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  1. Just finishing up a set of lifters in an 07 NNBS RC SWB G80. The 90 then 70 degree was almost impossible for me since I did not have the tool. So after the 22 in sequence I went to 44 in sequence. Good gasket kit, clean surfaces and bolt holes, used copper spray. Should be done Thursday when the exhaust bolts come in. If it leaks I may have to up torque to 50. I am sure I will get flack for not following procedure but I bought truck new in 06 and the motor has over 400k and for the $350 spent in parts it is a gamble every day it is driven anyway...only thing other than fluid/filter changes performed as required, I added cruise control and replaced an alternator. For under 20k new, I “Got” my money out of the truck. also had the driver rear exhaust bolt break off and could not get out so while heads were off I installed the $20 bracket fix. Know what is worth spending your money on.
  2. Have my (bought new) 2007 NBS SWB RC still. This is after selling a RC step side 1990 Sierra GT. Wish GMC would make one again...with AWD and Forced induction 6.2.... Call it the Hurricane (larger than Syclone). Would buy one in a heartbeat. Until then I enjoy watching these amazing builds. Here is one that was also cool.
  3. Well...found a solution if I absolutely needed. But I doubt I will be getting them. That’s a shame I had to look into this kind of tire chain for my truck.
  4. Totally agree with GM going more and more “mall queen”. But about every 5-10 years all 4 tires with chains are useful where I live due to ice storms (yea not a young guy anymore). No chains on the front and you can’t steer. Mostly I use them as a way to safely get back home and then stay put. Guess I will have to just use the rear chains now... also, that Ford had way more clearance around the rear wheel opening. If I had larger tires I may not of had room for chains.
  5. Thanks for the info. Still ice and now slush on the roads. The v-bar chains have been doing great. Let the neighbor use my other set since he had to drive at midnight when it all refroze and said they did great and no way he could have driven on that ice without them. I had taken mine off since the snow started to melt and put them in the cab.
  6. I don’t know why the manual says you can’t run chains with 20 inch wheels...Just curious what size wheels do allow chains because I think the clearance to the ball joint will be the same no matter what. Anyway, they fit the back just fine with the stock tire size just make sure they’re tight because one was a little loose and I heard a little noise and it was hitting the bottom lower portion of the mudflap/fender-flare but I tightened up the third cam lock on the chains and it did just fine but if you have a larger size tire that clearance might be pretty close. But just remember like I said I bought two sets of the exact same chains and one set is ultimately three links shorter so make sure you test fit them before you need them.
  7. I have used Glacier V-bar H2828SC ice chains for 2014-2018 1500s with no issues. We have ice storm this week so put on the AT4 (OEM size tire General ATX) rear with no issues. The front would not fit... same name and part #. Started comparing the chains and they are made slightly different so they are essentially 3 links shorter. So not a big deal, grabbed some chain links with screw on fastener and extended them. But then afterwards I noticed this before driving. The newer truck tires are really close to the ball joints and I think even with street tires the sidewalls would still be the same width. So had to drive without front chains. Drive was short and went ok but now I need some ideas on what I can do to allow room for the front chains? Only think I can think of are spacers on all 4 wheels.
  8. The GLS has same size rim and super smooth. I agree big rims on older rides make a huge difference but the newer ones are supposed to be designed with the OEM sizes in mind.
  9. It was a very long like hundreds of comments post but I don’t know what happened to it and I can’t find it but maybe somebody else can but the below I did find: https://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2015/12/there-s-a-big-issue-with-gm-s-suvs-and-no-one-seems-to-have-a-solution.html?amp And apparently it was a good choice not to stay with GM SUVs (because we were considering the Escalade since it’s about the same price) because they still have not fixed the problem... https://www.motortrend.com/cars/lincoln/navigator/2020/2020-bmw-x7-2021-cadillac-escalade-lincoln-navigator-mercedes-benz-gls-class-3-row-luxury-suv-comparison-test-review/
  10. https://klearz.com/products/chevrolet/2019_silverado_reflectors
  11. I’ve use these on the previous generation 20 inch wheels as well and they fit great without being so close to contact the rim. Not the best pictures but just thought I’d share.
  12. Note is about the same as a loaded Denali or Escalade since it holds its value better so lower interest rate...and get more for the money. So far we are very pleased.
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