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  1. It's hard to get a single answer on this. I've seen people say max is 275/65r20. Then I've seen people say they've stuffed 35x11.50 or even 35x12.50 on a stock truck over at the duramaxforum, with pictures. Then there are guys that try those setups and say they had rubbing or had to crank keys a few turns. Some say they had to cut things. There's also a good post on the duramaxforum that talks about how none of these trucks sit at the same height when factory new. I called a few truck shops and they all said the forum guys with cranked keys and big tires have lousy ride, excess rub, and have to cut fenders. Oh, and their CV joins will explode in 5k miles. They then said I needed a $5k installed 4" to 6" suspension lift to do 34s - or if i feel like cutting, 35s - or a $1k leveling kit to run fat 33s. Lots of conflicting information.
  2. Thanks! You could only get it on the 2015.5 HDs. It was also briefly available on the 1500s (2015), the Camaro (2015 Green Flash Edition), the 2014 Corvette (Lime Rock Green), and the 2014-2015 Cruze. In certain light, it can look almost black, but in the right light it pops nicely.
  3. My 2015 in Rainforest Green Metallic. I love this color; it was only available for half of 2015. I need to get bigger tires on it. I'm on instagram as @kurtkphoto
  4. That's good to hear, though somebody else on duramax forum is saying I need a 2" level to run them. In the interim, I did find this truck sitting on 285/65/20 BFGs and it claims to have some sort of level, though it appears to be quite subtle. I wonder if they would fit at stock stance. My truck has a good bit of rake.
  5. Looks cool, glad it works, too. I called a shop asking for a small level on stock keys with 35x12.50 install and they said they can only do 35s on Silverados with a 4" lift! I asked about the forum trucks on 35s and they said they don't work, drive bad, etc... yet here are examples of trucks that work. I'm ok with some small rubbing at full steering lock. Interestingly, BFG 285/65/20 are a 34.5x11.20 equivalent, while BFG 35x12.50 are truly 34.5x12.50 (BFGs website shows their 35s being 34.5" in diameter).
  6. Love your truck and appreciate your responses in the other thread on tire size. In this pic, I notice you have the red running lights under the tailgate - where did you get them? Did install require drilling in to the truck? I like them much better than the LED bar most people install. Thanks!
  7. Cool! What tires did you use and any spacers? I want to do 35s and a subtle level on the same stock 20” wheels.
  8. Truck looks good! What tires? Any rubbing? Also, rookie question - I'm assuming we have to jack the truck up, adjust the keys, put it back on the ground, let it settle, and align it, right?
  9. Anybody running 285/65/R20 on a stock height truck, no level?
  10. Tucked in a story about the Silverado 4500 was this little picture: http://www.automobilemag.com/news/2019-chevrolet-silverado-4500hd-and-5500hd-debuting-in-march/#2019-chevrolet-silverado Looks surprisingly good if this is in fact an update. Looks like no other changes besides the front grill, bumper, wheels and tires. Money no object, looks like you could forward date a 2015 truck. Wheels look like 22s.
  11. This photo is almost a year old, but I miss Death Valley: Yeah, I need to upgrade the tires and maybe raise the front half an inch... maybe 285/60r20s... also need to replace the rear bumper as my chrome insert was dented in a parking lot. Oh well.
  12. Awesome car! I want a stock pre 1935 Chevy!!! How's the 490?
  13. Bowtie looks really cool, if they offer them at the parts counter I may be interested... would be neat to see it in different colors, too (gold, black, etc.). Shame about the 2016+ redesign, though. Not a bad looking truck, but 2014-2015 Silverado 1500s looked so much nicer. At least the 2500+ models haven't changed.

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