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  1. I did copious amounts of research prior to pulling the trigger. I knew I was getting a gasser and knew I needed a little more payload and tow capability then a 150/1500. I wanted four doors for my kids and perferred a double cab. The solid axle trucks rode more rough and everyone talked highly about the 6.0/6l90e.
  2. Hoping to get at least a decade out of this truck.
  3. I was surprised to see that I have multiple 110 outlets in it along with 220 amp electric system. Now both of my kids won't fight over what gets charged on road trips.
  4. I made a general mentioning i was in the market for a new one. Maybe I should have continued thay one. Sorry kinda newish to the forum thing.
  5. Thank you, I bought it from Heritage Chevy in Owings Mills MD. My dad spotted it for me.
  6. Left over 2017,. I still got new car financing :0). It has everything I wanted in it. Z71, deep ocean blue, premium sound. 36,318.94 out the door.
  7. New member in the market for a 2500hd

    I may be getting a 6.0l 18 for 34,500. Z71, Lt, double cab, cloth, heated seats, Bose, spray in, tow mirrors, deep ocean blue,
  8. How's My Deal?

    Beautiful truck and congrats on the purchase. I'm pulling the trigger on mine in the beginning of December. Hoping to walk away spending around 40kish for a new 6.0l dbl cab Lt z71. I thought about purchasing a gently used one but I'm leaning on a new one.
  9. True Cost of Ownership

  10. After some boredom research, it seems as if the 2500hd 6.0l true cost of ownership comes in second place within hundreds of dollars to the f150 with the tundra in third. Reliability and maintenance seemed to beat the f150 while the f150 depreciated less than the 2500. Thoughts on this TCO KBB model?
  11. New member in the market for a 2500hd

    I may just do that. The old half ton on the farm will have to do for another year. It's just really tempting. I like all the modern features and the stance of the 15-19. And if everyone speaks the reliability and low maintenance costs of the 6.0/6l90 then I'm not going to argue results. I honestly don't trust any other automatic than the ones GM uses.
  12. New member in the market for a 2500hd

    I'm looking at 15 and newer z71 at around 50k. I like the redefined interior and newer body style than pre14
  13. New member in the market for a 2500hd

    I definitely want a locking rear differential.
  14. New member in the market for a 2500hd

    Goal is to have a one time purchase and have it last a long time. Between farm work, towing, camping, and just driving for many miles with lower maintenance costs. My 5.7 got the job done but as far as towing, I wish I had a little more plus the transmission heated up towing the boat back and forth. I did have to put helper coilovers in it towards the end of it's time. My grandfather keeps trying to talk me into a Duramax.

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