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  1. I could see charging a "market adjustment" to a buyer from outside the local area I.E. someone that's not gonna return to have service done or buy another vehicle but if they are just trying to make a big make up because of the times......screw them, they would loss my business forever.
  2. Dealer should be able to see it, have them send it to you. Have you checked their website? The 1st truck I ordered is built and sitting waiting to ship....shows on the dealers website so I can see the window sticker.
  3. When you ordered the truck did you get an agreed upon price when you put this "non' refundable deposit down? I'd walk away if my dealer tried that shady bullshit and I'd sure as hell get refunded my deposit.
  4. I have a 3" lift and 35" X 11.5" (wanted factory wheels and no rub) on my 2015 2500. Would I do it again? Looks YES but probably not. No real major issues but I rotate my tires every oil change and they still get chopped up plus the tires get louder & louder as they wear. I have also done a few alignments.
  5. I wouldn't count on it......they removed the heated rear seats and there's nothing there to "hook-up" later.
  6. Well the 1st Denali I ordered has been built (11/3) and is now sitting in Flint @EXCEL LOT/LAKE STATE RAILWAY (11/12) 2nd Denali still at Event Code 1100
  7. This is great news as I just ordered a different truck last week and the only thing I found was you cant order the illuminated GMC for the grill.......figured crossed they have chips when they finally build mine.
  8. Well said. I tend to keep my vehicles for a while and I would have been happy with that AT4 but I personally like the Denali look more so it's worth waiting for what I want.
  9. I ordered a Denali (6.6 gas) in August but an AT4 that someone ordered became available. I put deposit on the AT4 thinking I might buy it (and gave me time to research some and decide if I really needed/wanted the Duramax). Well after driving the AT4 with Duramax both the wife and I loved it but just didn't love the AT4 look vs the Denali. I was able to also drive an SLT HD with the 6.6 gas today and I'm def. getting a Duramax although that 6.6 gas was pretty nice (much improved over the 6.0) So the dealer was fine with me ordering another Denali 3500 with the Duramax.......they will just sell the one I ordered back in August with the 6.6 gas and order me the same truck but with the L5P. Sucks that I have to start the wait all over again but it will be worth it.
  10. Test drove AT4 and fell in love with the Duramax but not the AT4 look so I ordered another Denali with a Duramax
  11. I looked at a 2022 AT4 today and there's nothing there so I say no. If there was an easy way to post a pic to the old ass site I'd post one for you to see.
  12. Built last week and have this week? Don't hold your breathe :(
  13. AT4 just went to Event Code 4150 and I got Window Sticker
  14. Well change of plans. Just put deposit on a 2022 2500AT4 Duramax that is very well optioned with event code 4000 Don't really need the diesel but what the hell.
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