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  1. Has anyone with the booming with 22” tried 20” or 18” to see if that helped? I was thinking about swapping out my 18” from my old Sierra just to see it it will identify the low speed boom issue.
  2. I found my 2500 rides smoother than my new Yukon Denali ultimate. I think it’s because of the 22 inch rims but I’m not sure. If I take it down my gravel driveway sounds like I have a bass boom sound. Took it to the dealership and they could not find anything wrong.
  3. It is ok on our Yukon Denali (not offed on our Denali HD) and about mid range performance, but the Mercedes implementation on our E550 AMG Cabriolet works way smoother and does not shut off after coming to a complete stop. Also the HID headlights on the AMG turn with the steering wheel which helps out tremendously at night on a curvy road and wish GM offed that feature.
  4. I think you are correct...I still rather to replace with hill decent if I can.
  5. Here is the Z71 switch: To remove the switch trim/housing on the dash, it looks like it should just be snap in tabs but before I try it, I would like to know if anyone else already knows before I damage it. https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-tract-control-switch-23172141/?c=Zz1lbGVjdHJpY2FsJnM9c3dpdGNoZXMmaT1HQTE1MzgwNSZyPTcmYT1jaGV2cm9sZXQmbz10YWhvZSZ5PTIwMTcmdD1wcmVtaWVyJmU9NS0zbC12OC1mbGV4
  6. You are right... now how do I remove that trim to look for an extra pigtail and to see it it is an individual button or as a cluster group. I will never need to disable the running board so I don’t mind removing that button. The Yukon Manual mentions Hill Decent button... but I have not seen any offer it other than Tahoe (for this platform).
  7. I have had a few z71 Denali 4WD trucks but with the 2019 Denali Ultimate Yukon it does not have hill decent. I don’t think Z71 was an option on this trim Yukon. Why I don’t know...even the Acadia I rented this week had hill decent and it is not even a z71. Anyway, I know it modulates the ABS individually by wheel and I have had to use this in ice situations when going down hill in a curve and worked great every time... passing by other vehicles in the ditch. Has anyone tried to add it? Sometimes the pigtail is already there like the old DIC on the 07-13 trucks. Before I remove the dash, has anyone noticed if the pigtail is there? If so I can buy the button cluster from a Z71 Tahoe and try it. I don’t know if a re-flash would be required either.
  8. Good points. I am just saying that with the OEM setup, oil/water is being produced and is drawn into the tube so if it is capped, what happens to the oil/water? I don’t like DI because of all this and wish the manufacturers would do a hybrid system like Toyota or just go away from DI all together. I have a 07 Silverado with 350k trouble free miles with just fluid/filter changes and grease fittings. The GM DI has been out long enough to show any issues. I have not seen anything requiring walnut blasting or anything (but that does not mean their are not).
  9. I did the catch can thing on a gas DI 1500 and yea it caught oil. I would rather no emission control for longevity but that is not going to happen. Now with the gas DI I am considering a throttle body cleaner every oil change instead...which may hit cats and O2 sensors though. There is no win here. Just keep in mind water is also in the return oil so in cold climates may freeze and create pressure.
  10. So plugging the exit hose to stop any oil flow will not cause any harm like building up a puddle of oil in the throttle body?
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