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  1. Congrats fellas! I know I love mine too. The only issue nowadays is finding one still on a dealership lot!
  2. You will love the tech package. I didn't think much about the cameras initially but I use them a lot now.
  3. Let us know how it goes as I am leaning towards purchasing this kit also.
  4. For me I wanted to be able to stream music and other things on my phone without having to worry about data limits and getting a call from IT about the bill. I also have Verizon and not AT&T so that wasn't a option. The wifi seems to pick up better than my cell service does anyways.
  5. Great color! I like those steps and the fact it has the painted flares.
  6. Yeah, I probably wouldn't let them touch mine again either!
  7. I would probably do more research on here first before deciding. There are many people on here who have 35" tires with just leveling kits or slightly higher. Your trail boss also has larger wheel openings to easily allow larger tires compared to my AT4.
  8. I would agree with this statement. I went from 22" snowflake wheels on my last truck to 18" wheels on this one and the ride is much better. I would try to find some of the 20" factory black wheels.
  9. That is the surest fix I know! I am on my 3rd GMC truck since 2007 but have been pretty lucky so far. If you hear something that is me knocking on wood........
  10. I have one as well as it came on my 2020 carbonpro and I agree that the sound is not as good as expected. I guess it's fine for what it is but it doesn't have much bass at all and I would agree that i wouldn't spend that much money to add it after the fact.
  11. Have you considered the Zone offroad 1.75" kit for AT4 and Trailboss? It's the kit I have been looking at for a while. It's an all top mount spacer system to help eliminate the contact with the cv boot. If you read the details of the kit, they actually suggest the full kit for an AT4 but to leave out one of the spacers on a Trailboss as the rake is not as bad. https://zoneoffroad.com/1.75-Leveling-Kit-2019-Chevy-TrailBoss_and_Sierra-AT4/c1171
  12. If it's the AT4 lift is will be 2" all around...............
  13. How about a factory cold air intake? Factory Off-Road Assist Steps?
  14. I had this same debate myself as I was coming from a 2013 Denali and was used to having the nicer features. The 6.2 and technology package were some things I really wanted and were available in both trucks but I was ready to be up higher off the ground and preferred the exterior accents of the AT4. I was also able to get the features I wanted in the AT4 for less than I would have paid for the Denali.
  15. I actually prefer the "carpeted" wheel liners as they seem to keep everything cleaner. My wife's Escalade has it but my 2013 did not so I am happy to have it on my 2020 AT4 carbonpro. Since my truck has the carbonpro bed though the liners are only on the front.
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