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  1. How big of a job was it to put in the heated washer fluid?
  2. The main battery, Passenger side.
  3. I did this mod. There is a plug next to the battery that the harness plugs into. Its on the fire wall. It has a cap on it.
  4. That's what I did. It used to be a W/T.
  5. Fog lights

  6. Fog lights

    I have done this. I used most of the factory stuff. I found this thread and did as he said and it works. (2016 Suburban LT Fog Lamps install with OEM switch).
  7. What size hole saw did you use and did you cut them from the bottom or the top?
  8. Dual battery setup

    I added the second battery to my 2017. Piece of cake. All factory stuff.
  9. 2017 Suburban battery drain

    I had a similar thing happen with my truck. Took it to the dealer and the found that the relay for the heated mirrors had shorted and melted the side of the relay. Maybe check that.

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