 1/2” thick. It is not a 1:1 ratio. But I only used a bottom set and I was thinking about adding a 1/2” lift top set. Honestly I probably won’t though...not a high priority right now. These spacers are just a simple metal plate so don’t over think it. All spacers lift more than they are thick due to suspension geometry.
  8. That is interesting. I think the suspension is the exact same. I wonder why the AT4 has a higher rear...or lower front? Wheel opening design? Ground clearance from manufacturer websites: AT4 GC = 10.9 TB GC = 10.88 seems like GH is just rounding to a significant digit.
  9. This post shows where the fogs are still able to be turned off with low beam. Also has reference to another post that tied it into the parking light (blue wire in spot 22) instead of high beam so they are on with parking/low/high. Someone else is also trying to tie into driving light in spot #7.
  10. Just posted the all lights on mode with high beams. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/239309-fogs-on-with-high-beams/
  11. Very similar to the trucks but slight differences. I just did a Sierra AT4 and had some 1N4004 diode left over from Amazon. The K2 and the T1 trucks are the same plug, wire number and colors. The SUV just don’t have a white stripe on the brown fog light wire. I am also working on having the running board lights and possibly the mirror puddle lights come on with the fogs.
  12. Thank you for your experience and your opinion. My Experience was with a 2019 L5P in my avatar that had issues with short trips. First hand experience talking not word of mouth thank you. Issues did not start until over a year of use (I assume when the ceramic accumulated buildup after use). Regen burns more fuel so please research. Still a great truck and best long trip vehicle I have ever owned. The best of luck and I will keep my opinion to myself. Good day.
  13. Regen will cause issues in that type of driving and decrease the MPG.
  14. I would try to tie it into X5 (brown plug) #7. Diode stripe on #7 then other side to the fog light #10. This may work... but it it doesn’t then it is on you. I always disconnect the battery when messing with electrical. Using the posted charts you can also tie other items together like the turning on lights with parking lights or cargo with reverse.
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