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  1. I am locate in Louisiana so it may be different.. But I purchased a 2020 Sierra SLT loaded out for $42,000. Has every option you can think of. I believe you can find something with more options for around 40-42 elsewhere. Just my $.02
  2. I believe 20%. Just got them to match the back windows.
  3. Got tint done and installed the ProComp 2.25" leveling kit. Before/after
  4. Wanted to give an update.. Received the Motofab 2.5" kit today and decided to return it. Called my local shop and they quoted me to install the ProComp 2.25" leveling kit for $275 installed and aligned. Taking it there tomorrow and will post up pics once I get it back. Thanks for the input guys
  5. Looks good man! How is the ride quality with that kit? Notice any difference? Also, is it completely level? I have the Motofab 2.5” leveling kit but plan on returning it for a 2”. Don’t want to be nose high
  6. Thanks for the feedback man! Your truck looks great. I am going to install the 2.5” kit and see how it looks and then make my mind up on if I will add 1” blocks to the rear.
  7. Thanks for the info. And hate to hear that. Is that a common issue with these kits? The last thing I want to do is ruin my axles on a brand new truck. Was this an installation error maybe? I haven’t seen many cases of this happening from a leveling kit..
  8. Oh wow that's strange. Not sure why Motofab says it fits the new body styles. Looks like I will be returning this kit soon as I receive it. That's a bummer.
  9. Anyone? Ordered the Motofab 2.5" leveling kit on ebay last night for $49. Would love to see some pics before I begin the install. Definitely don't want to spend hours installing it and the front end is higher than the back! I could easily return it for a 2" if needed. Any input would be nice!
  10. Traded in my 2015 Sierra for this 2020 Sierra SLT 4x4 last week. Loving it so far. 2.5" Motofab Level and window tint coming next week. Also removed the running boards since the picture and sold them for $400! Hoping the 2.5" isn't going to get the front end too high and really hoping the ride quality doesn't suffer. $50 off ebay and a lifetime satisfaction warranty so I figured there's nothing to lose. We will see next week. Will post up pics after I install the leveling kit.
  11. Anybody have the 2.5" Motofab leveling kit installed on their Sierra/Silverado? I have scrolled through multiple threads and only could find one truck, and it was a double cab. Looking to see if anyone else has this kit. I was looking into the Rough Country N3 2" Leveling Struts as well. Any input on either of these would be great. Looking to pull the trigger within the next day or two after days of looking/researching. Thanks. Also, not looking to affect my ride quality. I have seen that the Motofab is a good kit and doesn't affect the ride due to the spacers being on top of the strut in lieu of the bottom. Ride quality is super important to me as I drive a lot for work. My last truck, I had a 2" Rough Country level but it was below my struts and it rode awful.
  12. Is this what you did to yours? If so, can you post a pic? Curious to see what it looks like
  13. Just the Premium package. Didn’t see the need to pay more for more tech features I don’t care for.
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