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  1. I have am interesting situation on my 2021 3500. we recently purchased an iphone 13 and have paired it to the truck's infotainment system. when we receive a call all is well. the voice comes through the truck speakers. but when we make a call we can here the phone ringing but when the person picks up we cannot here them but they can here us. in a few seconds the call gets disconnected. what are we doing wrong?
  2. I guess I don't understand then why these 17"s I have off a 2011 wouldn't work on my 2021. after putting them on I don't see how any 17" wheel would work. the wheel fit but just barely. the caliper housing rubbed the inside of the wheel. the housing went inside the wheel a good bit so you'd need a large spacer or a completely different wheel offset for it to work. I see some others saying that 17" wheels are standard on various models but no place can I find that as an option for a 2021 or 2022. https://www.gmfleet.com/trucks/chevrolet-silverado-2500hd-3500hd/3500hd/build-and-price/exterior https://www.wheel-size.com/size/chevrolet/silverado-3500-hd/2020/
  3. the payload during the winter doesn't matter to me. before this truck I had a 2011 f 350 which did come stock with the 265 70 17's, hence why I am trying to use my 17" tires I used on the Ford during the winter. so if I understand what you are saying is that some 20/21's Chevys come with 17" wheels. after trying the 17"'s from my buddy's 2011 I just don't see how any 17" wheels are going to fit on this truck. the wheel went on and over the caliper but it was so tight it was rubbing. I thought about spacers or different offset wheel but after trying them I don't see either of those as an option. so I guess if I want to run a winter set of tires I'll need to buy another set of 18" wheels and new 18" tires. ugh.
  4. well I tried the 17" from my buddy's 2011. no dice. rubs the calipers. so I guess I'm stuck looking for another set of 18's to run in the winter.
  5. I have the wheels I got from a buddy. I'm gonna pull one of mine off and put one of those on and see what it looks like. there's enough clearance now that I can get my fingers between the wheels and the calipers so IDK.
  6. in 2021 the only options available on the 3500 are 18" and 20". at least that what I'm seeing. but I'm no expert so I may be wrong.
  7. does anybody know if I can put rims 17" rims from a 2011 2500 on my 2021 3500? I know the bolt pattern is the same and the offset is identical but I wasn't sure if the 17"'s would clear the brake calipers.
  8. I'm sure somewhere some place somebody did something to cause the manufacturers to make stupid safety features that cause most normal people headaches. in my opinion these "safety" features end up causing more accidents in the end because people try to rig their own go around which ends up usually being more dangerous than the original thing they're trying to fix.
  9. I thought I probably did try pulling it at least twice but I guess not. I have to go try this now.
  10. I didn't know about the double handle pull from inside. thanks guys. I still would like to be able to disable this.
  11. I did read that in the manual. I thought I read someplace that the dealer could do it ny reprogramming . I had a 2011 Ford f 350 prior to this Chevy and I was able to disable it in the Ford. I really hate that feature.
  12. hi everyone I'm new to the forum and also new to Chevy trucks. I recently purchased a 2021 3500 silverado and have a question on how to stop the doors from automatically locking when the truck is put in drive. I find this very annoying that I need to put the truck in park to open the door. can anyone help me? thanks
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