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  1. How-To: Remote Spin-On Transmission Filter Kit.

    I moved my mount to the cross brace near the brake booster. The coolant reservoir for the supercharger mounts to the secondary battery tray. I've switched to a FL400S since the filter is smaller.
  2. The dealer "replaced/fixed" it under warranty. It leaked again within a month of them working on it...So, I fixed it myself for the price of a tube of RTV/silicone. Remove the A pillar trim, grab handle, sun visor, and center upper console. Then you can pull the headliner down enough to get your hands above it. Unplug the 2 plugs, and remove the bolt that holds the ant bracket. I think its 10mm, but it might be 8mm, I don't remember. The bracket only goes on one way, so pay attention. Pull the ant out, clean the sheet metal. I took my ant apart and cleaned and dried it. I silicone the crap out of it, then reinstalled. Hasn't leaked since. I did the 3rd brake light as well, because it'll leak too. The "gasket" on both is foam. Foam gaskets WILL eventually leak. Good luck...
  3. Aftermarket bumpers

    Addictive Desert Designs (ADD) makes the best looking ones, that I've seen. I know some meth heads, I mean welders from Fab Fours. I wouldn't run their sh!t on my truck. I think they're ugly anyway...
  4. Fox 2.0 squeak / creak

    Aluminum here, funny groaning noises when cold in the morning. Otherwise, ok...
  5. Rear Driveshaft Replacement

    70.5" long, 5" diameter aluminum driveshaft from shaftmasters.com. $675+ shipping.
  6. Post this in the 3/4-1 ton section...
  7. The Great Avatar Migration.

    It's absolutely horrible. First letter of the persons screen name, unless they have a pic. Now, we see a sh!t load of letters in different colors.
  8. Blown rear main seal

    Sorry that happened. Whether or not the dealer is right, you're on the hook. Let the sh!t show begin. Of course, Elite is going to say their catch can didn't cause it, couldn't cause it. Dealership is going to say, you're paying for it. And everyone on here is going to give their opinion. You're still going to be on the hook... Good luck.
  9. Video's all over Youtube for door panel removal.
  10. I believe the ball joint shank is different from cast to stamped steel and aluminum arms.
  11. Header install help

    I'd like to see some pics of your set up. I'm trying to decide if I want to invest in an exhaust for my supercharged 5.3...
  12. Header install help

    Well, let us know how it goes, and if you think it's added any power. What are your plans with the Y-pipe?
  13. I've pulled the trans pan twice. Both times, all I used was a ratchet strap around the exhaust and cross member. Tightened the sh!t out of it, and I had enough room to remove the pan. Never touched any bolts on the exhaust or trans mount.
  14. SLP TVS1900 supercharger.

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