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  1. SOLD please lock thread admins
  2. Got a P2563 code and a P003A code with the latter coming intermittently. Working theory is that the solenoid is getting stuck. Trucks oil was changed for the first time in 2 or 3 years last Monday and then 4 days later it went off. Code came back on Sunday and then just went off again today. I am going to try some stiction eliminator as well as clean the solenoid tomorrow. Here is a video of the actual vs commanded vane positions.
  3. I have a new in box McGaughy's C-notch for a 99-06 Silverado or Sierra. All the hardware is included as well as the bump stops. I opened the box and let it sit in my garage for a year so it is very dusty. Looking to get $100 + the ride. I have a FedEx account so I can ship things a little cheaper sometimes through them than anyone else. Scroll for pics, misordered them
  4. I don't have the diagram fatty
  5. Looking to buy the rear cubby and mat for an 03-07 Silverado, Sierra, Avalanche. It is without option UK6. I would like to at least buy the rubber mat. Here is a photo of what I'm looking for
  6. Wanted 07-14 Passenger side cashmere vinyl OEM floor mat. P/N: 19210587 I already have the driver side and the two rears. If I need to I would be willing to buy two fronts but would rather get only the passenger side.
  7. I would probably think about refreshing it as well or at least putting in a new converter
  8. Not wrong there either But if you are unhappy with the site I would suggest moving to SilveradoSierra. Probably my favorite of the sites.
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