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  1. It's two pieces. The metal needs to be pushed out of the black trim with the lid. The metal piece slides into the storage area then the trim will slide the same direction. I just did this to my truck.
  2. No. I have the same truck. I did this mod about three weeks ago. Went to the selvage yard and got them and the wiring.
  3. Looks like metal from the brake rotor or pads.
  4. I got the same hat and stickers and playing cards a year ago.
  5. If it's a new install you have to have it programed first then it shows up.
  6. Can this be done on a 2017 Silverado?
  7. It should be near where the A/C comes through the fire wall . The plug has a cap on it to protect it from the weather.
  8. I looked up the battery harness for a 1500 and got this # 84276396. Rockauto has them.
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