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  1. @sheath, damn, that 7.3 powerband is impressive. That was going to be what I ordered if the local chevy dealer didn't have the L8T coming in so quickly. @nards444I have a 2022 L8T, and I only have a couple gripes about it. But towing isn't one of them. It FEELS sluggish, but it's really not that bad. If you try to gas it while it's towing, it scoffs at you, and basically says, "I'll get there, gimme a minute, geez....". Going from a 1500 to a 2500, it just feels like I'm going slower than I am. When I'm cruising at 65 towing, it felt like I was going 40. Not a bad thing. The exhaust is pretty quiet on the L8T too, so I think thats part of the perception. My 5.3L seemed throatier and was noisier in the cab. I'd say if you're only towing ~10x / year and worried about tow mileage , I think the fuel cost difference would be fairly negligible, especially relative to the extra $10k for the diesel. Definitely factor in that added cost when doing the fuel cost savings. If you only plan on having the truck for a few years and trading in, it may not be worth it to go duramax. If you plan on keeping for the long run, might pay itself off. That said, I just towed combined weight of 16520, with 7240 on my trailer axle for 3 hours. I got about 8mpg, but it tows so nicely, especially compared to my 2019 5.3 1500 i just traded in. I don't have hill descent help, but i never really had to tap the brakes coming down grade, which was about 6-10%. It just held at 55mph and didnt struggle or anything. I was able to get from 55-70 pretty easily to pass semis when needed, but I think those are the instance when I wouldve really felt the difference with the diesel. Ultimately for me, I decided on the L8T over the duramax because 1) availability, 8 days from deposit to delivery and 2) my normal commute (getting about 11mpg) is pretty stop and go. I felt that would be bad on the diesel being in regen like 98% of the drive time, especially for an extra $10k. IU only tow my travel trailer about 10x year, so didn't seem worth it to me. If you currently have a diesel, you might miss it. The other factor might be based on your driving routes. My full 36gal tank is only getting me about 400 miles tops probably on the highway, though I haven't done much of that driving. If you're running a long ways through barren land, it might be worth it to have the extra mileage of the diesel. But I really like the L8T.
  2. I have a 2022 2500 LT gasser and i have this same issue from day one. It feels like something is rattling against the steering column. Were you able to isolate it to the parking brake cable? I see someone else mentioned a "heater hose isolation fix" so wondering if that might be it too.
  3. There's a guy on youtube that added a large pioneer system, but you lose all of your controls to your truck without the factory system. Alternatively, you should be able to download offline maps with google maps on your mobile and not use much, if any, data. Or if you have an IOS infotainment with SD card slot, you can upgrade to the factory IOU navigation.
  4. There is a thread in the 1500 forum about this. My understanding is it requires you already have at least the trailer camera package (camera up in your 3rd brake light, but no live-view mirror). This has to do with the software on the HMI from my understanding. If you have that you can upgrade it all. I've been looking at alternate 360 systems myself, and have come up iwth a parts solution, (HDMI interface from MVI - gm-navigation.com) - plus an aftermarket 360 system from aliexpress, but i havent gone for it yet.
  5. I just bought 4 Schrader ez sensor 33700. They’re the oem for Chevy however they’re blanks so I need to program them still. I plan to order an ateq programmer. My tire guys snap-on wasn’t cooperating for creating new sensors this morning unfortunately. They’re $50/each at autozone/oreilly. I used a company discount for $35 each which is still better than the $300 my dealer wanted. I’d rather spend the $200 on a programmer and never worry again lol.
  6. Chevy has an accessory trim kit, 84469330. MSRP $150... you can find it on the chevy accessories site or other parts/accessories sites like this one... 84469330 GM Interior Trim Kit - Silver For Crew Cab | GM Parts Store It's opposite color pattern from yours, black primary with silver trim.
  7. I just ordered a DIY harness from LLJ customs. They have quite a bit of lead time from my understanding. The DIY was supposed to ship next day, and best I've gotten from them is a shipping label created, but hasn't actually shipped. I'm hoping to have it this week, and I ordered it about 2 weeks ago. Oddly, they sent me a very nice email in response to a question I had originally, but then once I placed my order, they never responded. There are a few different systems you need to be aware of. If you have a Bose, that's all you need to know, but if it's non-bose, you need to look under the glove box and see what connectors you have. It's either light grey and black, or light grey and cyan if I understand correctly. My LT with the 8" IOS is black and light grey. If you want to make your own, you could also do that... I did a bunch of research and was able to find the connectors on Mouser. They are Molex stak50h connectors, but the female headers are a bit complicated and I never reached out to a molex rep to get it squared away. There are a few ways to install the system, but my plan is: 1) DIY loopback harness from LLJ Customs 2) AudioControl d-6.1200 mounted behind rear seat. - CH1-2: Morel Maximo 6 Components up front with passive crossover - CH3-4: Morel Maximo 6 coax for back fill - CH5-6: Infinity reference 1000s 10" sub under center rear seat in custom box - I'm torn between using an underseat powered 8" and this 10". I can go active x-over for the front if I switch off but it's just more power draw and I'm looking for sound quality more than SPL 3) 4ga to distro block for amp and 8ga to accessory circuits in rear - Flashing beacons in grill and rear bumper - Opt7 Aura interior lighting - Opt7 Running board lighting (maybe?)
  8. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Part of the reason for the move from my 2019 1500 was to re-up the warranty. Plus I paid for an extended with my (very trustworthy) dealership, so doesn't seem like something to compromise. I did see also that the Rough Country speed adjuster said 'not for sale in California', which made me wonder about potential other issues with the emissions/ and eventual need to smog.
  9. I more meant that updating it would "correct" problems. Ie... stability control would be better calibrated due to the accelerometers and speedo being sync'd now.
  10. Wouldn't that basically cause warranty issues? And I'd have spend more money for that device than what they'd charge
  11. Yup, that's where I ordered my speakers from. I'm hoping that'll be enough for me to accept it for a while before having to throw money at it. Otherwise the next step is an AudioControl D-4.800 for the fronts and after that a small sub to help fill in if I still think i need it. I listen to mostly Emo/punk/hardcore and then the obligatory disney/pop for my girls. lol.
  12. I was quoted $300 at my dealer. They said GM charges them $150 just for the firmware file to flash and they charge another $150. I'll probably keep asking. One thing I was wondering is if the stability control/braking/shifting are impacted by the speedometer. The dealer stated "only the speedometer changes", but that may have indirect impacts, no?
  13. Yeah, I should clarify I have a non-Bose, IOS system (LT)
  14. Just picked up a 22 2500 LT and the stereo is dog crap, just like my 19 1500 was... Anything over 1/3 volume, the bass rolls off and the highs just turn into a cat fight in glassware store. Ordered some Morel components up front and coaxs for the rear and have future plans to add a small sub and amps... What I'm really wondering is how much tuning anyone had to do with this truck with a new amp, or are you happy with using stock amp with new speakers, updating the amp, etc... Ultimate plan currently is to add a DSP and 4/5ch amp, but I'm trying to figure out if I'd actually get my moneys worth in sound quality improvement with a DSP. with the audiocontrol amps that have their accubass feature, I can regain the bass being rolled off, so hoping that'll be enough to not need a DSP. Car audio is not my forte... though i have background in amateur mixing as a musician.
  15. Wondering what came of your situation...Did you ever figure this out? I was able to relearn my existing tires, but not the new ones (off a 2021) I just purchased supposedly have the stock sensors in. I can only figure if they are there, maybe the sensors are asleep and need to be woken up by maybe a rapid deflate. I'm at work, so it didnt seem like a good idea to rapid deflate, lol.
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