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  1. Inflation is 3% per year. 53k in 2010 is 57600 in 2015. Add that 6.2 your up to 61k. Then factor in all the options on your truck that weren’t even available in 2010. It may still be slightly more but not 20%. As for the transaction prices.... when you compare crew cab denali’s and at4’s (which is all that was available for most of the year) to a full range of trims and cabs, of course they will be higher. Once the reg cab wt and sle’s start getting factored in I’m willing to bet it won’t be much different than previous gen.
  2. Aluminum?

    https://www.automobilemag.com/news/2020-chevrolet-silverado-hd-heavy-duty-price-photos-specs/ 5th paragraph: “While the half-ton full-size GM pickups adapted mixed-material construction for 2019 in order to cut weight, the HD Silverado sticks with all steel for its ladder frame and body.” No aluminum. I also heard one of the engineers say it but can’t locate the video right now.
  3. 2020 GMC Sierra HD AT4 Images and Details

    Is it just me or would the grill surround look better in white (body color) instead of the black? Kinda like the 1500. In my mind it does. Someone should photoshop that.
  4. It’s amazing that not a single person at the dealership has any idea about the features of one of the largest volume models chevy sells. Just proves that the consumer has to educate themselves cause the people there to “help” don’t have a f”&[email protected]@$) clue!
  5. Hahahahah... someone at GMC screwed up... they have taken the photo down from gmc.com. Guess it wasn’t supposed to be released yet. Supposedly they are revealing at the Houston auto show at 7:15pm. We’ll see.
  6. I don’t think NAIAS is what it used to be. Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Porsche, Jaguar, Land Rover all skipped the show this year. I believe manufacturers are all deciding to reveal their new models on their own and avoid having to compete for attention. Just my observation but I don’t think GM dropped the ball... Yet😜
  7. I have a 2016 Sierra 3/4 ton with the 6.0. I don’t pull a fifth wheel but do pull a travel trailer that weighs about 9400# when fully loaded. Truck and trailer weigh about 17500 combined when traveling. I’ve traveled about 4000 miles this year with the trailer and I average about 7.5-8 mpg pretty consistently. Love the truck and have not come across anything she couldn’t handle while traveling. Hope this helps!
  8. Which cover are you entering to win? 14-ON Chevy/GMC Full Size 1500 6’ 6” Box Tell us why the LOMAX cover is perfect for your truck? I think this cover would be perfect because it’s got all the features I need and I love the low profile design. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my truck and I love to sleek clean look this cover gives the truck. What features are most important to you when buying a tonneau cover, why? Most important would be water tight. My family and I love to go camping and usually spend about 60 nights a year in our camper. We have a travel trailer and there isn’t a lot of exterior storage so I need to keep tools, chairs and other camping items dry. Second would be for security. As I said I do leave tools and other items in the bed of my truck when we are camping and I need to know someone can’t easily get into the bed. Do you have a tonneau cover on your truck? If so, which cover is it? Why are you looking for a change? Yes, I have a Gator brand bi-fold hard tonneau cover. I am looking for a change because I do not like the bi-fold (my fault... should have done more research) and this particular cover seems to dent with anything that drops on it. My truck has never seen hail but if you saw my tonneau cover you’d swear my truck was totaled in a hail storm. What do you use your truck for? Mostly daily driving and of course to pull my camper, but also some yard work and helping friends move stuff (you suddenly have more friends when you get a truck). Thanks
  9. Chevy Teases Photo of 2020 Silverado 3500HD

    Looks good so far. It looks like they will be changing the styling for the 3/4, 1 ton trucks which I like a lot. Always wanted them to be easier to differentiate. Don’t know why just my taste I guess.
  10. Is it just me or is everyone super negative about this release. After seeing the trail boss did anyone really think GM was going to put out a heavily modified off road truck? People keep saying they should make something to compare to the raptor or the trd pro or zr2... if they did you’d be bitching about how “new Sierra is just a raptor knock off”. Can’t win. If you want a raptor GO BUY ONE and join a ford forum. In my opinion, I like it. It seems to be a little more like the Denali as far as options and tech but without all the godawful chrome everywhere. I like the idea that I can get the features I like without buying a Denali. All this being said without ever seeing one in person, as I’m sure nobody complaing about it on here has.
  11. Me too! I thought it was just me. When those get extended out they’re gonna look like a dodge. Ugly. But probably won’t stop me from buying one😬
  12. Got another email with a new teaser!
  13. I like it so far. I hope to like it better than the Silverado. Some special features for the Denali would be nice.
  14. Backup assist?

    Awwww... that would make sense. Looks like the mode selector in the acadia.
  15. Anybody else catch the knob above the 4wd selector buttons? It looks an awful lot like fords backup assist. Maybe some tech they haven’t announced yet? Guess we’ll find out soon enough!

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