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  1. Well from experience: I have a 2016 gas sle 2500 hd that I paid $40000 for. I just recently started looking at upgrading and got a trade value from my local dealer of $33500. 6500$ loss over 4 years isn’t too bad. Msrp when new was $51500. Statistically used diesels will sell for more money than used gas but used gas will hold a higher percentage of original msrp than a diesel will. So people will always say diesel resale for more but realistically the gas holds more value. Do a comparison on kbb for any trim truck you desire and price it with a diesel and then a gas. The diesel will be about 6-7k more than the gas but that diesel cost 10k more when new.
  2. I’d roll the dice. With supply ramping back up the incentives will most likely get better. And maybe they will stop excluding the AT4 from all the rebates. That’s what I’ve been waiting for. I really like the At4 over the Denali.
  3. Donlen shows start of production on 9/28/2020. So October is probably a stretch. I’d say November/December. Just curious why you’d wait on a 2021. At that trim package you’d only be missing wireless Apple CarPlay/android auto. And you could go get an AT4 here in the next few weeks. They are starting to show back up at dealers now. https://www.donlen.com/buildstart-trucks-gm.html
  4. I understand being upset but did you even look at the truck before you paid 60k for it. A simple walk around and test drive would have shown all these problems if they where there when you signed your name. have you contacted your insurance carrier? Sometimes they will help fight these things for you or at least get you in contact with someone who will. I’m having a hard time believing that 4 dealers, General Motors, and a lawyer is telling you to go eff yourself
  5. I don’t know who the “thugs” from Fox News are. My point was that these trucks that have the huge lift and stickey outty wheels, which are often purchased as mall crawlers and not for their intended purpose, can’t be factored into the resale conversation because their prices are inflated disproportionately to a stock truck.
  6. I’m not real sure I follow your comment. And what does this have to do with Fox News?
  7. You are missing the meat of this conversation and you can disagree all you want but the factual data is real. If you buy two identically equipped trucks, one with the gas and one with the diesel, drive them the same miles and then sell them. The gas will sell for a larger percentage of the original msrp. As an example look up a 2017 denali with 40000 miles on KBB or NADA. Price it with gas then Diesel and you’ll see that they are about 6k different in price. When purchased new those two trucks are 10k different. So you’ll loose 4K more than the gas version. Now if you want the talk about all the Bro trucks out there with the lift and wheels, most all of those are diesels and most all of those trucks are ridiculously overpriced because the only people buying them are not able to afford the modifications without adding it into a loan that they also can’t afford.
  8. I don’t think I’d let a dealer drill a camera into the back of my camper. They can’t even fix a leaky rear window on their own product. From what I hear that is a really bad problem with these new trucks
  9. Just curious... how are the cameras attached to the trailer. Drilled in? Adhesive? I’m really wanting one of these new trucks cuz I go camping a lot but the corona got everything on hold.
  10. For sure... the only person that matters in your deal is you. If he’s happy then that’s all that matters. I know I’ve payed more than I should have before. Probably won’t make that mistake again. My point is more directed at dealers that triple the cost of that stuff. I mean I know they need to make money but [email protected]*k
  11. So I’m really not trying to be a dick here but are these options really worth roughly 14-16k? You can easily get a 2019 for 15-16k off sticker right now. A lift, wheels and tires, and steps surely can’t be that expensive. I see dealers do this shit all the time and it’s crazy to me that people overpay for what could be done after the purchase for maybe 6k and that’s if you don’t do the work yourself.
  12. You are using the Bluetooth for music only. This has been available on gm trucks for years. What OP is talking about is android auto or Apple CarPlay which turns your center stack display into your phone display. You are able to use some apps directly off of your trucks screen. Google maps, Apple Maps, waze, pandora, phone app, etc. to do this you have to plug in your phone to one of the USB ports. If you try this in your truck you will see the app show up on you center stack. OP is wishing for this functionality to be wireless, which the 2021 Tahoe and Yukon will have when they are released.
  13. Care to tell us where this info is coming from? Everything I’ve seen contradicts that statement.
  14. I was thinking next year they will discount more. This year has had supply limitations because of strike and demand for the new model. Plus we are still only 8 months into this brand new redesign. Just a hunch because I have no evidence to prove it but 2019 1500 was the same, not much discounting until the 2020 hit. Now you can get a 1500 any way you want it for 13-15k off anytime of year.
  15. That build is almost exactly how I want one. I bet you can get out the door under 55 for sure. The only hold up would be timing. Model year 2021 is scheduled to start Production on August 30th and order acceptance on July 27th (according to Donlen) so any incentives that are out In October may not be available to the 2021 trucks. That said I’m sure Laura’s discount would be close to 10k off before incentives
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