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  1. This is common on all years of this body style. No fix available. Some have had ok luck with getting better tires and force balancing. Common on the combo 22” wheels and sun roof. GM knows but says that is how they are designed and will not do anything so either trade it or learn to live with it.
  2. OK so the back windshield from the dealership at $750 but I found out for some reason only have $100 deductible so I am going that route. And they said it would not raise my rates.
  3. I may have to but if you use it then usually the premiums go up so if it is under or close to the deductible then I will. Either way I thank the input and will post the final outcome.
  4. It all depends on what I can find one for or even IF I can. If not then I have a low deductible but if you want it done right... I have no idea about it added. I would like it on my AT4 now, I don’t even know if the new body style has it available.
  5. So trying to take kids and Wife for a relaxing weekend. Parked at a Little Rock Hotel (not saying what one) but under the light and near the hotel door. 1am front desk calls and it was the PD letting me know my vehicle was broken into and to come down. Great.... so here is a pic but the SUV has the Enhanced Security Package with glass break sensor, interior motion sensor, and separate alarm siren setup. So it did it’s job, nothing stollen. But they also hit at least 2 other vehicles as we saw and spoke with those owners, including a K2 truck and a Mustang. The hotels Security Guard saw nothing... really and all 3 vehicles in separate sides if the hotel? But the hotel security camera captured it but so low quality all we can tell is it was a black Accord. Just pulled next to it, got out, hit window with crowbar or hammer, alarm went off and they left. So after cleaning up all the glass we drove in the cold with heater wide open for 5 hours back home before the rain hit. I may come out cheaper getting window from Salvage Yard and doing it myself since just bolted on. Safe lite wants $350 and unsure what name brand glass, I like OEM or PGW. I am glad my family is ok, just wish we had stronger punishments for theft.... maybe not cutting off a hand like some countries... but we do have 10 fingers.... just saying. I can say the buffering from the rear window being gone did not bother me since it sounds like that all the dang time anyway...but I the V4 drone was way more apparent.
  6. What type of noise do these make when loose. Is it just whistling or does it buffer like you have a window rolled down? I am still trying to figure out my wife’s new Denali Ultimate 4x4 and that was at the dealership with under 50 miles on it trying to address this but I’ve already summarized that in another thread. Basically GM says Sorry it’s designed to be a crappy vehicle and we have no want to or need to fix it so deal with it...so I’m trying to fix it on my own.
  7. Awesome! Tacky iPad, awkward button gear selector, IRS for towing, and easy to clean SUV interior...can’t wait. What about adding a larger fuel tank, adding an “all forward exterior lights on” button in that blank spot on the radio by the “home” button for off-roading, and putting blinkers back into the mirrors?
  8. There also might be a recalibration for front camera or parking sensors or something else I remember reading. But unsure exactly what.
  9. Can someone please send the part number for the lens housing? I cannot seem to find it on GM parts direct.
  10. And I assume it is a sealed unit because you will never need to add fluid right.... great engineers.
  11. I to am still looking for a hidden center mount winch setup. I really don’t need an entire heavy duty front bumper, just a way to recover from loose terrain like mud, sand and snow. Not rock crawling or going through heavy brush. Something like this is what I am looking for to.
  12. DPF is a PITA but I like not looking or smelling like my old tractor from the black smoke. To also help the DPF, use quality DEF. Learn to read the date on Blu-Def, realize hot wether “sours” it more quickly, and the new systems are way more sensitive to the DEF quality. I kept this in the pictures of my cell and would not use anything over 6-months old.
  13. Easy to test. Take the battery out of the remote then place it in the pocket and give it a try.
  14. https://gm-techlink.com/?p=11125 Just in case you are unsure where you’re key pocket is...
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