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  1. Yes. The inner brackets already had the holes for the factory fogs.
  2. 2016 Suburban LT Fog Lamps install with OEM switch. Put this in GOOGLE and this article will show step by step how to do the fog lights.
  3. I did this mod on my 2017 WT. I used factory parts. There is a work around for the power and it is very simple. I will post the link in a bit. You can also get your BCM programmed from WAMS pretty reasonable.
  4. Could be the heater core leaking. The air conditioning drain might be plugged.
  5. You will be looking for a plug like this behind the steering wheel. remove the cover from the column.
  6. Do you have cruse control? If you do chances are you already have the Green wire from the clock spring down to the dash harness connector. You just need to add the same Green wire from the dash harness connector up to the the back of the cluster. I had to do this with mine.
  7. Besides the fog lights can you program in Hill Descent?
  8. My mid year 2000 2500 had a 5.7 in it.
  9. My 2017 had the same issue. It was the relay for the heated mirrors. The relay shorted internally.
  10. Grade breaking is different. I would like to keep this going. I would still like to find out if it can be programed in. Could mister White chime in on this?
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