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  1. Oh i have trust me. Theres a mexican with a cammed cateye near me its so sexy. Bumper dumps sound amazing the thing is all my buddies will put 8” rolled edge tips hanging way below the bumper so the whole tip is visible lol.
  2. Idk my buddies ‘94 f 150 really isnt that loud and it’s basically the same as that.
  3. Yea i didnt realize that. Im going to give it a little while and cut it off and put pipe back. And I’ll probably sell it.
  4. Axle dumps look gay just saying. Sounds good though
  5. So I’ve wanted some leveling blocks since i got the truck. For those of you following my build I am over exhaust now it makes me depressed, so its time to focus my depression on something else more positive. I want to level it out with 3” blocks so maybe a baby squat. Ive seen some trucks with 2” blocks and it looks angled down still. Does anyone have experience with 3” blocks specifically or any blocks? Or know what size tires I can clear with minor cutting? Also does anyone know what width of tires is the widest I can run on the stock 18” 10 spoke star shaped wheels?
  6. I will get long tube headers and no cat straight duals to 8” tips. Theres really nothing better
  7. Trust me. Catback dual straights to 6” slash cuts sounds absolutely incredible. I had people tell me all the time it sounds good. Now it just sounds sad and deflated. I think the x pipe had something to do with it.
  8. Well I had to get mufflers to correct my “fix it ticket.” I ended up getting a x pipe and dynomax bullets on my catback true duals for the new readers. Very disappointed in the sound. Going from straights to mufflers is depressing. No matter what mufflers it is and these are the loudest ones I could get. Not sure how I feel about the x pipe, I got it primarily to make the strange vaccum chop go away and it did that perfectly. However it might be contributing slightly to making it quieter, I don’t know. So if you’re out there and you want to make your exhaust a little louder- I can only recommend one thing (which i will be doing on my 18th birthday)- long tube headers, catless straight pipes with x pipe to 8” slash cut shorty tips.
  9. I need some advice. I have to throw some very small mufflers on my truck for court, but i dont want them to limit sound as little as possible. Also- does anyone have a h pipe on a new body truck? I’ve never heard one and as long as a reasonable price i want to put one on mine.
  10. Idk what else it would be that literally sounds like a gunshot. Only really does it every once in a while. Other times just gurgles.
  11. Nah man sometimes it sounds like gunshots when i let off the gas going about 10-15. Other times it just gurgles
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