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  1. Yukon Axle Shafts Ordered

    The rear rotors that you replaced, did you use part# 581032P?
  2. No, was told by MRT and based on the instruction that came from Fox, they were already set to 1 1/2 - 2" lift from the factory.
  3. I'm thinking about getting a 2018 2500. My daughter is in the Navy, and waiting on her next orders. It's between San Diego and Norfolk. If she gets Norfolk, I'm buying a camper, to go see her and the grandkids on a regular basis. Want a bigger camper, more than the 1500 will pull... If I keep the 1500, I'll take the coilovers off and adjust them....one day...
  4. Maybe it's just me and a few people had/have the problem with no to little lift. The adjustment collar is a split collar with a allen headed bolt to tighten it. Not really supposed to adjust it on the truck. Have to take the coilover off the truck, put it in a shop press, press down on the floating collar, adjust the split collar, and then reinstall on the truck. Screw that...
  5. You can't really adjust them without a wall press. They won't take a spanner wrench. Lot of complaints about that, as well...
  6. Did the install myself, last year. There's a few people on the website that had the same problem as me, no or little lift. Not my 1st rodeo either, done a few lifts/leveling kits on a few trucks over the years. I've had Bilsteins in the past, Radflo's on a Nissan. 1st experience with Fox.
  7. I have a full set that I bought from MRT for around $910ish. I wish I would have went a different route. MRT didn't answer any emails I sent them about this concern. I never contacted Fox directly, based on what others have said, dealing with them. They only raised the truck 1/2" over stock. I had a 1 1/2" leveling block on it before, so I lost 1". When someone asks me now, how I like the Fox's, I always recommend Bilsteins. YMMV...
  8. That's where I'm at. I have an 2015 LS, I've upgraded the steering wheel, and to an IO5 radio. I don't really care about the cluster, would just keep the small one. I just want the wheel controls to work the radio.
  9. Muffler/Exhaust Options

    I have the SLP on my truck. It sounds decent, but I thought it droned a bit too much. I purchased a 3" Vibrant resonator for $85, on Amazon and cut it into the pipe when it comes back down over the axle, same as stock. Fixed about 90% of the drone. Just so you know, the SLP comes with 2 inlet pipes, so you cut it to fit your particular truck. It's an easy install, I did it in the garage on jack stands. It comes with nice band clamps, and seals well. The Vibrant resonator is about an 1" too long for the stock location, so I cut 1/2" off each side and made my cut into the SLP over axle pipe. It slips on the outside of the SLP pipe, and I cut 2 slits into to the inlet and outlet of the resonator. I used U-bolt style clamps, and it worked well. It sealed pretty good and didn't have any leaks or movement, but I went back a few months later, when I got some flux core SS wire for my welder and welded it up permanent. You could get away with not welding if you wanted. I hope that makes sense for you.
  10. He/she gets whipped when it deploys....Ouch. But seriously, I've got mine in the cowl area, under the hood and the reception isn't as good. I'd like to know if someone has a better solution as well.
  11. I have a 2015 CC 5.3 with pedal # 23362231. I've had the truck programed by Black Bear, and the pedal still feels sluggish. Probably the sluggish feeling pedal of any vehicle I've ever owned. My 2014 4.3 pedal felt similar. It's been about my only complaint with the truck. Black Bear tune helped with it, and with the tranny shifting, but not as much as I had hoped for. I guess it's just the nature of the beast(our trucks).
  12. I had a 2014 DC W/T 4.3, 4x4. Traded it for a 2015 CC LS 5.3 4x4. I like the extra room in the cab for passengers, and don't mind the shorter bed. I built a hitch extension and when I use staps from the end of it, to the tie down points in the bed, I can haul 16' lumber decently. I tie a flag to the end of the lumber. The hitch extension has reflectors on it. I have noticed the DC's are usually cheaper the CC's, more than I thought they would be.
  13. Miles Lubricants

    Been running their 0w-20 in my Silverado and 2012 Accord. Seems fine. Bought it on Amazon as well, in 5 gal bucket.
  14. It Has Arrived!!!!!

    This is my 1st post, and let me be the 1st to say; You suck!

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