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  1. When shocks are at an extreme angle, the shock doesn't use it's full stroke. It rides softer and more sloppy Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  2. Shock extenders are better to have because it corrects shock angle
  3. Someone must want some great subs
  4. I'll do 300 shipped for a quick sale
  5. I was going to use these but I have to go a different route. Great sounding 8. Few hours of use on the pair. But not much. 400 shipped for the pair
  6. What did you do about your stock exhaust manifolds and y pipe? The reason I dont want to turbo is because I want to keep all that. As I hate loud exhaust
  7. You also need some sort of module to tame the chime volume when amplifying the signal
  8. Common misconception everyone has. "I dont listen to rap. I listen to rock and just need that nice bass drum kick" a good sub should be able to play everything not just 1 type of music. A subwoofer doesn't know what its playing
  9. This all depends on how good of sound you want. For me it wouldn't satisfy me. You may be ok with it
  10. Get the llj customs module with loop back harness. And you wont have to cut anything It's very necessary and this is the most cost effective way
  11. You need a different module to help tame the pound chimes and blinker volume. Cant just stick any old loc in these truck
  12. I was under the impression he was talking about a drop kit. Not a drop bracket
  13. If you press tow haul button, trans temp pops up
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