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  1. At first I found a truck and took wires out of the harness that I needed at the time. When I did the complete job I bought a new harness from the dealer. It will be about 100 bucks to have it unlocked. If you have cruise control it's pretty simple. That truck that I was getting parts from had a bent steering wheel so I got the controls and the wires from under the airbag to put in my wheel. On my truck I had to add a green wire from the harness connector to the cluster plug ..
  2. 1) I used selvage yard parts of the same year for the radio and having the dealer unlock it. I had the IOB radio so there wasn't much I could with it. I had to put a new wire harness in the dash to do al this. 2) I did both. At first I added the right side controls to interface with the Z71 I/P. The I/P was new and sent that to White auto and media to be programed. Then when I did the complete upgrade I bought a new heated wheel. This site is a wealth of information. Be patient. I googled a lot and it would most of the time bring me to this site.
  3. I have done most of what want to do. I have a 2017 W/T. Just finished the radio upgrade and heated steering wheel and more. It has taken me almost 2 years to finish this.
  4. Sounds like a U-Joint on the front drive shaft.
  5. 2016 - 18 Silverado Raptor Grille

    They have one for the HD as well.
  6. My 2500HD was build in Fort Wayne.
  7. I shift on the fly with my 2017.
  8. Mine on my 2017 works any time even on slight inclines.
  9. Hello, I'm new here but a long time reader. I have been using NH oil undercoating on my 2017 HD.

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