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  1. I use an electric tooth brush. I need to try a water pik but never get around to it. I have genetically awful teeth. When I was a kid I barely brushed, I know it was gross, until I was like fifteen or sixteen and never had a cavity. Lost all my baby teeth by ten. Then I started brushing twice a day and flossing pretty religiously and suddenly was getting cavities out the wazoo. My father his whole life has had crowns and fillings etc, my mother not as bad. Dad's side always had fillings and stuff.
  2. I believe the sensor is actually on the head but don't quote me on that
  3. I live in Fort Worth and have lived in Texas all my life. It does cool off quicker if you open all the windows for a little bit to let some of the hot stuffy air ventilate out quicker although with tint that is not such an issue.
  4. shakenfake


    I'm pretty close to doing a flex fuel conversion so I can quit running premium lol
  5. I can't believe nobody opens their sunroofs. Unless it is just screaming hot, freezing cold or raining, the sunroof in the cars I have driven is cracked or completely open.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/Sierra-Chrome-Housing-Headlight-Replacement/dp/B012H6MMR8/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=2011+gmc+sierra+clear+headlight&qid=1652811784&replacementKeywords=clear+headlight&sprefix=2011+gmc+sierra+clear+h%2Caps%2C120&sr=8-5&vehicle=2011-48-548------------&vehicleName=2011+GMC+Sierra+1500 These
  7. Sounds like you should take it to the dealer. You don't need two batteries just because it is a diesel lol
  8. If you pull the valve covers off you can find out if you have the Castech heads or not. Depending on the casting number you can tell without even doing that. My low coolant light came on a while ago as well. Did it on my way to my girl's house after working. Driving home from hers to mine it was gone and back to work it was gone as well. Dumped in a water bottle to be safe. Last time I filled it up from a coolant leak I just did the minimum fill.
  9. Legally GM has to provide every part for a vehicle for 10 years.
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