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  1. It should, i believe it will even run on the current computer 4.8l engine tune, you can either swap the computer and body control module out of the donor power plant, or just get the current computer re-tuned by a tuner or find a friend with an hp tuner Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  2. Itss done....................And then more stuff broke!!! After 2 days of nonstop hammering, torching, and angle grinding; the lower passenger ball joint finally released from the knuckle. As seen previously the drive side went smoothly, but it also had lots of residue from the front diff leaking and so everything stayed rust free. The passenger side was an entirely different story. Anyhow i got it all done and took it to tire kingdom where they charge normally $80ish dollars for an alignment and for tough alignments they charge $124. The steering wheel was way off when i took it to tire kingdom. But they are only a couple miles down the road so i didn't worry about making it perfect or close. Long story short they had an inner tie rod come loose when adjusting and called and said they wont align the truck without charging 1 man hour to go over all things and make sure they were tight since it was noticeable that i just replaced everything. So i said fine, 7 hours later and $223 the truck is done. Drive it down the road, its perfect, no weird noises, drive straight, no problems. I decided to drive home for Christmas and loaded the truck up for the 17 hour drive. Get about an hour from home and boom, i lost most of my brake pedal going 75mph on the interstate. I get stopped at a gas station as i had not lost all braking, go to my brake reservoir and find it almost empty. So i buy lots of dot 3 and limp home at 12am in the morning day before Christmas eve. Next day i find the passenger front brake caliper leaking from the piston. As youll notice in the pictures from previous posts, i decided not to paint my brake calipers because i told myself that after this trip i was finally going to upgrade to the better calipers, dual piston rear calipers, and the bigger front calipers from the 2005 and newer trucks. Long story short, parts store wants $70 per side and i knew for a long trip i would need to be safe and replace both, and then i decided to cancel my trip home to Indiana for Christmas. I still had a good Christmas here in Florida and the truck is sitting in storage until i save enough money to replace all my brakes at once because it just seems dangerous to go at it over time. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and as always, sorry not sorry for the terribly long explanations of my trials with Grumpyghost Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  3. Rough country! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  4. Welp, i got the lower ball joint pressed out and while im waiting for the paint to dry i figured i say that this job sucks on the ground. I miss having a lift!!!! My back is killing me, yes im in my late 20s and ill be okay but im still going to whine about it! Ive lost most of my motivation already and im about 2 hours into this. Haven't started the passenger side as ill probably just start fresh tomorrow. So basically what got all this started is grumpyghost decided to break a ujoint that i had thought was a wheel bearing and just let it ride. Reguardless one wheelbearing is about shot and i broke a wheel stud taking off the tire so its getting a moog replacement anyhow. i needed the balljoint presskit rental from autozone to fix the ujoint and figured i might as well do this job "REAL QUICK LIKE". I am using a wire wheel on my cordless drill to clean the lower control arm and other parts that stay and are covered in 20 years of dirt grease and mostly rust. Im then doing some "REJUVENATION" with the old rustoleum black rattle can to make it all "NEW" again! I bought new bushings for the lower control arm but they just look a bit small, they probably fit but the original still look in decent shape and im going to save myself the trouble of trying to push a bushing out without an air compressor and air chisel hammer gun or a nice torch to melt the old one out if they don't budge. Im surprised i got the old balljoint out with just the balljoint press. Yes i know its designed for that specific purpose but the salt just does numbers on these usually simple jobs and i went into it hoping for the best and so far, probably eat these words tomorrow, its going like it supposed too. Cheers y'all, hope your not freezing, Florida weather is beautiful right now! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  5. Grumpyghost update! I finally started the front end rebuild! More to come as this is ongoing but i figured id break the ice! