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  1. SThompson447, I can't believe it has been a year since I purchased my truck with zero resolution. What ticks me off is it's not just a music issue. When talking on a hands free call, the call switches back and forth from the phone to the truck. Talking hands free is impossible without interruption. Are you also having issues with calls? I feel your frustration!
  2. Thank you for your response. I have done the backup/restore on the iphone. No luck. I have never had a problem with it not connecting. Just the choppy, skipping problem.
  3. Thank for the replies. Yes it does the same with my wifes iphone 11.
  4. I apologize if this topic has been covered, however I couldn't find the same issues searching the forum as I am experiencing. I took delivery of my truck in March 2021. The day I drove it off the lot I have been having audio skipping and Wi-Fi interference issues. The truck has been to the dealership multiple times. They have replaced the head unit, and done numerous updates to the audio system. I have an Apple iphone 13, and it is up to date. The music skips when it is on bluetooth, or hooked up with the USB cable. Sometimes I get a message on the display that says "Wi-Fi interference". When I'm on a phone call the call switches between my iphone and bluetooth making driving hands free impossible. I have noticed a pattern that in certain parts of town the problem can be recreated. I contacted GMC and they told me it was an Apple problem, 3rd party application, so I needed to contact Apple. They also credited me with 50,000 GMC reward points for my trouble. I'm disappointed that GMC is blaming Apple instead of fixing the problem. I am frustrated with the lack of GMC owning the problem. My dealership says there is nothing more they can do, and we will have to wait for GMC or Apple to come out with a fix. Does anyone have any advice? Are others experiencing the same problem?
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