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  1. Just an option. Cheaper then a new ride:
  2. I agree on the blank switches. As soon as I have time to figure out the lighting that blank area will have one of these individual switches to turn on every light at the same time. I was going with the toggle but it did not match so these Toyota ones may.
  3. Within the first few days I made a copy of that SD card because I figured it would go out sooner or later but for songs I put that on a thumb drive instead to keep them separate. My problem is when it plays it has an intermediate Skip during anything it plays back about once every three seconds it has a spot where it doesn’t play for about a 1/4 a second
  4. So you have 4High and 4Low.. then that GMC link needs updating or clarified (or it could be me reading it wrong). I also looked at some for sale online and yea they have 2-speed 4WD to
  5. This link is perfect and explains it nicely. I was surprised that only the top end trucks come with 2-speed 4WD, but with a 10 speed I guess it’s geared so low it’s about the same? So basically all the 4x4 Denalis and only the AT4 with the tech package come with it (i’m un sure about the Chevrolet trucks)
  6. This video shows in Off Road mode it actually makes the tires squeal and seat of the pants is quicker where the other ones don’t so I don’t know if it’s reducing torque management or what https://youtu.be/gQovEb85kJA
  7. https://www.gmupfitter.com/pdflists/view/45
  8. I just upgraded the lows to Beamtech D3S 6000k. Have had the Beamtech LED 9005 6500k (Highs) and Morimoto XB 5500k fogs for a year and all work great. Colors all look the same.
  9. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/239277-all-lights-mod-with-selectable-fogs/
  10. Yeah on the Chevy website it does say it should have a mechanical locker but in real world it doesn’t look like it does anything and it’s just an open diff...a G80 should have locked by then.
  11. On the very bottom left corner push those group of squares and it will switch between the split screen and the full screen
  12. Yeah that was one of the first thing I noticed was how low the control arms were. And that video showing the rear not locking up it’s just crazy. Yeah most people don’t go hardcore off road driving but the whole point of paying that much for those options is because it’s there when you need it (whether it be planned or unexpected adverse weather conditions).
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