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  1. I've called so many manufacturers in my life just to ask dumb questions. It never hurts to get their opinion first. CircleD is the bomb for converters and will point you in the best direction possible.
  2. Ah okay gotcha I completely understand now. I would call Whipple and ask them, I am 99% positive there is a way to get it to be DBC. Call CircleD and tell them your application and plans. Do not just order a converter blindly. Talk to them first and let them either spec you out one or show you which one is best off the shelf.
  3. mailordertuner out of Temple is good. I used him for my 6.0 truck and my uncle has him for a supercharged 6.0 truck. Guy knows his stuff and has been tuning forever. He may have you switch to the newer PCM though as it would be easier to tune and probably necessary. Nelson Performance out of San Antonio is another big one. Breezy Tuning in RGV SpeedLabs I think is the name of a guy in Houston that does tuning but I cannot remember. Something like that
  4. I know Whipple requires you to remove intake manifold but it seemed that was your end goal and you were not doing that right now. To switch to DBW you need gas pedal and a certain ECM and a harness. I guess if you have to switch then keep the ECM and harness off the truck but I would try not to swap them out. Yes the throttle is attached to the harness on the 05 because it is DBW, meaning there is a plug for it, so yes it is on the harness Cross member from the 05 won't work, the frames are different. You may be able to modify it but at that point you might as well just modify you
  5. Nope I had 3M ceramic installed. Yes I do know about varying grades and types of film. Yes I know about the lifetime warranty and I could go back to get it redone but now that I have had Llumar I won't go back to that. My 50% windshield looks darker or equal to the 30% front windows I did. Now I plan on getting it redone probably anyways to a 15% or 20% front window. Just my experience is that 3M was not as good as I expected and did not last.
  6. Maybe I got used to the dark tint then but I hate my 3M. I feel like it was awful. I have Llumar on my windshield and it is wayyyy nicer.
  7. 3M blows massive dong do not get 3M. Go Llumar or go home. It is good at heat reduction yes but it will fade after a year and does not last.
  8. Swap intake manifolds from the 5.3 to the 6.0 to retain your drive by cable. 4L80e crossmember is sold by speedengineering, they do good work. Whipple and maggies are a bit different. I can't remember exactly the difference, one is a roots and one is a PD(?) but basically one makes power a bit differently than the other. My uncle has an old Whipple on his truck that he likes. Junk the ecu and harness. You cannot use them and won't need them. Just go to a driveshaft shop and tell them what you want. They will cut that one down for you.
  9. Just look for Silverado lug nuts. If you have a friend at the dealership I'd buy OEM lugs because non-OEM sometimes will snap.
  10. Swapping a 5.3 is fine, not hard it has been done plenty of times. A 350 is a no go lmao
  11. Then you have actual knock lol But it is a knock sensor. Replace them and the wire harness.
  12. On a 2015 that probably will rub just because of how much negative offset you have but don't quote me on that
  13. Yeah that will be alright. Just wanted to make sure I was picking up what you were putting down
  14. And you are talking about plasti dip right? Not vinyl wrap? Those are two different things. Vinyl wrap on wheels I would not do but plastidip in that duplicolor can I would
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