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  1. Airraid MIT vs S&B intake

    Also, on my Colorado I had the stainless tube intake and am wondering how much that was a factor to the sound that was generated. Thanks
  2. I currently have the AIRRAID MIT tube with airraid filter installed on my 5.3 but am thinking about replacing it with a S&B intake (potentially another brand complete intake) and am wondering how much of a sound increase I will see. Im a firm believer that loud pipes save lives and would go for a muffler delete but theyre illegal in OH and the cops around me don't have a lot to do. On my Colorado, I installed a K&N and the sound increase was impressive and way greater then the increase on my sierra with the MIT tube but I wasn't impressed with the weather strip seal to the hood and like how the S&B intake has a cover on top of the filter but is way more open then the stock box. Any thoughts?
  3. Cold air intake

    Hows the sound on the S&B? I have the MIT JR tube but am thinking about replacing it with a full intake to make the truck louder and summit has the deals ending today
  4. Fiberglass Sun Visor

    A custom fabrication would be ideal. I might have to start drawing some sketches. I wish I was better with vector imaging and could mock something up on the computer.
  5. Has anyone installed a fiberglass sun visor on their sierra/silverado and have pictures to share? I've tried searching the forums but can't find any examples. I think the right design would look really good on these trucks especially in an offset matte black to my summit white body. Probably would require some modifications but I like a challenge. Appreciate any thoughts in advance. Thanks. example: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sum-480012/overview/
  6. K2 Diablo Tune

    I was worried about this when I tuned my Colorado. Originally went for the 89 then went and changed it to 93. I was sweating for a couple months that I deleted my factory tune by not restoring before going to the 93. Especially when the tuner says something along the lines of copying previous tune. Long story short tho, when it came time to get rid of the truck I restored it to factory with no issues.
  7. K&N Air Intake for sale

  8. K&N Air Intake for sale

    I have a gently used K&N air intake with the stainless tube for sale in the Cleveland, OH area. It fits the 3.6l Canyon's and Colorados. I only put 6000 miles on the filter before I sold my truck. Definitely improved throttle response and made my Colorado sound mean. Asking $100 and local pickup only.
  9. search silverado gas cap on ebay and you will find a little vinyl cap that goes around the mouth for like $7. I had to buy one because I broke the first door on the fuel neck. You don't have to be a mechanical engineer to know this is a bad idea. Even after they fixed it on my truck the hinged door isn't close to sealing and every time I filled up in the winter I would wipe salt/road grime off the outer gas tank flap/door. https://www.ebay.com/itm/WATER-DUST-GAS-CAP-COVER-2017-2018-GMC-1500-2500-3500-SIERRA-CAPLESS-FUEL-FILL/382231383007?hash=item58fec40bdf%3Ag%3AAg0AAOSwXYtYzzeq%3Asc%3AUSPSFirstClass!44023!US!-1&_sacat=0&_nkw=sierra+gas+cap+2017&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR12.TRC2.A0.H0.Xsierra+gas+cap+2017.TRS0 But hey no idiot will fail E-check or whatever the state emission test is for not having a gas cap.......
  10. Bed Wheel Liners

    Where did you get your rustproofing done? I live in Geauga county and have yet to be referred to anyone that does decent work in my area.
  11. Lets talk Dash Cams. Who has one?

    The heat is definitely a concern for me. I bought a really cheap one off amazon ($25) that worked well for about 3 months (minus the initial glitches and flaws) but I think the summer sun fried it because the video would stop after 9 seconds of recording, black screen, then start recording again. I just bought another, significantly higher quality for $90 off amazon that films in 4k but is still only one directional. I have been thinking about trying to hook my old cheap and shitty one up facing inside the cab but haven't bothered yet because I think it will still glitch out around the 9 second mark. The new model so far has held up in the heat but its only been a week and hasn't broken 90 yet. Heres a link to the one I got if anyone is interested: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00OTZWJE2/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Will say that this is one of my favorite additions to my truck. Its just peace of mind knowing that I have evidence in the event of an incident. I think I have had one now for about six months and while I don't have any footage for liveleak yet, I have the people in my parking lot knowing they better not hit my truck (both models have a motion/ g sensor activated recording so if your bumper gets tapped you hopefully can catch the license plate).
  12. I dont’t think the paper vs the cotton would drastically effect the mpg and I also don’t think the cotton filter would void the powertrain warranty. Better believe if gm tried pulling some shit like that telling me my intake or filter caused a problem I would promptly remind them that the honus is on them to prove the part caused said problem. Have you looked at your MAF sensor to see if somehow it got dirty? Longshot but maybe in reinstalling the stock intake you cleaned it up or tightened it enough to work properly
  13. I have the Airaid tube and complete agree with you. The hammerhead looking stock intake can't be efficient with all the dampers built in but with the tube I think I hit the gas a lot harder because it sounds a lot better. My mileage increased from 15.7 to 16 with the tube and I drive like an **** with mudtires on and no air dam on the fender. I bought the kit that included the reusable filter from airaid and that is my only regret. I don't think you get much of a performance upgrade using the reusable filter in the stock airbox and because you can never get it perfectly clean. Its also like a 2 hour process to clean it every 10k so I think your probably better off with the paper filters.
  14. Rear Seat Cover

    Thanks but Im pretty sure the double cab seats are slightly smaller then the crew cab so I don' think they will fit.

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