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  1. In my Z71 the door trim is Reverse Tartan and the dash trim is Synthesis. For others with Z71 are you matching the console to the door trim or dash trim? Apologies if this has been asked before, i read through most of the thread and didn't see this specific topic.
  2. Bump, $100 for both of these is a steal. There's nothing wrong with them, i just need to money to pay off bills.
  3. Price Drop. Will sell both for $100 shipped.
  4. I just never got around to installing it and need some extra cash right now.
  5. Still available, open to offers.
  6. No, you have to unscrew the bottom portion of the can to empty it.
  7. Bump, everything is still available.
  8. I have the step down connector for the breather line that connects to your intake tube. Other than that it's just rubber hose to connect everything up.
  9. Price drop. Ill do $125 shipped for both or $85 shipped for the can and $65 shipped for the separator.
  10. Bump, everything is still available.

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