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  1. Trying to understand this... Is the pedal monster not the same as just pushing the skinny pedal a bit further?
  2. Wait...they don't have a tpm in the spare? My 2006 Toyota has one in the spare...
  3. For reference How much do y'all weigh where they are bothering you?
  4. Thanks redwngr... Hopefully mine will be buried enough to not bother me
  5. How difficult was that? I didn't want the vibration but it was the only way to get the HUD so I ordered it that way ... haven't got it yet tho
  6. Basketcase, If that works I'm sure there would be a lot of people curious on what was done to get it to work!
  7. I ordered 12/28/2020 and last week it went to 1100... And still there... What is going on? It's one of the higher volume places around me... I'm in Canada if that makes a difference
  8. I believe I read somewhere that those ones were painted stainless steel...so at least they won't rust... hoping what I read was accurate.
  9. Why are you removing those ones? I think those are some of the better looking ones....
  10. Fellow Canadian here, my truck is on order so I don't have any input but want to stay informed... Good luck!
  11. Well only 8 votes so far but more than half leaking... Not a good start to the poll...
  12. Wow I figured this poll would get a lot more traction than this...
  13. Ordered my 21 AT4 a couple weeks ago, trying to anticipate what I'm gonna be up against!
  14. Pretty sure you can get rear seat entertainment as an official accessory?
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