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  1. That's really all he's going to get without meth or fuel upgrades
  2. GM Factory Catch Can

    it's bolted in between the waterpump and block, and it drain back into the oil pan h
  3. It won't come out. The metal shavings are extremely hot when this happens and burns into the painted surfaces. You'll have to replace or refinish the wheel and possible repaint the area on the truck that's damaged. If you're lucky you might be able to cut and buff the paint.
  4. yes, they make a kit for each control arm style. aluminum and stamped steel are the same kit. and it's the lower control arms that have the different ball joint sizes.
  5. I see it happen all the time on 3'' level kits. the arms are just not designed to handle those angles. Get the correct control arms.
  6. No, return it and get the correct kit for stamped steel arms, the stamped steel lower control arms on the 18 use a larger, heavy duty ball joint, same as the aluminum arms.
  7. Qwank's 2017 Regular Cab Z71 build

    Starting installed my AEM air fuel gauge today. I really didn't feel like removing the Y pipe in my garage unless I was going to install headers, so I removed the left wheel well and hoped for the best. I drilled a hole, put the o2 bung in, angled it a little bit so condensation won't build up in the sensor and welded it up. It was tough to get the welder in there so it's pretty ugly, but it doesn't leak and it works.
  8. Qwank's 2017 Regular Cab Z71 build

    It's running but I haven't driven it except to pick up that air compressor, since the tune isn't finished
  9. Qwank's 2017 Regular Cab Z71 build

    Not yet, I haven't finished installing the Air Fuel gauge. Hopefully I'll have time to work on it tomorrow .
  10. Here's two pics of mine when it was 2/4 to help you out, one with 18s, one with 22s
  11. The 6.2L and the much better looking tailgate and taillights seal the deal for me
  12. Qwank's 2017 Regular Cab Z71 build

    It looks like this, I'll get the exact size https://www.clipsandfasteners.com/Square-Head-Nylon-Push-In-Nut-8-Thread-p/a10305.htm
  13. Qwank's 2017 Regular Cab Z71 build

    Here's a pic off the install instructions. It just goes in the slot for the top clip. The screw is a long sheetmetel screw. I'll measure it next time I pull it out. h

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