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  1. Thanks! Next is a 3/5 Drop and remove steps. After that I’m planning on a cam swap. It’s already got LT headers and true duals, with a CAI and dyno tune. I’d like to get to 500whp before I start working on my project truck.
  2. Brand New vs Now. Spent a lot of time (56k miles) enjoying it stock, but those days are over...
  3. Got it done. This might be the best thing to keep me sane while we are stuck at home during these crazy times....
  4. New GM black door handles and mirror caps coming this week, and bumpers and window trim to be wrapped by a professional this week... and grabbed the old crusty 22” honeycombs off my wife’s truck since we put new ones on hers. (I cleaned them up but they need much more TLC)... pics soon.
  5. I almost forgot some pics of the exhaust install... my 11 year old son ate it up.
  6. Which my daughter has already called..
  7. So... that’s where I’m at. Up next is wrapping bumpers, mirror caps, and handles. Pulling steps off. Wheels. Drop. Cam swap. Stop, that’s it. Time to start working on the ‘52.........
  8. Was planning on wrapping the bumpers myself, bought enough vvivid gloss black to do both bumpers. Got the front bumper off and completely prepped. Failed. Either this wrap sucks or I am an idiot; probably the latter. The grille looks good though. Before/After, and after clay/wax
  9. Anyways.. back to the present. Decided to upgrade the grille to the AT.
  10. Yes, my daughter drives a Sierra too.
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