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  1. Painesville, Ohio 44077 Did you ever find a good lawyer around Cleveland?
  2. Looking for ideas, insight, examples and whatever else the smartasses here can offer on building a center console on the floor in front of the middle bench seat. I've looked at the police consoles and if all I was looking to mount was a cb radio they'd be great but a cb is on the bottom of my list of requirements. I have no welding experience so this is going to be a fun project for me but could use any advice you have including materials and methods. Where can I drill or otherwise affix the console into? The police consoles somehow sit flush under the screen but I'm not sure if they screw into the floor or what. Two requirements I want are a quick release for a fire extinguisher and a latching door on the outside of the driver's side that can house a concealed tool. The concealed will be a little bit more difficult with the floor shifter being right there but I think there is enough room. Thanks in advance.
  3. They don’t advertise it as a difference but the paint quality can be significantly less. I also think the rear wheel wells are lined on everything but the base/wt
  4. The only thing you'll be able to find after all the epa hoopla are the dpf back exhausts which my understanding is won't do much if anything for the sound and cost about $4-500. My truck is currently stock but I'm interested in what would do the most for the trucks sound and I think really the only option without deletes is a new air intake.
  5. Meant to add I only want the lights on with the key in the ignition
  6. First let me apologize for starting a new thread on this topic. All the threads I found suggested tapping the wire in the bcm and the search function of this site blows as we all know. I don’t want to tap the bcm because I want the install to be easily reversible. I have fuse taps/addafuse that I would prefer to use because i can rip it out and plug the original fuse in thirty seconds. My question is which fuse should I tap to have the lights only turn on with the ignition on? I think I need a 10 amp but suck at electrical so I also want to know how to tell how many amps I need so when I try to hardwire my dash cam in the near future I don’t have to start another thread. Thanks all in advance.
  7. You don't have a big sexy turbo to listen to on a gasser either.....
  8. Thank you. I respect your insight a lot from all of your posts on this forum. Thanks for the advice. Conveniently both the dealers I've been to have been having printer issues with the printers connected to their alignment racks. When I go to the third dealer on Monday I'm going to say tell them to take a picture of it or write down the specs. Yeah I've been reluctant to do that but probably will if this third dealer doesn't work out on Monday. It's just its a brand new truck with 1800 miles on it and GM should be paying for it to be within spec.
  9. Take the plates out of the bar and take a picture. I like the bar itself with just the hollow tubes and I think it might flow even better into the bed rails. Nonetheless very cool and good work.
  10. To the more mechanically inclined, I need you help. I recently bought a brand new 2019 2500 Duramax (I know wrong forum but its the same generation and there's a lot more people in this subforum) and upon driving it home from the dealer (300 miles from my house) I noticed the alignment was off with the truck pulling to the right and the GMC logo on the steering wheel being cocked 10 degrees to the right while driving straight. Was heading right out of town for a trip so I didn't get the truck in til a week after purchase and the new dealer claimed to align it. Fast forward a couple days and I finally get on the highway and notice the alignment is still off. So I go back to the dealer that aligned it and after a few hours they admit that they can't finish an alingment because their machine isn't big enough for a 2500 and they don't ever work on the larger trucks. So I schedule with a chevy dealer and take it in on Monday. After 3 hours they blame their machine for failing and they need to keep it over night so the alignment machine can reset. Mid day yesterday I get a call that my truck is all good to go. Driving home I definitely felt an improvement but today on the freeway it seemed just as bad as ever with the wheel being cocked to the right (not as much pull to the left tho). Think I am going to take it back in to a third dealer but after 4 alignment trips in 3 weeks Im almost ready to threaten talking to a lemon lawyer. I don't want to as I love the truck otherwise but it seems GM is jacking me off (thankfully they haven't suggested that I pay for these alignments as the truck has 1600 miles on it and 1100 when I first brought it in). My question is do you think they just suck at aligment or is their an underlying issue that could be causing the truck to quickly fall out of alignment? Appreciate any and all insight. Thanks.
  11. To add to the OP, include any opinions on the Banks resonator delete and which one sounds the best?
  12. Hey all, after another shitty day at the day job I want to pose a question to the forum. What's a new product idea that you would like to see available for our trucks or what's a problem that you're having with the truck that an aftermarket product could potentially solve? I've looked into making solar cab lights that wouldn't require wiring or drilling into the roof but working with Chinese manufacturers is more complicated then just the language barrier. They also already exist but are really expensive at $400 +.
  13. I had an All Terrain X that when I purchased from the dealer had the B pillars wrapped in the perfect wrap (imo) that had a rougher texture then most vinyl and was applied perfectly. I thought it was a dealer installed option but I could be wrong and the dealer has no knowledge of what it was or who did it. Does anyone on here know the specs for the wrap? I'd like to do it on my new truck and don't want to waste time and money getting matte black only to be disappointed that it doesn't have the texture.
  14. I think I'm going to upgrade from my 2017 1500 to a 2019 2500 and my question is are the windows the same? I have leftover precut window tints and am hoping I can use them on the new truck.
  15. Band clamps. Especially if you don't need it to hold for a very long time. Autozone has em
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