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  1. I just saw a video of one on facebook with this noise
  2. There's not much room to install them on the SE Y pipe though
  3. Oh that's shitty. I haven't seen any other kits besides the single belt, left side mount.
  4. Software Update

    One of the Equinoxs on the lot just had this update on Friday. Unfortunately, it happened right before a customer was going to test drive it and the sales dept couldn't figure out why the car wouldn't start. I never personally saw what happened but they said the car would not start until the update was done. I see this could be a problem for some people if the system decides to update at an inconvenient time
  5. Is your truck a Z71? if so those are the standard tires on the 20'' Z71 wheels and shouldn't cost more money. If it's not a Z71 the standard tires are Continentals and if you compared the tread on them to those, you would see why those are considered All-terrain.
  6. That's an All-Terrain tire according to GM
  7. I don't think they sell a catted option. They say you can use their headers with any aftermarket header Y pipe, But I've also read where some don't fit.
  8. I like noisy, that's one of the pros
  9. Speed Engineering sells a whole true dual exhaust, Headers to tail pipe for $750-$1000 depending what options you get
  10. Thanks, I'll watch the site for any deals. Still debating between Whipple or Procharger. Both have pros and cons.
  11. I was just going to suggest speed engineering also. Good stuff for little money. The guys over at Performance trucks have good luck with them.
  12. It's rumored that the new 550hp twin turbo Cadillac V8 will make it into the next Escalade
  13. That's good to hear. If I find a deal on a Supercharger I'm going to grab one for sure.

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