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  1. Figured I could add some updated pics of my truck Sent from my LG-G710 using Tapatalk
  2. At 31,000 miles my factory General Grabbers were done. I wanted to get something slightly more agressive and TerrainContacts caught my eye. They seem to be well rated by multiple places online and are supposed to wear well. My inital impression of the tires is excellent, they look great ride well and for an A/T tire they are very quiet I think they will serve my purposes well. Sent from my LG-G710 using Tapatalk
  3. I'm getting new tires tomorrow so it will get done then.
  4. I ended up doing everything myself, I rented 2 sets of compressors and used 3 on the spring. The install took me longer than I was expecting and I was in over my head a little bit but I got everything figured out and the my truck rides much better now as both of my OEM rear shocks were bad with only 31000 miles. I opted to put the fronts in the third notch, I could have done the fourth but I do use my truck to and don't want to be staring at the sky when I haul stuff. I consider the shocks to be money well spent specially since they have a lifetime warranty and ride so much better than stock.
  5. Continental TerrainContact A/T That Is what I am having put on my truck as I have heard great things about them.
  6. Sounds like I have no need to waste time with clear coat then. Looks Like I should be good to go this weekend besides finding someone with a wall mount spring compressor because the rental ones are a little bit sketchy for me.
  7. I guess I should also clarify for my sake, am I correct that the nut that causes the issue is the nut that holds the strut together not the ones that attach the assembly to the truck.
  8. I am planning on replacing my shocks this weekend and it seems like a fairly simple job but I did have a few questions. 1. Should I clear coat the shocks to prevent corrosion on the body? I have seen someone recommend this somewhere. 2. Bilstein recommends a torque value for the top and bottom nuts on the front shock of 19ftlb while GM recommends 37ftlb originally. I have seen some people on here complain of clunking noises when the top nut on the shock is tightened to Bilstein's recommended value - should I tighten to GM's value or Bilstein's
  9. My truck has a front end squeak/creak when it is cold outside (below about 40F) Based on other threads here It sounds like it is caused by the sway bar bushings. Is there anything I can do to lubricate them? I was thinking something along the lines of a graphite dry lube as I am concerned about a oil based lube potentially attacking the bushing material. My truck is still under the extended warranty but I don't want to fight with the dealer unless I have to. I am also installing 5100's soon so I want to address a potential issue before voiding my front end suspension warranty if needed.
  10. The 5160 is overkill for me, I have a 2wd truck that barely ever sees any off-road driving I have no need for anything more than the 5100.
  11. I have a rear shock going bad and It is giving me an reason to buy Bilstein 5100's. I am trying to decide what height setting to put them on and was measuring my stock ride height on my truck. I get some variation depending on where I park but It seems to be around 35" in the front and 39" in the back. I still want some rake but want my front end to be a little higher than it currently is. Based off of that I was considering putting them on the highest or 2nd to highest setting as it is my understanding that you can get about 2" of lift with the Bilstein's does that sound about right?
  12. I need new tires for my truck and was wondering what is the largest tire size I could fit on the basic 17" steel rims without having rubbing issues. the stock size is 255/70r17 and was looking at getting either 255/75r17's or 285/70r17's but I am concerned the 285's will rub The tires I am planning on getting are Continental Terrain Contact A/T's. Have you guys had good luck with them? They seem to be highly rated several places and look like they are a good balance between a highway and a true off road tire.
  13. Light bars

    I have a auxbeam lightbar behind my grill it has been great and cost about $200, here is a link to a post with pictures
  14. Mechanical or electric fan

    As far as I know all 2014+ Sierras and Silverados 1500s have electric fans, I believe the 2500s and 3500s with gas engines also have electric fans. I think the only trucks with mechanical fans still are 2500s and 3500s with Duramax diesels. As far as telling by looking a mechanical fan will have a pulley and run off the engine accessory belt electric fans will be mounted to the radiator and have no direct connection with the engine.
  15. My truck has the i03 4in screen and I am looking to add a backup camera. I have found conflicting awnsers on several sites as to what must be done. Some places say you have to upgrade to an io4. Has anyone here added a backup camera to their io3 system without upgrading to a io4 system? Sent from my LG-G710 using Tapatalk

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