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  1. Is the brass and black object on the bottom of the pump assembly, the vacuum switch/solenoid? Does it have a part number? I've been looking for a good vacuum switch/solenoid for my pump setup. I purchased a Cadillac ATS pump for under $100 on Amazon that had good reviews for our similar uses.
  2. What have you done to your K2 today?

    I mounted a Derale 13005 above the secondary battery tray for a remote trans fluid filter. Also gutted and plugged the trans thermostat. Going to drop the stock pan and weld a 3/8" bung and plug this weekend.
  3. Questions about 2016 with 3.08

    I have 3.08's, hate them. Hate the way the truck downshifts on any kind of incline. I'm having 3.73's installed by East Coast in mid Dec. I don't tow now, but plan on buying a 26-30' camper in a couple years. By the way, East Coast quoted me $2300 out the door for the install, front and rear...
  4. Vacuum pump & mechanics

    300 Blackout, Let us know how it works out. I've heard that the aftermarket vacuum pumps can be a little loud, but who knows...
  5. Vacuum pump & mechanics

    Alright!!! Now let's see how much a 2019 electric pump cost at the parts counter or online...
  6. That's exactly what I was thinking of doing when I run a bypass filter.
  7. I ran into the same issue when I pulled my SLP exhaust off to weld in a resonator. I sprayed penetrating fluid into the gap and a dead blow hammer got mine apart.
  8. I'm planning on deleting mine soon. I have the AFM/DOD turned off with a tune. I'm planning on drilling and tapping the back of the intake plenum and using a 3/8" or 1/2" fitting plumbed directly to the brake booster like the pre 2014 5.3's... I may run a vacuum can and check valve....
  9. Absolutely no truth, guy's an idiot. Take it somewhere else...
  10. You'll have to unbolt the u-bolts and lower the axle a little so there is a big enough gap between the bottom of the spring pack and the leafs. Then stick a pair of vise grips in there to hold the leaf spring center bolt head so you can retighten the nut back to spec.
  11. 4.56 gears K2XX 4x4 L83

    Nice. I'm on the fence about having my 3.08's swapped for 4.10's. East Coast Gear Supply quoted me $2316.64 to do it. They're in Raleigh, I'm a 30 mins south of Charlotte, so a 3.5 hr drive.... It'll take 8+hrs to do it.
  12. Edelbrock Supercharger on 5.3

    Can you share where you bought the supercharger that cheap? One time deal, sale, etc...
  13. The rear rotors that you replaced, did you use part# 581032P?

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