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  1. Is it a different part number than the one that was out about a month ago?
  2. What did you hate about the soft roll up?
  3. https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/ Pretty sure these guys can do a lot of this stuff...
  4. 2019 Ford's do as well. Maybe it's new regulations?
  5. Can whiteautomedia do what you are looking for?
  6. So after 17 weeks my dealer finally got allocation...only to find out there's now constraints on driver alert package 1? Which means I can't get the package 2 either or the sunroof apparently. Getting super discouraged.
  7. I ordered 12/28... Still at 1100. Dealer says they get a bunch of allocations mid March... Wonder how.lojg till I get a row...
  8. Looks nice. I ordered same color and model. What vent visors did you go with? New wheels already it looks like?
  9. Trying to understand this... Is the pedal monster not the same as just pushing the skinny pedal a bit further?
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