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  6. Bought some new used stock 17" Chevy rims, they have 265/75/r17 tires that are in great shape for a grand total of $350 Eventually ill run 35" tires on grumpy but for now i cant pass up on good tires. I ordered some black bullet lug nuts as ill be Painting the rims black but this time do all the prep work so they last. Also going to run 2" wheel spacers just for sh**ts and gigs! As you can see my current tires have nails and terrible camber wear on them, they hold air so im still waiting till it cools down to "repair" the front end. Currently i am dealing with what i hope to be a bad sensor saying i have low oil/check engine oil level. According the the dipstick grumpy has plenty of oil. I need to change the oil pressure sensor to see if it really is plugged up like i think it is and not currently only running 18psi of pressure at idle, i remember it used to be 40 psi at idle. Its been saying 20psi for a couple years now. Well over 50,000 miles, but maybe my oil pump is going bad or my camshaft seal is cooked and i really have crappy oil pressure possibly causing the oil level sensor to go off. Kinda scary but ive been thinking happy thoughts! Anyhow idk if i mentioned that my abs module no longer operates and now i have a permanent abs light on. Not a big deal for me, i priced a remanufactured module at autozone and other stores, its roughly $400 to replace it. Id get one from a junkyard but they are supposedly vin locked or something along the lines of my truck being a half year from 99 and the module is different depending on the vin number ect. I used a scanner to confirm and checked my grounds. Last but not least the tailgate will no longer latch, i had to take the handle bezel off to gain access to the rods to latch the gate closed. New parts are in my Amazon wish list, i have yet to order them as for now it works kinda sorta, just a pain in you know what. This stuff literally broke or started acting up about 2 days after i purchased the new wheels and tires, (a week ago from this post) go figure! Oh and i found out i have a cracked washer fluid reservoir cause it wont hold fluid! I poured some in because my low light came on and it literally went straight to the ground as i poured it in. Its not a bad hose either i checked. Cheers to the trials of a 20 year old truck. Also i have the mustang as a backup vehicle so grumpy will get a good spa treatment as i build up all these parts that has taken up an entire shelving unit and corner of my garage. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  7. Its been quite awhile since i have updated this thread, Grumpyghost has been doing great. However the original 20 year old balljoints are tired and has caused the front tires to wear pretty badly. I have been slowly buying up all the parts to rebuild the front end. Of course its all Amazon special parts besides the cv axles. I did not opt for the better moog brand stuff, i really doubt ill have a problem with this kit, even if i have to replace it again in 2 years its still cheaper than buying the moog stuff. Parts include upper control arms, sway bar links, lower ball joints, new lower control arm bushings, pitman arm, idler arm, and a couple other things i can't recall the name to. While i did rotate the tires i have since stopped because the front end is almost done. Im probably going to finally get different rims and tires so i can upgrade the front brakes to the 05 and newer bigger ones that require at least a 17inch rim size. Another problem that recently happened is one of my rear calipers is dragging, so in the next week or so i will be ordering (from amazon) ($218 special) the upgraded rear dual piston calipers with new rotors and pads. Currently has original single piston calipers. For the time being to stay on the road i bought autozone duralast gt brake pads that have a lifetime warranty, so i can swap them out whenever for free! (The gt pads are cheaper and better than the gold set because they are being discontinued by autozone, $23) I didn't catch the problem in time and ended up ruining the rotor from metal on metal contact. When i originally did the leveling kit about 2 years ago now, (time flies) i always intended to rebuild the front end within 6 months, needless to say ive put it off cause well, im a busy guy. Also ive had to rebuild my tool collection and have finally amassed the tools to do the job without it taking a whole weekend using only basic handtools. (Things like electric impact and similar associated tools to do the job like a real shop mechanic would). Another reason for the wait is the simple fact that the truck drives perfectly fine and i still don't necessarily feel it needs to be done immediately, but tire wear and the fact i can't get it aligned is reason enough. I still daily the truck, but i now own a cough cough ford mustang! So i don't daily it like i used to. I think the truck has like 210,000 miles now. Trans is still going strong and i never got around to adding a trans gauge. Its been hot here in Florida so i may still wait to do this "repair " until its cools down a bit, obviously the rear brakes are an immediate problem but i haven't been towing so imma send it! Cool tip: All brake pads at autozone have a lifetime warranty, so when your pads wear out, you take in your old pads and swap them out for free. Just make sure you have the phone number used to register them. As always sorry for the essay and carpe diem! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  8. I need trains horns! I would use them daily here in Florida. Truck looks awesome! Glad to see I'm not the only one still driving a gmt 800 style truck. