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  1. not my truck but was a loaner-I went with a black Z71- everything goes with black-I just wasn't sure I wanted to go out with an 'unusual' color-but I still like it
  2. I just finished the install of my grill lights and thought members might like a look
  3. Thanks for all the input-I attached a photo of how I did the lights on my 2018 Silverado-I think they look great. I noticed that the grill had nice round design in the grill and with the 3/4 inch amber lights from Amazon-of course they wouldn't fit-too small. So I used a 3/4 inch piece of PVC pipe and sliced off about 3/8 inch slab then inserted that into a same slice of 3/4 elbow or connector which gave me the right diameter. I sprayed the PVC with black paint--I used black JB weld RV sealant to secure the pieces into the grill-You cannot see the JB unless you get your face right into the grill. Wiring was the tough part as the inside of that area is totally sealed except for a tiny corner up top. I love the way it looks. Now I gotta figure out the grill on my 2020 silverado
  4. curious-I notice on Amazon there arent very many good reviews for the lights you used-as I am looking to do the same on my silverado-did you have any trouble with the wires being thin fragile etc on the lights??
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