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  1. Did you ever find a fix for this? My truck is making the same whistle sound with the corsa
  2. Hey guys I'm having an issue. I'm getting small misfires on multiple cylinders, the misfire counts only reach 4. No check engine lights, no history codes. Changed the plugs and wires but went with msd wires. What can be the cause of this issue?
  3. Hey guys I'm going to be installing headers and a catless y pipe on my truck this week. The shop that I trust for tuning is booked up until November. With that being said is it safe to drive the truck until then? I am going to be driving to Ohio and back on Sunday. So I just want to make sure it will be safe to drive. I do have a cold air intake and a corsa sport cat back exhaust currently on the truck. I do have a edge evolution cts3 tuner installed in the truck but went back to the stock tune because I'm not sure if being on their street tune while the headers and y pipe are on will mess up the motor. Any help is greatly appreciated
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