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  1. I'm late to this party, but really like the truck! Do you by chance have the part number on those GM skids? I've searched high and low (evidently not very well) for that specific item. All I've found is aftermarket items that require a lift to be installed.
  2. Awesome looking ride! That LED bar mod behind the grille is a great execution, I'll have to rework mine at some point because my mounting is pretty shoddy - good to see how you mounted yours. Really dig the paint matched front end as well, great work!
  3. Awesome looking already Josh! How do you like those Spyder's? Did they increase your sight at all? Either way, they look sick.. I'm dropping mine off here in a week or so to have a Frontier bumper replacement installed. I've debated long and hard about having the brush guard with bumper replacement or just the bumper replacement. Consideration for me was deer protection, just enough to keep the vitals protected so I could limp home versus be stranded somewhere. That Road Armor looks awesome though - it's deceivingly OEM. Will be following along! - Kyle
  4. I've noticed the same in mine. The bottom end really falls apart (not that I expected anything decent) and becomes muddy. I suppose it's what we get for not bumping up to BOSE, I'll design my own system probably. Will be following along...
  5. I can't wait to sit in this thing and experience the arrhythmia that sub is sure to provide..
  6. Busy end to 2015! 73 to you as well.
  7. Hey Kenny, sorry for the delay. I have C-AS-840-11 which is 8" of mounting space and 11" deep. As for the bracket I ordered all of my stuff through Conrad Fire out of KC as they are relatively local. You'll have to find a dealer for you via HAVIS' website but Conrad has been great to deal with for me thus far.
  8. Those are great mounts, quite a few local businesses use them. I believe you can order one for magnetic lights in which case you could install a weatherproof plug on a pigtail and remove the light when not in use. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk
  9. Yessir! Trained there earlier this year. I'm a member of Kansas Task Force 2 from NE KS as a Communications Specialist. Good deal! That makes four of us then. Topeka, Chapman, Salina and Burlington. We may have to get a shindig put together sometime.
  10. Fantastic work rogah! I'm working on spec'ing my LED upgrades, seeing how yours look sold me for sure. Install pretty easy you thought? Plug and play or anything involved? I'm thinking I'll move to the 9012 LED's and upgrade my fogs, though I am considering a full bumper replacement so may hold off on fogs for just a tad. If you want a full brush guard up front, let me know ;)
  11. Sweet, I've been checking out their site and they seem to have the most professional looking lights thus far. Tons of alternatives on Amazon but I'm worried about the bulb actually fitting in the housing. Did yours fit ok without having to modify or change the dust cap? I'm not looking to run TONS of light out of the stock headlights, I get a lot of my light from the off-road lights when I need it. Just looking to change the output color as I hate the stock halogen warmth. I unfortunately don't have the Bose. I settled for a SLE package which has the necessities I wanted but I gave up a few others in return. I'll probably be swapping out some of the stock drivers - doors and dash, while adding a powered sub somewhere. I'm anxious to see what Strykers comes up with in his though I probably won't go quite balls to the wall, as much as I want to. Ah, good points. Kind of how I feel with mine, as many deer as I see I should've hit one by now *knock on wood but they seem to elude my truck, fine by me! It's just that one time at 80+ that freaks me out. I'll have to checkout the local shops. I know we have a few pretty reputable shops, 4x4 LAND and Xpert Offroad that are well established - may see what they can come up with. Thanks for the points!
  12. Look forward to seeing the setup! No problem, nudge me when you get them if I don't respond to the thread - I'll try to keep my eye on it though.
  13. I'd recommend running amber on the Abrams. The reason being is most places (you'll want to check local statutes) are beginning to require that no white lights flash when a vehicle is parked. This is seen more and more in fire apparatus, when the parking brake is applied the wig-wags and white lights in the lightbar turn off automatically - the goal being to reduce glare for traffic. Amber also tends to break through rain, mist and snow versus white creating a blinding wall of light effect. There's also some scientific studies that have been completed to back the theory that amber is the most effective color for traffic warning, this one is a good read. Studies such as this are exactly why I have all three colors in the rear of my lightbar instead of dedicated red blue or amber. http://www.hendonpub.com/resources/article_archive/results/details?id=1933 My $.02 is to go amber all around for the Abrams LED's.
  14. Looks great, not overkill but I think that would be a very effective installation. In the front the only thing I may suggest is something up high in the windshield, just a thought. For the rear I'd order 4 of those Abrams LED's since you know you'll at least use them up front and test fit those in the rear. My guess is they 'should' fit below the tailgate without getting in the way of its movement just not sure I'd order 8 initially until that's verified. As for hide-a-ways in your taillights, were those white or amber you ordered? Only reason I ask is be careful installing the amber into the red portion of the housing, that will diminish your light output significantly - if it's white you'll be good to go. Looks like a great setup!
  15. Marco? I know of at least one other, Strykers_Inc here in Kansas.
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