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  1. Getting ready to buy a 2021 Jayco Pinnacle 5th. One option on it is DISC BRAKES.... Will my factory 2020 GMC AT4HD 3500 be able to control these brakes??
  2. How large of USB have you been able to use?? I'm going to try 32G and see if it can support them. Thx....
  3. Any special format or special way that the files need to be in??
  4. OK, we have the truck and use it to RV in a lot of remote locations. Not going Sat for this one! Need a little better instructions for setting up a USB thumbdrive??? DETAILS PLEASE??
  5. OK, I'll chime in here! Our '20 got here yesterday. I've formatted the USB thumbdrive NTFS as stated by GM. Now, how do I load it? Song by song, album, by artist ????????? Can the hardware find the songs if they are in sub folders???
  6. Looking for replacement side marker fender smoked lenses?????
  7. Best guess as to time from 3400 to 5000.....???
  8. Is there a website I can go to and track my truck with these codes???
  9. I simply asked for a measurement. My truck has not been delivered yet.
  10. What is the bed box sides height, to the ground, on the 3500 AT4 standard bed?
  11. I did read this article as to the 12" unit...……. AAM 14 Bolt, Rear Differential Cover 2019 and Newer In Development, PML Part Numbers 11173 and 11176 Availability: We have a few covers machined with the new bolt hole pattern available. Call PML at 310-671-4345 if interested. Please sign up for our mailing list. 2019 and newer trucks now have a new version of the American Axle Manufacturing (AAM) 14 bolt differential. The shape and bolt hole pattern are very similar to the pre–2019 covers. Pictures of the new stock cover and new and old gaskets. Gasket for this new differential is GM part number 68454491AA. Click on image to view larger in a new tab or window. We have heard this has a 12 inch ring gear. To make covers for this differential, we are using the castings of PML part number 11147 and updating the bolt hole locations. Applications We have seen this new differential on 2019 and newer Ram 2500 and 3500 and 2020 GM 2500 and 3500 trucks. For pre–2019 trucks with the AAM 11.5, 11.8 differential, see PML Part Numbers 10361 (Ram 3500), 11147 (Ram 2500) or 9511 (GM trucks).
  12. The parts house will sell you anything that will "FIT" your truck. What comes as a STOCK order and what comes as a SPECIAL ORDER will be up to you when you order. I will call the service department and ask what they show, as to the options available.
  13. As I read it, all the 3500 Diesel models will be a 12".... "Across the board, rear axles have larger, stronger components than ever before in order to both increase gross axle weight ratings (GAWR) and effectively deliver as much torque to the ground as possible. This upgraded driveline includes new, larger, more robust front and rear axles, a standard 11.5-inch ring gear on 2500HD models, and a massive 12-inch ring gear on 3500HD diesel models. Additionally, the Sierra 3500 Heavy Duty does not need to limit torque in first gear, allowing it to transmit all of its trailer-pulling power to the wheels from a standing start."
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