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  1. I'm running Cognito's. Seem pretty beefy, no problems yet, keep them greased.
  2. I think thats the engine oil cooler line.
  3. Brand new, fully charged battery put on today, no change. It wasn't a problem with the battery. All grounds have been tested, that I could find.
  4. I agree, I have a charger on the battery, up to 12.8 volts, it's not the problem. I've lost coms to a module(s)/ ECU. calling a dealer Monday morning to get it towed there. I've done everything I know how to do...
  5. 5 yrs old, on the charger now, even though, I doubt thats the issue...
  6. My truck broke down today. Coming home from a kayaking trip, I had to serve pretty hard around a car. I slammed on the brakes, and jerked the steering wheel hard to avoid a collision. I got a chrismas tree on the dash... Service Stabilitrak came on, reduced steering assist, service 4wd system, tach stopped working, oil pressure gauge, volt gauge, coolant gauge all went to low. The radiator fans went to 100% on, no check engine light, at that point though. Pulled over, popped hood and looked around. Shut the truck off, started back up, same problems, almost no power steering. Shut back off, won't restart. Got it towed home and started looking things over. Disconnected the battery for 30 mins. Checked fuses, checked relays, checked the BCM plugs, checked as many grounds as I could find. Now throwing a check engine light, UO100 code, fuel gauge went to low, even though I have a half tank... It says CAL beside the odometer now, instead of the compass. What Now?
  7. I saw one just like that on Facebook Marketplace, last night... Whew...
  8. Looks like the LT4 pump is a little under $800, the LT4 injectors are a little under $600... That's not too bad.
  9. Do any of you guys/gals know the limits of the stock L83 high pressure fuel pump and injectors? Current mods; I have stock exhaust manifolds, stock Y-pipe, an SLP 3" cat back, an SLP TVS1900 supercharger, 6.2 throttle body, huge AEM Filter, and pullied to make 10psi. It's BlackBear tuned as well, AFM turned off. Runs well, just want a little more. Future mods; 3.73 gears. I'd like to go with 1 7/8" long tubes, 3 to 3 1/2" Y-pipe, and 3 1/2" cat back, with some extra resonators, maybe port the blower snout a bit. I'd like to find the smallest aftermarket cam, with a 30+% fuel lobe, and dump the AFM lifters, run valve springs as well. I plan on getting a local tuner (Charlotte, NC) to do some dyno tuning, but more importantly, drivability tuning. Not looking for max power... I'm concerned about the stock L83 injectors and HPFP. The LT4 injectors and HPFP are a bit pricey, but I haven't shopped around too much, just browsed. I can replace the in-tank fuel pump fairly easily and "fairly" cheaply. I can remove the bed with my tractor.
  10. A gentleman on YouTube did it. You have to run the 6.2 springs as well, he lists part numbers in the video. I think it's a 4 part series. Check out his channel, lot of good info on there. Not sure if he's on here or not...
  11. Yes, I have a bypass restrictor. It's a .023 nitrous/fuel pill/nozzle. I've tried a .030, but it came on boost too fast, so I went back to the .023.
  12. Yes, that's exactly right. Hopefully yours will be believe you... Mine didn't, I did it anyway...
  13. No, I don't have any surging. Still shifts like sh!t sometimes, is the only issue I have.
  14. That's a great price. I bought mine from there, exactly one year ago. Paid $4600. Installed it right around Christmas after I got a tune from BlackBear. Took me about 8 hrs to do it, all outside in the driveway. A couple more adjustments from Blackbear has gotten it pretty good. It gets 19 mpg on the highway under 70 mph, about 18 mpg, pushing 80 mph, with 3.08 gears and stock size all terrain tires. On another note, look at the passenger side of the supercharger. See that 1/2" port that's plugged? Run a hose from there over to the brake booster, and get rid of your vacuum pump. Works perfectly.
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