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  1. Curious what kind of price they gave you for your trade in? I have the same truck as you but we just bought a travel trailer and I was exploring the idea of moving to a 2500 or 3500. I would think I would still get a good offer considering the price used trucks are going for right now. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the help! I went ahead and ordered it last night and fingers crossed ?it shows up later this week like it said.
  3. The trailer is actually 36' 11" from hitch point to bumper and is 11' tall so by those dimensions I should have roughly 11' of extra harness cable left over. My travel trailer has a full enclosed under-belly so I planned on running it down the back and the underneath where the harness would be protected. I guess I may order this thing today.
  4. How it's going after Zone Offroad 1.75" AT4 leveling kit, Camburg upper control arms, and new Ridge Grapplers
  5. Have many of you out there used the transparent trailer camera? My AT4 came with the technology package and is set-up for it but I have seen some mixed reviews. My concern comes from the fact that, while is says it comes with the camera and 59 feet of harness, it is only compatible with trailers no more than 32 feet in length. We recently purchased a 36'11" long travel trailer and I am stumped why this wouldn't work since it has plenty on length in the harness and is a direct plug-in and not wireless. The travel trailer came set up for a separate unit that you can purchase but I didn't want to have to deal with an extra screen when I could get everything though my truck. Opinions and experiences greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I just got the notification of the update yesterday morning and everything works fine.
  7. You might want to measure your axles from the rear bumper of your truck before you order. I was reading on here where some guys were having trouble with the signal picking up and the dealer saying they will only read a maximum of 23 feet from the rear bumper.
  8. I just got a nice Christmas delivery! I know what I am doing over the break! These will go on in combination with the Zone offroad 1.75" AT4 leveling kit. I will take before and after photos as well.
  9. Here it is but this is specific to an AT4: https://zoneoffroad.com/products/175-in-leveling-kit-2019-2020-chevy-silverado-trail-boss-gmc-sierra-at4
  10. I went with the 1.75" top mount kit from Zone Offroad. I haven't installed it yet as I decided to swap out the upper control arms at the same time and just ordered some from Camburg.
  11. Am I missing something with the servicing issue? I will mostly be daily driving but I am on construction sites at times as well. Do the uniballs have some issue I am not aware of? Thanks
  12. Has anyone used the Camburg upper control arms for their truck? They look pretty stout and I was thinking about ordering some to put on my AT4 when I do the leveling kit. You can see the arms in the link below. Thanks! Camburg 19-20 GMC/Chevy 1500 Upper Control Arms - https://camburg.com/shop/suspension/susp-control-arms/uniball-uca/camburg-chevy-1500-19-1-25-performance-uniball-upper-arms/
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