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  1. Only in 2018. Im getting parts slowly so it wont be done until probably January. Also becauseimdoing other interior upgrades as well at the moment
  2. This is what imdoing in my regular cab. I got a vin off a 2018 2500hd high country to reference the interior. Its the black high country interior
  3. Friends truck was bought salvaged. Motor qas swapped with another l83. Truck had e85 stock but not sure if the new motor is e85. Is there a code on the block to say and where would it be
  4. K2 underbed notch

    Bump again. Thos works for 07-18
  5. Denali cluster in SLT

    You can get a red or blue cluster the radio shouldnt have to be changed. But the hmi might also if you want factory nav (dont quote me on that
  6. Denali cluster in SLT

    Why do you need to upgrade hmi and radio?
  7. Nasty's 2016 RC Build AKA la bonbon

    If i remember right. You have a 14-15. You need these https://www.kdesignswings.com/store/14-15-SILVERADO-BUMPER-TRIMS-p115979191
  8. Nasty's 2016 RC Build AKA la bonbon

    @pgamboa came through once again. I got his dl3 mirror conversion awhile back which has auto dimming. I wanted to make it work. And of course said lets add a Camaro framless rear view mirror so he go me the harness. Took me all of 40 minutes. And as you can see the mirrors dim
  9. Vinyl wrap

    Nothing matches. But close id use 3m. Not sure the color name. I looked at it. And it wasnt close enough enough for me
  10. For big stuff i use ups. For small stuff i use usps
  11. Its fairly new. I guess it helps with breaking belts so it os better than the first kit
  12. No like sounds like a ball bearing is rattling around in the unit itself. There is a revised kit that put the unit on thr other sideof the engine bay on its own belt. But after what ive personally seen i can get myself to get one

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