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  1. I'm looking into this as well right now. It would be nice if they offered a can tune to make it even easier.
  2. It's weird that they put that one piece on chrome on the bottom of the bumper on the LT Z71 trucks. I added an LTZ grille with the 3 chrome slats so it doesn't look so out of place anymore.
  3. Qwank's 2017 Regular Cab Z71 build

    3,682 miles I got the LTZ grill installed this morning. This is how I found it: I had to swap the 3 black painted pieces from my old grille to the new one. It takes a while to do it with out breaking anything, but I like the outcome. Now the chrome piece on the lower part of the bumper doesn't look out of place anymore. In case any one wants the Part number on the grille, it's 84056784
  4. The only way I could see the 7'' perches being different would be because they might set the rear axle at a different pinion angle than the 5/6 kit. It's weird, I have to have a tiny bit of rake, but some people hate it. lol
  5. A flip kit drops you 7''. The only difference in the kits is that the 5 or 6 inch kit comes with lift hangers to raise the rear back up to a 5 or 6 inch drop from the 7'' the flip kit gives you.
  6. Qwank's 2017 Regular Cab Z71 build

    We have a body shop here. Sometimes I find stuff that I can make work even if it's broken
  7. Qwank's 2017 Regular Cab Z71 build

    It's the Z71 LTZ grille so it's different from yours
  8. Qwank's 2017 Regular Cab Z71 build

    quick picture from the gas station tonight. I also found and LTZ grille in the Dumpster at work. So I have a project for this weekend now.
  9. What didn't you like about it?
  10. anyone using McGaughy's Air bag helper kit, 34049?
  11. Audio upgrade options

    I haven't seen it anywhere yet
  12. Subwoofer help

    I put a JL Audio Micro sub plus in my Regular cab, It sounds great. I would go with some JL audio subs or Alpine type-Rs
  13. 2018 5.3L engine knock

    Good techs are hard to find these days. As shop foreman of the dealer I work at, I have to constantly QC everyone's' work before the customers pick their vehicles up. Unfortunately, as busy as we are I can't get to every vehicle, and I see stuff like this happen all the time. Glad they are taking care of it for you.
  14. it looks like you send your ECM to Edelbrock and they flash it for you

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