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  1. Been awhile since I posted. I added a temporary leveling kit with dirt today. I then washed it.
  2. 700 miles to a tank

    Babying my 6.0l on strictly highway, I regularly fill up at the 500 mile marker with some miles left. My last fill up was 17.3mpg 90% highway, best was 18.2 out west. Avg combine is 15.5ish. Still satisfied here.
  3. It's about half and half here in South Central PA. Everyone have been with the plow prep package. I was super lucky to find mine with the Bose, Z71, Blue, and plow prep in the 6.0 gas. It took me almost 3 weeks to find it and I almost ordered it.
  4. Allison Farewell in 2020?

    It still was tested and validated through partnership with Allison according to GM so maybe give it a few years and all the bugs will be worked out. I mean look at Ford's new torqueshift-G recall and this is the first couple years of it. Time will tell but we do seem to be harsh critiques of something that isn't even set to be in the consumer market for at least another 6 months.
  5. Looks are secondary to performance and to me it's performance that matters. The current 15-19s to me are pretty. The wheels and the side step on the bed of the 20 is growing on me but it will take awhile before I upgrade my 17.
  6. The 6.0 may be a dinosaur and a dinosaur is in the reptile family. Some reptile species are known to outlive humans therefore making the title of the thread highly accurate when referencing the 6.0 to a dinosaur. I do believe someone on this forum has their 6.0l, 6l90 combo up to 500,000 miles without major repairs.
  7. Silverado HD revealed

    I sense a generous buyback program coming for gently used HD trucks (15-19) in the future.
  8. I was mindlessly researching over the holiday weekend and came across scan cable tuning. I don't forsee myself doing this till the warranty expires but would it hurt my gas mileage? Can I expect the advertised gains? I'm not complaining as I am happy with the truck but moreso curious.
  9. Fuel MPG in the 6.0 engine?

    I just got back from a trip first from PA to TN loaded trailer of my roommates X's crap, 5x10 dump style trailer with unknown weight, got 13.2 MPG going there, dropped trailer off in TN and traveled to Missouri from TN for Thanksgiving unloaded and got 17.2 after calculating by hand being generous on the throttle and no traffic being generally flat, on the way back to TN from Missouri, I got a tick over 17 exactly same conditions. Picking up the trailer and traveling from TN back to PA, I got 13.9. these are better numbers than my old 99obs 1500 4x4 350. Bottom line they like fuel LOL but I'm satisfied.
  10. Tire load range rating

    I think I will end up with getting some E rated Bridgestone duller revo3 when my sra's wear out.
  11. 2017-2019 Gas or Diesel

    Also, there are quite a few 6.0 6l90 GM HDs on autotrader with 300k+ on original drivetrains, alot are work trucks but still.
  12. 2017-2019 Gas or Diesel

    This is exactly why I got what I got, plus all the convince trailering ability with it's stronger frame, larger brakes/suspension, plow package for the family farm if need be, and payload which was a bigger factor for me. I think of it as a all around utility worker with DD ability also.
  13. I'll get pics if and when I haul it. It was just an idea of his for now should he pull the trigger on them. Thx for the advice and I will definitely look into a WDH.
  14. My friends father asked me if I would be willing to pickup a couple of old trucks he got a deal on approximately 60 miles away. I understand the max conventional towing capacity is 13k however with the trailer I'm borrowing and the 2 trucks will net a tick over 14k, the trailer has brakes also . Would you do it? Reason I'm asking is he is giving me $300 to pick them up. I should specify my truck is a 6.0.

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