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  1. https://www.summitracing.com/oh/parts/knn-20-3082/overview/year/2017/make/gmc/model/sierra-1500 Has anyone used one of these yet? Whats the advantage of this over a tuner that does a lot more then just manipulate the throttle body?
  2. I like the sound of a dual can instead of a clean side separator like elite's but there is only one port on the clean side so I'm confused what do you do with the other side? clean side pcv > catch can> intake tube leaves the other clean side just connected directly to the intake?
  3. In the manual it says to grease the tie rods with every oil change yet my dealer makes no mention of it in their paperwork for oil changes and however many point inspections like rotating tires. Do you think they do it?
  4. Had a little fun in the mud over the weekend
  5. I need a short antenna on 2018 Sierra CC

    The search function on this sit sucks but there is a thread somewhere about flipping the stock antenna upside down and concealing it in the fender well. All it requires is a rubberbcork to fill the hole.
  6. Vicowl visor

    Has anyone seen one of these roof visor/cowls in real life on a 1500? is it oversized? anyone know of any similar options from other companies? https://fabfours.com/product/vicowl-chevy1500/
  7. Titan Sidekick

    Has anyone installed a Titan Sidekick gas tank in their truck? Do you like it? Will it fit in a short bed? Will it fit with a roll up tonneau cover? Does it come with a locking cap? If not is it the standard size to put a universal locking cap on? http://titanfueltanks.com/titan-sidekick-15-gal-portable-liquid-tank-5040015
  8. AMI Swing Step

    Thank for the responses. I'm thinking about installing it on my 2017 sierra.
  9. AMI Swing Step

    Were you able to keep your tow hooks? One f150 review I read said that was the big plus to the step but sounds too good to be true to me. What finish do you have? Any pics?
  10. AMI Swing Step

    Does anyone have any experience installing one of the AMI swing step's? https://www.amazon.com/All-Sales-19285GK-Gloss-Powder/dp/B00W5SIH7S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1545010536&sr=8-1&keywords=ami+swing+step+grille+guard#customerReviews They're relatively cheap, have a little more function then most bull bars, and look a little better then the standard bull bar imo. Just wondering if anyone has actually seen and better yet installed one. Thanks in advance.
  11. Bilestein shocks

    Saying is if you stand out in front of a factory in china long enough theyll start counterfeiting you!
  12. Auto 4x4

    Does anyone know of any safety features built into the awd that would keep it in awd? I got in my truck last night and while the dial was clearly turned to 2wd the light was still on awd. Im wondering if it the dial wasn't lined up, its a faulty dial, or gm programmed something to know the road conditions were less than ideal.
  13. Bilestein shocks

    Anyone worry that the ebay and amazon shocks could be counterfeit? No reason for me to be suspicious outside the fact that people are counterfeiting everything these days.
  14. Auto 4x4

    Any idea what the power split ratio is on our trucks in auto? A few years ago I sat through a BMW presentation on x drive and how they were the only suv awd system that could independently send 100% of the power to a single tire. Pretty cool demonstration on how none of the other awd systems could figure out how to power out of a traction loss with 3 of the 4 wheels out. I wonder how our trucks awd stacks up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-FoUTPja4Y
  15. Torn on mirrors! Need help

    I like the black caps the best. I'd be curious how they'd look with the turn signals smoked out. What brand of mirrors those are?

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