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  1. I agree. I pushed down the roof metal with my pinky. After multiple trips to the dealer and calls with GM...they said it is normal and that it is functioning the way it is designed. BS for that expensive of a ride to give us headaches...but we are stuck with it until we trade it in. Most probably on a Mercedes since we have had good luck with the E series AMGs. My wife does not like the 2021 Yukon Denali because of the off center GMC grill emblem looking weird on the Denali, auto-start/stop (she knows it can be tuned off like my AT4), push button gear selector, screen designs, and it is just long enough that it may not fit in the garage (current one is tight already). But most of all... GM pissed her off by not helping and for several years we have purchased Denali 1500’s and Denali 2500 DMax about every 1-2 years. Yes my wife is a Motörhead to .
  2. I posted this in the truck section but the Yukon owners may want to have a look to.
  3. Yukon has a bad pressure/noise so in trying to identify it, some have mentioned wheels/tires. So here are some pics. The 2020 Yukon wheels are not offset enough to fit the AT4 as they rub in the brake caliper ridge so I included a pic. I know some have added spacers to fix that. Well the noise in the Yukon is still there so it did not fix it...but thought I would share the pics.
  4. They don’t look bad and I’ve seen much worse. Anybody who knows will recognize that the truck has a little extra touches and it’ll get you a little more attention. I like them. I also noticed you removed the chrome Sierra badging on the tailgate... I did the same thing the first day I had the truck with some fishing string in a little bit of fingernail polish remover.
  5. Good thanks for sharing the information. I consider these all-terrain trucks just like all terrain tires they’re not true hard-core equipment but they do more than just pavement. They’re way too expensive to tear up so go get a cheap toy like an old Jeep and have at it.
  6. Same here. These are getting more and more complicated. But glad it was figured out.
  7. Yep. Just like I said (I could have specified the jump seat console or jump seat storage). Thanks for the pics.
  8. They all have one. Those are NOT are the square spot in-between the front cup holders. It has a square pocket area inside the console. Owners Manuel shows t.
  9. Dead remote battery. It may not think you have it. Try placing it in the designated key pocket then open/shut door.
  10. Repaint will not last as long nor be exact. This is not an exotic car and painted the same as the base models. They all have some paint defects. May be trash or orange peal or I even have a white dot on mine But has clear over it.
  11. He is right. No trucks are is as reliable as they were in the early 90’s... way too complicated now and changing too often.
  12. This is common on all years of this body style. No fix available. Some have had ok luck with getting better tires and force balancing. Common on the combo 22” wheels and sun roof. GM knows but says that is how they are designed and will not do anything so either trade it or learn to live with it.
  13. OK so the back windshield from the dealership at $750 but I found out for some reason only have $100 deductible so I am going that route. And they said it would not raise my rates.
  14. I may have to but if you use it then usually the premiums go up so if it is under or close to the deductible then I will. Either way I thank the input and will post the final outcome.
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