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  1. i wouldnt expect and ride difference from just a level. I do however notice the weight of the 35s. theyre heavy so you feel them. And no im running no spacers. i have clearance all around no need for spacer.
  2. Haven’t really noticed anything except the added weight of the tires. So you feel it in the shocks for sure. I haven’t even paid attention to fuel mileage but I’m sure it lost some as well.
  3. Thanks! And it’s the 5.3.
  4. Picked up my Sierra last week, so decided to see what we could fit on it today. Installed the rough country 2” level and a set of fuel gripper m/t’s In a 35x12.50. After some trimming of mud flaps, removing bracket behind fender liner, and tying the fender liner back. Rubbing is gone. So if you’re not scared to trim some plastic it can be done. I think it looks good, let me know what you think. I knew worked on at4, couldn’t find anyone to confirm if would fit a standard level.
  5. Retro fitted headlights

    Still have these? Any chance you could share pictures of how you resealed? Not questioning your work just curious if you had to cut them or if they baked open since aftermarket housings.
  6. 2015 Sierra SLT headlights

    Have really been looking for an undamaged set of 2016 lights with no luck, do you mind me asking how you came across yours? or did you buy new?

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