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  1. Good luck let us know. I suggest try using your stock BCM instead of the Escalade just because the VINs won't match and it will trigger VATS
  2. You have an NNBS and I believe that should clear pretty easy
  3. I could not find a statute that states you aren't allowed to remove a seatbelt period end of story. If you can find me that I will eat my words but I believe if it is your personal vehicle you can remove the seat belt. It is the inspector's job to determine if your vehicle is not compliant. I found them that said you can't get inspected nor sell the vehicle but not that you can't remove a seat belt. Technically a console swap breaks the law
  4. There is a massive thread somewhere on here. Just take it back to the dealer, it is a big problem
  5. Eh just take it out. Nobody is ever going to check to see if there is a seat belt there or not imo The only "legal" issue he would come across is possibly selling the truck. I know in New York you cannot but I believe that that is more of a dealer law than anything. In a private party sale mostly anything goes, especially if you state it has no seat belts.
  6. I think someone on here just posted something about their 4" riding rough and bottoming out. I would highly recommend a c-notch. I know you don't "need" it but they are just like the old GMT-800 trucks, 4" really should get a c-notch. Also I would search for the thread, it was just posted yesterday I think.
  7. No it would not. Airbags are required but you can remove them with no consequence. As long as nobody sits in the seat where the seatbelt would be it is no problem
  8. That is possible yes. Edit: You would need a scan tool I think to see if it is in open loop. You cannot tell just by something the truck is doing
  9. I'm sure they replaced the engine oil. Never heard of replacing fuel pipes.
  10. Hmm I think the issue is in your PCM. It needs VATS turned off to be able to swap BCMs like that, although it may spaz out with the Caddy BCM since the VINs are different but it should not
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