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  1. Hey boss! I keep seeing you all over the place on the forums! Lol. I wanted to ask you a question that hopefully you could help me with. I have a 17 RCSB with a 4/8 or 9 drop. Truck came with the flip kit and i just added 2” shackles. Questions is, do you think i need a shock relocation? Right now my driver side shock has a big scrape on it but not sure if it was from a rock or if its rubbing. Also, have you heard of people running the QA1 adjustable shocks on these? My buddy is running them and he loves them but i know those are mostly for older trucks. Last, lol! Do you know the length for shocks for an 8 or 9 inch drop in the rear? I have a broken leg now so cant really go measure. Was hoping youd done enough work on these lol! What do you suggest for my rear setup boss?!



  2. Hello ya’ll! I have a 2017 RCz My truck is on a flip kit and a 2” drop shackle but since idk what brand flip kit it is, not sure if its 6 or 7 inches thats why i asked for both. I’m sure people on here have done the measurements so I wanted to put it out there. Can’t really get under the truck to measure now due to an injury so hopefully i can get some lengths so i can just order some. Also, does anyone know when its recommended to do a shock relocation?! At what drop??
  3. Did you do the lt5 TB yet? I have a 5.3 w all the same mods just havent got around to the ported l86 manifold and ported lt5 tb yet thats the last things i want to do before a possible cam.
  4. Hey guys, maybe this has beed talked about before but i can not find it ANYWHERE! I am looking at adding a 2step to the truck but I can’t find somewhere that says the 2step is specifically for the truck, just camaros and corvettes. Also! Has anyone done it and how easy was it? Also found just one video on it on youtube lol.
  5. Hey guys, so I bought the dsx flex fuel kit so I can run E, but I CAN NOT find a single thread or video on how to install it, I usually don't do major work on my vehicles so maybe this will be too much for me and I can take it to a shop. But can someone who has done it try to explain? Pics as well please. I' m sure i'm not the only one who is having a hard time finding instructions on this. TIA!!!!
  6. What are your numbers with that setup? Did you need a new driveshaft? I heard they can blow if you go over 100?
  7. So I have heard that I should look into changing my torque converter or stall. Can someone help me better understand what that is and why I need to change it? Also, maybe some recommendations. They are telling me this because I just got the truck 2 weeks ago but hopefully by next month ill have Intake, Headers, E85 and a street tune. Can't justify a throttle body or intake manifold, change my mind? lol. But I am new to all of this and they are saying maybe a 3200 stall will be good? no clue. TIA!!! Also, can someone point me in the right direction for info on drive shafts and when I need one.
  8. Thanks guys!!! I also have a buddy who has an 04 sierra with qa1s and he recommended seeing if those will fit this year trucks. Do you guys think they will? I have everyone with older trucks swearing by the QA1s
  9. Whats up guys, new to the truck life, just picked up at 2017 Silverado LT 5.3 it came with 24s and i believe its a 4/6 or a 5/7 drop. But the ride is terrible. Need help, i read some forums on here about belltech or belstein but everyone who recommended them said “i think they are better” or “its a bit nicer” nothing too convincing. Please only recommend something you truly like or love. Also, has anyone tried putting the QA1 shocks from older GM trucks into their new one? People swear by those QA1’s!
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