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  9. The plastic cover for the gauges cracked like 8 years ago and I never did anything about it. TILL NOW! I was debating about a trans temp sensor and I really wanted to see if I could just install a trans temp in the stock location by getting another cluster and just stealing a step motor to put in the spot where the trans temp sensor goes on the stock 2500 diesel trucks or HD trucks. Anyhow after some research, I had already got a cluster from and 02 suburban before researching, that basically my truck being a 99 model year takes a special cluster because of the airbags. But also I can't just install a stepper motor and the other mods that are needed without sending the cluster off to get reprogrammed. So then I decided at least I can fix the broken plastic cover and maybe buy a custom back splash to make my cluster look cooler. Us speedo offers a kit for like $200 or so, I immediately said nah!!! I then decided to take the needles off the extra cluster and figured out a way to paint them blue and I think it turned out great! I also looked at the cluster and decided that I can add an aftermarket trans temp guage kn the original stock location fairly easily, so when j get some spare funds, I'll be getting a trans temp sensor and modding the cluster to fit and aftermarket sensor. Again sorry for the paragraph on a simple mod using stock parts! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  10. Well here it is in all her glory! She or it rather gets the job done. Not great by any means, but it's puurrtttyyy knarly for a piece of junk. All fun aside easy install after you figure it out since the instructions are unreadable and I didn't feel like looking it up on YouTube. It's self-explanatory really. Fitment is terrible, but it opens and closes like it should, doesn't draw blood if i set my arm on it, and for $28 I'm happy. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  11. So I got this in the mail today, freshly shipped from China. I got if off Amazon, it was the $28 option with free shipping. You can definitely tell is a cheap console lid, but for half the price of basically the same thing with a bit better material doesn't seem worth it to me for my "Work Truck". Anyhow, I'm going to go install it real quick. Will post later again after installation. I was going to wait to get one of these but my current original broken lid ended up cutting my arm, more like scraped that caused a little blood to draw. So I went ahead and ordered this one like a week or so ago. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  12. Found a 2002 Cadillac Escalade all wheel drive with the lq9 and a 4l65e at the lkq pull a part. I deleted my antenna on Grumpy and found this piece off of the Escalade to finalize the antenna delete. Anyhow the parts place says I can pull the engine and transmission out of the Escalade for like $500 or so plus tax. I am very tempted to do this. I was at the junkyard to get a new blower motor for my ac/heat as the one in mine had worn out as the bearings made scary noises haha. Anyhow I grabbed the blower and antenna piece and am probably going to go back this weekend to pull the steering wheel and clock spring out of the Escalade for the radio control buttons. I didn't take pictures of the blower install as it is a very awkward place to see and get too but also very straight forward. I opted for a used blower because the reviews on Amazon for the aftermarket new ones said they didn't "blow as hard." LMAO Cheers! Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  13. I really like the color matched grill. It would look even sweeter with some custom color matched headlights!! Awesome job! How did you dechrome the grill? I started to on mine and then got tired of it quickly and just sanded and etched primed it before paint. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  14. I should mention that while I do live in Florida, I live by the gulf, and work along the golf and this truck sees and smells the ocean salt almost daily. It has been covered by sea water going over bridges many times. While it's not as bad as road salt from Indiana winter's. It is concerning enough to make me wash this truck almost every week. Also it sits outside and with the humidity down here, it is covered in dew daily Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  15. Just gave Grumpy a bath, what you dont see in the pics is that the Bondo on the bed has shrunk in a few spots. But my hack and pack Bondo job on the driver side where I had a huge dent hasn't shrunk at all. The Bondo(filler) shrink I think is normal. I just need to get some 1000 and 2000 grit sandpaper and sand down the clear a smidge to hide it. Then buff it all over again. Also the clear coat is chipping on the hood and the roof clear coat is almost gone. (Insert sad face) Also the cancer(rust) on the bottom of the passenger door and passenger rear door has gotten a little worse. I don't have a welder down here in Florida yet and even if I did, I don't think I could save the bottoms of the doors. There are a ton of GM extended trucks like mine in the junkyard here and I think I will just get some from there and repaint them. Lastly I included the frame which show how well the por15 attached to the rusty frame and makes it new again. No new cancer has shown up on the frame and I'm very happy about it. I think I will get some por15 and coat the leaf springs however as they are starting to rust in a few spots. I also keep telling myself this is a work truck, so to "patch" the hood and roof. I'm just going to put some vinyl wrap on it to keep it from ever turning into rust as I have said before. I'll get around to it eventually haha. Anyhow sorry not sorry for the book update on Grumpy. Basically just maintenance for now. I have been looking for a front bumper from a 2003-2006 GMC Sierra. I like the look of those bumpers better plus the inside of my front bumper is very rusty. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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