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  1. The mystery has finally been solved. 😏
  2. I did. It's getting fixed.
  3. Turns out both the compressor and the battery were bad. Luckily they had the parts on hand.
  4. Thanks for the procedure, txab. I'll give it a shot. It's going to the dealer, but if I can cross that off the list before I take it in, I will.
  5. Did some searching, but not finding anything on this. Maybe I'm not using the right search terms. Anyway, 2015 Silverado, about 25k miles. AC started blowing hot. Drove home and parked it. Figured it was the issue w/the AC lines I've read about over and over. A couple hours later, I go to start it, and it acts like it has a weak battery. Drive to the store and back home. Turn it off and try to restart it... no go. Throw a battery tender on it overnight. Try it this morning and nothing. Start thinking the dead battery may have something to do w/the AC not working. So I removed the negative cable and threw a 'fast charger' on the battery. Let that sit for about 30 mins. Reconnected the negative cable and she reluctantly started up. Now my question is this... Would leaving the negative cable off for that 30 mins reset my climate controls? Or is there a procedure I need to follow? Could the dead battery be the reason why my AC is blowing hot?? I just find it weird that both would happen at the same time. It's still under warranty, but with tomorrow being a holiday I thought maybe I'd look into it a bit since I can't get it to the dealership anyhow. Thanks for any help you can give.
  6. I decided to go with the 3/5 kit. Ordered it yesterday. They're running a sale right now of 5% off and free shipping.
  7. It's the nanny state. I hate it, but kinda wish these people had that feature on their vehicles... http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/child-dies-after-being-left-hot-car-phoenix-2nd-2-n787816
  8. Ooooh yeah, that's why I posted this! I think it was a reflection, but they swear it was lights. Neither took a video, I asked for one when he told me about it.
  9. Not drinking, they're professional athletes going for their morning training. That's what I said. The only way he was gonna believe me was if I posted here and you guys told me he was seeing something.
  10. My neighbor sent me a text earlier and said the lights behind my grille were on this morning. I don't have lights behind the grille (at least to my knowledge.) He came over and pointed to where they were (outside top slots of grille.) Said they weren't super bright, but like a parking lamp. I told him he was crazy, but his friend confirmed he saw lights, too. Both sides. You can look in the grille and there are no visible lights. Were they seeing things?
  11. Same, but with this being my daily, I would like to try to be ahead of any issues. Seems like installation instructions would help with that.
  12. It's a shame they don't come with instructions. Although I'm sure it's pretty straightforward, sometimes there are tips/tricks to this stuff that they probably know that we don't (if we haven't done this before.) Wondering if it's just primer to keep them from rusting, although powder coating would be a plus.
  13. Nice! Are they painted silver? Hard to tell in the photo. I'm assuming they come with instructions. Wondering how good those are. I've heard the McGaughy ones are pretty bad.
  14. So did the kit come in? I still haven't gotten around to ordering mine. Mainly b/c it's really hot here and I don't wanna install it in the heat.
  15. Think they had 4x6" in the dash and rear. Someone may have put speakers in the doors though. It's not uncommon for someone to throw a 6.5" or 5.25" set in there. *All of this is going off my faded memory... so I could be completely wrong.

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