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  1. Sounds great I just ordered the 400372 multicore which is a 17” oval case, I believe yours are 21”. Hope it’s not too loud with my TSP headers. Sounds like these get pretty rowdy on some throttle. Any drone with these? Currently running a 19” Borla ProXs. It sounds pretty good but looking for just a little bit more rasp.
  2. Whats the part number on your Xr1? Got any more sound clips?
  3. 315/70/17 BFG KO2s I don’t remember what it was stock but i went from 40.5” to 40.25”. Still almost an inch higher then the rear but it’s hard to tell on these trucks. Did yours settle at all or did you make any adjustments?
  4. Replaced my 3” level with some Fox 2.5s with Resi’s. Lost about .25” of lift but diggin how these ride. I may adjust them down the road but it doesn’t rub and still sits level so I’ll leave it for now.
  5. Did you remove you coilovers from the truck to adjust the height?

  6. I think taking the resonator off will open it up just enough with that muffler.
  7. set up is in the description. I have cats but sound shouldn’t be much different without.
  8. That is about what I’d expect from a dealer. $6500 for a rebuilt trans is insane. You could get a built trans for that kind of cheese. I would definitely go to a few reputable independent shops for quotes. You might get lucky and find a low mileage drop out and just have a shop do the R&R. Yes there are plenty of trans failures on these trucks. It just happens. Lots of variables including some out of your control.
  9. I’m sorry. What type of response were you expecting? Take them off and put the manifolds back on. Sounds like fitment is a problem unless you plan on beating the areas in where it’s rubbing. Keep up that attitude though. It will take you places. Btw your videos still aren’t working.
  10. Videos aren’t working. Most likely hitting frame under load. I haven’t heard much about DNA headers on the newer trucks but I’m pretty sure they along with a few others are made you know where. Not to rub salt in a fresh wound but for $1400, you’re almost at what a set of Kooks or an ARH system would cost.
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