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  1. Thank you . . And found it by website looking through his profile... its the autosync us what I was looking for
  2. Hey guys I know I read and saw somewhere a module to plug in to unlock and add a bunch of stuff and upgrade the infotainment unit but I can't find it or the name of what it was if someone can help me out that would be awesome Thanks Matt
  3. Hey I got a 2017 sierra has 104xxxkm on it whats the best oil everyone recommends for these truck i have the 5.3 Also do you guys wait for the oil %on the dash to change the oil or do you go 5000k then change it ? Sorry new to the newer vehicles lmao
  4. hey guys whats the best tuner/programmer to go with for 2017 sierra one you can easily switch from eco, performance, tow, etc ... only performance mods on it is full k&n intake and borla s type catback Thanks in advance
  5. If you still have the truck and intrested in doing trades I'm in Canada aswell
  6. Hey guys just wondering if I'm able to use 50w 8ohm resistors for the hyperflash or do I need 50w6ohm ? Thanks Matt
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