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  1. Well after doing lots of research I discovered the Flowmaster Outlaw stainless dual exhaust system for the 6.6 gas and took the plunge. It was delivered on Friday and hope to get it installed over the next couple of weeks and will update everyone on how it goes.
  2. For those interested, I just got an email from Magnaflow that their street series cat-back exhaust system is available again for the 6.6 gas engine. I need to go make some money....
  3. If you put 3500 rear springs on a 2500, would everything else be the same besides the tire pressure mentioned?
  4. What size tires are those? Switching to Ridge Grappler's when my factory ones wear out.
  5. What do you think about the MBRP set-up? I have been looking at it a lot lately and curious about installation and sound.
  6. I was told by my local dealer that the pad swap is supposedly only covered to around 7,000 miles but they think they can get mine covered even though it has roughly 15,000. I am sure this is dependent on how much the dealer wants to take care of their customers.
  7. I have a 21' 2500 Chevy High Country now but my previous truck was a 20' 1500 AT4 with the kicker in the tailgate. The sound was awful on that thing and it would only be good for listening to podcasts. It would not sound good for music. Save your money and use a good Bluetooth speaker.
  8. I was looking for an AT4 3 months ago but they were hard to find and I lucked up on a 2021 2500 High Country with the gas engine. It pulls our 37' travel trailer great so I would go with the more options and get the AT4 as the gas engine will serve you fine.
  9. Your story is almost exactly the same as mine even down to the previous truck. The rear springs on my AT4 now look like a couple of drinking straws compared to the rear springs on my 2500 HD High Country. Such a much better tow!
  10. My 2021 Chevrolet 2500 High Country started doing the same thing a few weeks ago except I have the power up and down tailgate so it was trying to go up by itself as well. I took it to the local dealership and they said the switch looked like it was a corroded and ordered a replacement. They disconnected the existing switch and no issues since though my tailgate button doesn't work.
  11. Yeah, they came off pretty easy and I think it looks 100 times better. Maybe the cheapest modification I have done!
  12. For those interested, I completed this task over the weekend and painted them black which was a fairly easy process.
  13. I had them in the tailgate of my previous 1500 AT4 and the sound was not good. Much better sound from my small Bose Bluetooth speaker.
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