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  1. I believe the size is very similar just different materials and styling.
  2. However it looks as tho the Sierra and Silverado HD share a large number of panels this go around. I guess that’s how they minimize cost.
  3. This is exactly my point. All I’m saying is a pickup is designed for a specific market. And that market doesn’t allow for a crazy high selling price. Average transaction price of a pickup is in the 40k neighborhood. Your semi is 150k plus. That extra 90k goes an awful long way to r&d and creature comforts. Now sell a 3/4 or 1ton for 150k and I bet they’d be on par with each other. I’m also sure they wouldn’t sell at all. It wouldn’t make sense to spend billions on r&d and not get a return on it. As far as the creature comforts that are in your semi... they sure as hell better be there for the asking price. All I’m saying is your not comparing apples to apples. Listen I know I’m getting you all rev’d up (pardon the pun) but there is obviously a reason every manufacturer on earth hasn’t figured this out yet. And if you think it is so easy to accomplish then I’m sure you’ll have your pick of oem’s to work for because the first manufacturer to accomplish it will dominate in sales. I read this forum almost every day and I agree with you on most every issue but to say oem’s can achieve a far better fuel economy number and just choose not to isn’t real world. There are other factors there we may not be seeing.
  4. So let’s ask this question. You constantly rant on here about how your semi is far superior to a pickup in all aspects of driving. Why do you even own a pickup. Shouldn’t you, by your claims, be driving a semi as a daily driver. Probably not. There are all kinds of reasons why that would be impractical. Also, the big rig semi oem’s have way more incentive to increase fuel mileage and the customer would gladly pay for better fuel economy because it affects their bottom line. The average consumer on a pickup wouldn’t pay a premium for fuel economy, as I’ve seen you argue in the diesel vs gas issue. You personally bought a gas instead of a diesel because the diesel, even tho it gets far better fuel economy, won’t pay for itself for a long time. There is a business decision that is being made here and on a consumer pickup, fuel economy isn’t as important for most as other features may be. You already have a option for better fuel economy in a diesel version of the same truck and as you know those sell about 30% to gas 70%. Not saying that you are wrong about it being possible, just not practical. This isn’t a case of “if you build it they will come“.
  5. I really can’t believe these comments. If a manufacturer had the ability to make a truck that would blow away the competition in mpg do you really think they would just say, “naw, I don’t want to give the people what they want.” No. I’m not saying a better fuel economy isn’t possible but there has got to be a limiting factor. Its either too expensive and people wouldn’t buy it. Or not been proven to be reliable and they would have too much in warranty repairs. The epa and governmental agencies are breathing down all auto manufacturers necks to improve mpg and to say that they can make it better and just refuse to do it is ridiculous.
  6. Thanks for all the feedback guys... I’m pretty sure I’m gonna go gas but may hold out to see if the put in the 10spd next year. My truck only has 29k miles on it and I don’t need to get a new one right this second. I’ll see where incentives go and maybe see how the first year of the 6.6 L8T goes. Prices of these things have almost gotten out of hand.
  7. How’s your mpg been on the new 6.6? Haven’t really found much info on them in the real world yet.
  8. Gasser seems to be the way to go... plus there’s a lot of towing tech on the higher trims that would be advantageous when I do tow. I just really which they put the 10 speed on the new 6.6 gas. Maybe 2021
  9. I’m not asking about gas vs diesel... we all know the diesel pulls better. Let’s not turn this into one of the countless other threads about that. What I want to know is, if you had xxxxxx dollars to spend and those dollars can get get you a fully loaded Denali gasser or a decently optioned SLE diesel, which would you buy? I drive about 3 miles per day to and from work. I tow about 10000 lbs maybe 8-10 times during the summer. (Family trips to the lake.) I know I’d love the diesel for towing but I also know I’d love the tech and options for my daily driving. I have a 2016 6.0 SLE now and put maybe 8k miles a year on the truck. What would you do?
  10. My average tank on my 6.0 is 11.2 and it’s mostly in town. I’d say 80% in town. But even on the hwy unloaded I’d be lucky to see 14/14.5 mpg. So 16.7 sounds a lot better.
  11. Looks like they changed their minds. Would look better with painted caps. Probably cost cutting.
  12. Was that 9.8mpg towing your travel trailer? And at what speed do you normally tow if it was. I can get about 8 mpg towing 9000lbs doing about 60-63 mph in a 2016 6.0. If you can get 9.8 at 70 that’d be a pretty decent boost in fuel economy.
  13. I drove one the other day. It was a LT Silverado. I drive a 16 6.0 gmc sle now and I can say you can definitely feel the extra torque. How that will translate into towing I’m not sure but I could tell a difference. I also notice that the truck over all seemed much more fleshed out, or smoother. On the short drive I took, the transmission shifted extremely smooth and I couldn’t feel any driveline clunk like I get in mine sometimes. (That could be because it’s brand new.) I got on the highway and was doing 85 without realizing it (also no Chevy shake at all). I only drove about 25 miles so I didn’t really get a good sense of the mpg, plus the truck only had 5 miles on it when we left so mpg is probably not that great yet. Overall I was impressed by it. I really want to compare towing with my travel trailer, hoping the 6.6 will out perform my 6.0. I am optimistic and if they throw a 10 speed behind it I’ll trade the 6.0 in pretty quickly.
  14. Yeah... the 2020 1500’s have it. So maybe the 2021 hd’s will too.
  15. My same thoughts. I have a 16 gasser now. I just want the 10 speed and adaptive cruise and I’ll probably pull the trigger.
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