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  1. Thats way too much for a 2014. Id sell you mine with less miles for less than that, and mine's superchargered.
  2. Good to know. I have the TVS1900, pullied to 10psi. Looking to do a small cam, lifters, rocker trunnions, headers and a bigger cat back. Probably going to have to drop in a LT4 pump and injectors at that point.
  3. Thank you. And that's a straight forward swap in? No other parts needed? Does it have 6 mounting tabs? Flex plate drilled for all 6? I know, lots of questions...
  4. I wonder how many dumbass threads like this one are posted on this site? What oil? What trans fluid? What tires? What filter? No wonder all the good members, with good content, hauled ass from here...
  5. I've had a couple people with 0 posts send me messages. If you have 0 posts and are trying to sell me ******, you're a spammer, and fork off...
  6. Any of you guys that did long tubes, have a stock 2014-2018 stock 6.2 y-pipe laying around that you're willing to part with? I'm in Lancaster, SC, about 45 mins south of Charlotte, NC.
  7. The ECM went out on mine, a couple weeks ago. Sat radio antenna leaked, fixed by dealer, leaked the next week. I siliconed it and the 3rd brake light. Vibration issues since new. New driveshaft, new axle shafts, new brake rotors, new tires, out of my pocket. Did it all at the same time, vibrations "mostly" gone. Rear seat rattles, still haven't fixed it, I just leave the seat up, and it doesn't rattle. Transmission shifts like ******. Even after a tune, it's better, but still ain't great... The factory paint suuuuuucks. My old 2014 Silverado, had vibration issues, shifted like crap, antenna leaked. Dealer never fixed any of it. Several dealers...
  8. A top spacer or bottom spacer will ride and handle the same. I had a 2" top spacer on my 2014 double cab, a 2" bottom spacer on my 2015 crew cab. They rode the same, bottom spacer was a little easier to install, less things to unbolt. An alignment was done afterwards to both trucks, no other issues.
  9. I'm running Cognito's. Seem pretty beefy, no problems yet, keep them greased.
  10. I think thats the engine oil cooler line.
  11. Brand new, fully charged battery put on today, no change. It wasn't a problem with the battery. All grounds have been tested, that I could find.
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