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  1. K&N Air Intake for sale

  2. Can anyone help me find the thread/tutorial where all the interior gray plastic of the dash is removed and plasti dip'd? I am 99% sure I saw it on this forum but the search function of this site sucks and I can not find it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Driver Pillar Door Handle

    I got mine for about $50 from gmpartsdirect's amazon store this week. I think I found it a couple bucks cheaper on ebay like ten minutes after ordering but oh well. Install was fairly simple except the clip that holds the stock pillar on barely had the clearance to come off and so I marred it up a little but not a big deal. Install was very simple otherwise. I did run my dash cam wire up through the pillar so it may be the cause of my problem but I have about an eighth of an inch gap between the new pillar cover and my headliner on the windshield side. Hoping I just get used to it because I don't see any good solutions and its not a real problem. Only thing of real concern when installing is make sure you tuck the new handle in behind the weather stripping. Even with the stubborn clip the whole job took me five minutes. I'll try to remember to take a picture of the gap later.
  4. Just throwing it out there, I have a airaid tube for sale with the filter for pickup only in the Cleveland, OH area. Asking $100.
  5. Dealership advice

    You got to fight! For your right! TO PARTYYYYY!
  6. Dealership advice

    I'd put them on blast and start calling on my network to see what ability I have to reach the owner of the dealership. Social media is a very powerful tool and a business's reputation is everything. Whether its the owner or the gm I would state my case one last time and give them one last opportunity to find a solution. If they aren't cooperative I would remind them that they have profiles on yelp, google, facebook, BBB and the list goes on. As well as having a network of friends family and colleagues that I would personally refer away from them. Be firm and give the appearance of enough confidence to be willing to go to war with them. As a final touch once they fix your seats tell them "Thanks scum" really fast! Final note, record as much as you can whether it be phone calls, videos of in person discussions, or written communications.
  7. Sketches

    Does anyone have a good exterior sketch of our trucks? Ideally looking for a crew cab. And in a perfect world an all terrain x with the sport bar. Thanks.
  8. bug/stone deflector

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B012ZZOW8S/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I really like the one this one. Can't speak to it being more or less effective then other options but it looks good and was an easy install. I'll try to take a picture after work and upload it. As far as car washes go I recommend that you never go to a car wash that isn't touch free for a number of reasons and the 3m tape will hold up fine as long as you don't. Also, while not a worry with the current weather don't try to apply the tape in cold weather.
  9. Started happening with mine after only 10k and I don’t have a curb
  10. I'm not a scientist but I think that rust could in fact affect the integrity of the shock and therefore its performance. My truck sat on the lot for about 10 months, I rarely park it indoors now, and Cleveland winters are brutal. I would not use the word light when describing the rust on the bottom ends of mine. The rust on my shocks is almost as pathetic as the rust on my frame (which I get is purely cosmetic) but at least the shocks are a replaceable part.
  11. I'm hoping to get 40k but mine look like garbage right now with 15k
  12. The ranchos are cheaply made. This can be seen in the overall appearance and how quickly they rust. I will be upgrading one day but trying to get a decent amount of mileage out of them before they rust through.
  13. Airraid MIT vs S&B intake

    Also, on my Colorado I had the stainless tube intake and am wondering how much that was a factor to the sound that was generated. Thanks
  14. I currently have the AIRRAID MIT tube with airraid filter installed on my 5.3 but am thinking about replacing it with a S&B intake (potentially another brand complete intake) and am wondering how much of a sound increase I will see. Im a firm believer that loud pipes save lives and would go for a muffler delete but theyre illegal in OH and the cops around me don't have a lot to do. On my Colorado, I installed a K&N and the sound increase was impressive and way greater then the increase on my sierra with the MIT tube but I wasn't impressed with the weather strip seal to the hood and like how the S&B intake has a cover on top of the filter but is way more open then the stock box. Any thoughts?

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