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  1. Who out there knows what the sound difference is between a 2” a 2.25 and a 2.5 inch straight pipe? Currently have 2.5 looking for more clap and pop.
  2. Just happened to mine. Have to take it in
  3. two tens bumper dumped where i took off the spare tire its in the bed now. I got the tips they boys in 2500s call big, get on my level.
  4. No squat lol the 10s are here already. I have a antenna but only because i have a cb radio too lol. I hate people just throw one on for no reason
  5. Do you think they would clear with a 2” level and 1.5” drop shackles?
  6. Yes i got over that fast. I’ll update a picture of them when they get here
  7. Hopefully this kid isnt as retarded as yall think. That deep tone is amazing
  8. Yes long tube headers just thats it would sound good . Im thinking about 10” tips
  9. Yea looking back should have definitely gone with thinner pipe. However it still pops alot backing off the gas.
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