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  1. those will not fit L83. The L83 gaskets are black not red, also they say 5.3L on them where yours say 6.2L .
  2. 6,600 miles. Nothing new, just some pics from last week and this weekend I reinstalled my Roll pan because it came un-taped in the corners. I'm really thinking about getting the New Corvette though, So I might only have this a couple more years. We'll see.
  3. Finally getting around to Audio in this thing. I'm not going anywhere near as crazy as I did in my Silverado I installed a Double Din Alpine W650 today, because I wanted Android Auto. I find it so convenient in my Silverado so I'll probably be installing it in all of my vehicles at some point. I also added a set of Alpine Type-S 6.5 components in the front. I never use rear speakers, so there's nothing hooked up back there. Anyways, since my '99 Blazer came with a 1.5 din radio, I needed a couple of parts to convert to double din. A double din radio bezel out of a '03+ S10 or Blazer, or Olds Bravada. and a radio bracket adapter out of the Olds Bravada. I got lucky and found a Bravada at my local junk yard with everything I needed for $30. Here's the bracket you need installed in my truck: and here's the radio in the bracket, it lines it up perfectly. you need to do a little trimming to the dash support to get it to fit, i took a picture of the Bravada with the bracket removed for reference. and everything installed with the new double din bezel. I couldn't find one in light gray, but charcoal doesn't look bad with my interior either. And I swapped the Infinity basslink out of my old Blazer. I got this thing for free years back, and it actually sounds decent.
  4. My muffler rotted off last week, so I installed a Flowmaster 44 that I had in the garage with a new Walker tailpipe from Rock Auto.
  5. That JL stuff is great, I didn't use the TWK , but my JL amp does everything else that it does besides the signal correction.
  6. I got the letter and my truck is a 2017. I don't have a vacuum pump anymore though
  7. Yah, that's the wrong one then. Pretty sure the valve cover I took it off of came off of a 2001 Z06, because I have the complete engine in pieces in my garage.
  8. I know the longer Gen 4 engine part number locks in horizontally, I've tried that one a while ago and it didn't work. The Corvette part works though. I jusy had to cut off the top retaining tab, since this elbow only has a lower tab. I can't get it back off without pulling the valve cover otherwise I'd take another picture.
  9. I don't know if you can see the picture, but this locked on straight up the way it should be. It came off of a Corvette LS1. Not sure of the part number.
  10. Some of the older trailblazers had aluminum spares, Maybe someone threw one in there before they traded it in
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