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  1. I have Spotify on my phone as well as Waze and numerous other apps. They all appear to be available when I have my S10+ plugged into the truck via usb. I just use Android Auto on my phone when I connect to the truck.
  2. Good to know guys. I was just curious as I had never seen temps that high when towing in the summer on camping trips. I'll keep an eye on it.
  3. Hey all. My '16 GMC developed a shudder at certain speeds at 112,000 km. I took it in and they replaced the fluid under warranty. The shudder is gone, but the transmission seems to be running 10-15 degrees Celsius higher. I was travelling through the mountains on the weekend and on one hill the temp was 92 degrees. The truck was empty other than the wife, kids and a bit of clothes. Outside temp was -5 C. Any thoughts if this could be an issue long term?
  4. Hey all. I received a letter from GM Canada that indicated there may be an issue with the vacuum pump which could cause issues with braking. No recall, but an extended warranty to 6 years 116,000km. Anyone have to have this issue fixed? Thanks.
  5. Hmm... 1) Poor dash fitment at the top above gauges. 2) Low quality door panels that dent from my F'n elbow. 3) Android Auto still sucks. 4) wireless charger is finicky. 5) Truck takes premium (1.80/liter!). Seriously though, I love the 6.2. 6) heated mirror and auto dim stopped working at 80,000 km. 7) Vents always seem to blow warm air when set to off. This is my second brand new GM truck. There are a lot of things I love when compared to other brands, but the dislike list is a little longer than the one from my '09. But I tell ya, that 6.2 make
  6. Hey guys, looking for a little more noise out of the truck and want to clean up the look under the hood. I was going to add a tube, but the Air Raid site doesn't list them for a 2016 w/6.2, unless I'm blind. I don't want to spend the $$ as the truck already has a cold air intake from the factory (plus I'm cheap). Thanks for the help.
  7. I've had my '16 since new. It replaced my '09 that I also had from new. I'd have to the that the quality on the '16 isn't as good as my earlier truck. Small things like heated mirror not working, ripped at the seam seat cover (fixed under warranty), buckle in the top dash plastic, dent in the door padding from my elbow, even worse paint than my '09, key fob material deteriorating, and terrible back up camera are all annoying. Mechanically, the truck has been good with no transmission issues to report (or the host of other issues that can be found on this site) and it has ample power. I have 95
  8. Only one company sells over 91 where I live. Never had a problem running 91, only pinging I ever got was on a tank of 87 booting it up a hill. This motor doesn't like 87 where I live.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I'll dig into it today if I can find the time. I'm hoping that it just something simple as a loose connection.
  10. Stupid driver's mirror does not heat up anymore. I bought this truck in May 2016 and have 92K kilometers. Anyone have a fix for this issue or a link on how to fix it? I looked at the usual sources and found zilch. The quality on this truck compared to my '09 sucks. Thanks,
  11. I had the same issue with my '16. Dealer offered to rip out the dash to fix the issue. I wisely said "no" as I figured that it would come back to me with numerous rattles etc. Mine changes with the temperature. On some days, it sits almost flat.
  12. I wouldn't worry about it. The crappy rims will do that on their own. I have corrosion starting on 2 of my rims. 2016 w/ 90,000km on it. Very little snow over the last 2 years. In fact, I don't think that I actually needed 4 wheel drive yet in this truck.
  13. On my '09 it was the whole hub assembly including the ABS sensor.
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