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  1. Band clamps. Especially if you don't need it to hold for a very long time. Autozone has em
  2. I didn't say I live in a shithole. I just unfortunately work in one
  3. I avoid getting gas in bad neighborhoods but it happens sometimes and this problem isn't limited strictly to gas stations. Smash and grabs happen a lot in my city but theres also the quiet thieves that slip in while you are pumping gas or otherwise distracted steal your shit and run. My concern comes from when Im pumping gas and the truck automatically unlocks every door. Is there a way to have just the drivers door and the gas tank unlock?
  4. The dry filter with other brands is paper. The cotton ones get oiled and that sure looks like a cotton filter that the blue oil faded off of over the last 30k
  5. I'm heavily debating trading my truck in right now before all the 2019 HD's are gone and while the deals are out. Looking at either an duramax alaskan edition or a work truck. Kinda hate that it's basically 4k more for a decal, black rims and duratrac tires but I'd rather have it rolled all into one deal and be done verse saving money to replace the stock wheels on the work truck. Both have about 12% off msrp in incentives and rebates. I love my sierra but between the transmission, the rusting frame, and the carbon on the valves I feel like I should get rid of it before the 36k warranty is up. While Im at it anyone interested in purchasing locally (Cleveland) a S&B air intake and/or an Elite E2-x catch can?
  6. Im taking my truck in tomorrow for the tsb on the frame rust. I have spots all over my 2017 frame and am curious to see just how thorough of a job they do with two different spray on chemicals. And at a dealer that doesnt have an autobody department. If your under 60k I think you still qualify for the rust warranty.
  7. Love the truck with the plates out of the bar but you should take your air dam off
  8. I had a rattle that turned out to be the garage door opener. The unit doesnt sit tightly by design so I just covered it in dyna mat and it solved the problem
  9. I have the go rhino one on my truck. I think it cost me $80. What I like about the one I got is its the same diameter as my sport bar so it looks like it belongs there also the reviews for the gorhino didn't mention a rattling noise. The gorhino has a solid retention clip that prevents the noise unlike some of the competitors. Biggest perk though is the amount of distance people decide to keep in traffic. I don't think it would save me from a real collision but could save my bumper from a costly repair. I originally bought the bar because where I park for work is not a great public parking lot and I think it would save my bumper from a 5mph accident but the warning sign it sends to tailgaters is worth every penny.
  10. The dealer installed mine but I would think you can since it fits through the holes in the bed rail and then clamps down on the sides. It looks universal but you never know.
  11. Can anyone share some insights with getting the dealer to do the transmission flush on the 8 spd? I can't recreate the issue on demand but it tends to have really hard shifts when its cold, coming out of stop and go traffic, and going up hill. This morning I thought my rear end was going to fall out at the top of the hill but it hasn't done it for weeks. Just looking to avoid the "we can't detect anything wrong" problem.
  12. If you really want to improve the sound and don't want to get an exhaust I recommend getting a full intake with a metal tube. K&N is the only manufacturer I know of that does this but the resonance of metal vs plastic is huge. I did a metal K&N on my colorado 3.6 and it was signifcantly louder then my 5.3 with the MIT Tube and whatever gm "aftermarket" exhaust comes on the all terrain. Also with the stock air box you don't get the swishing sound and therefore I ended up selling my MIT. On the 5.3 I opted to do a s&b intake because it utilizes a paper conical filter and while more expensive the cleaning process for the oiled filters is a pia and can be problematic. I do highly recommend my S&B intake but if you really want more noise get an exhaust.
  13. If the summit your talking about going to is in Talmadge your probably close enought to local pickup my airraid mit for $100
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