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  1. Qwank's 2017 Regular Cab Z71 build

    got some hood emblems
  2. Yah, that's the wrong one then. Pretty sure the valve cover I took it off of came off of a 2001 Z06, because I have the complete engine in pieces in my garage.
  3. I know the longer Gen 4 engine part number locks in horizontally, I've tried that one a while ago and it didn't work. The Corvette part works though. I jusy had to cut off the top retaining tab, since this elbow only has a lower tab. I can't get it back off without pulling the valve cover otherwise I'd take another picture.
  4. I don't know if you can see the picture, but this locked on straight up the way it should be. It came off of a Corvette LS1. Not sure of the part number.
  5. Factory aluminum 17 spare

    Some of the older trailblazers had aluminum spares, Maybe someone threw one in there before they traded it in
  6. I think it definitely helps and is just as good as a cold air intake.
  7. I litterally put the kit on my truck the way it came out of the box and got a dyno tune. It's all in the tune. The guy I use specializes in LS and LT motors, that's basically all he works on. I even used the stock air box and not the cold air intake that came with the SLP kit. Not sure if I would have made more with the CAI or not. I would definitely get the blower for your daily driver. And get a proper dyno tune for the trailblazer, will make a huge difference.
  8. wow, you're still dealing with this? My truck is making a solid 9.5#. I wonder why yours is so low? Also, I don't know if you saw my thread update, but I got my tune done and it made 460/475 at the wheels.
  9. Qwank's 2017 Regular Cab Z71 build

    nope, I guess he tunes Whipples with 10-12 psi with the stock fuel system all the time. I think I should be able to do 500whp without running out of fuel, so I can probably do headers and be pretty much maxed out. Now, These are SAE corrected numbers. it was 45 degrees out and the observed numbers were around 510/520 before the correction. So I don't know if I'm maxed out now, or what. I'd rather not be maxed out and risk going lean than risking it trying to squeeze every last pony out of it. So I'm probably not going to do headers any time soon at this point. The tuner was really impressed with the numbers. He's a Procharger and Whipple dealer so he wasn't really excited when I told him I went TVS, but now he's considering this blower for his truck since the price is so low and it made good numbers.
  10. Qwank's 2017 Regular Cab Z71 build

    9.5 pounds and 93 octane.
  11. I just made 460whp/475wtq with a tvs1900 supercharger and the stock exhaust manifolds and Y pipe with cats. I did gut out the 3rd cat though. I'm happy enough with the numbers for now that I probably won't do long tube headers until next year at the earliest.
  12. With the miles on the truck I would just put a new engine in it. GM isn't going to want to see the parts. LOL they don't care, they want you to buy a new truck.

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